Welcome back to the channel john here today were going to do something different and, to be honest, i think its fitting for our subject: hot toys, mms 556 mysterio and his drones and a few other characters being a spider man fan and also loving the cinematic universes Portrayal of spidey homecoming and far from home have been favorite films of mine. So when i saw this mysterio i knew i was going to get him. This figure is just awesome and i, like jake gyllenhaals portrayal of quentin becker mysterio, so much so that it added to my desire to obtain this piece one, because i like the character two, because the figure is exceptional and three the stories i can now tell with Spider man now having a villain to bounce off of, is so much fun to play with the vision i have for my display to pay tribute to how much i love this movie is so set that getting multiple drone packs wasnt an issue for me and thats. Why this video is going to be different, im showcasing them together, because well, theyre meant to be together. Whilst this video will still have my thoughts on the figure and accessories its more of a showcase to showcase what it looks like to showcase what you can do with it and my favorite part, have some fun pose them up, tell a story. Put it to some music kick back and enjoy the movie guys this from start to finish, is me recreating parts from the film from when they first meet to their final battle, its six scenes on the turntable with still image shots as an intro to each scene, To move the story along, i really had a lot of fun.

Making this and im excited to show it to you, as i think, its fresh and different from what others are doing out there. So i hope you enjoy it and see these figures that we all collect in a different light and get some inspiration to create your own epic display to showcase your figures. Lastly, before getting into it, if you could, if you like my content, please hit that like button and subscribe to the channel for your support once we reach 1k subscribers im, giving away my very own dxo2 dark knight, batman with a custom wide cape to one of You first channel supporters were not too far away now and im truly grateful for our community. Thank you, youre all legends, but now without further ado lets get to it. Firstly, lets take a look at the helmeted piece and light up function. I love the design here. The cloud effects look great and with the paint up effects, it still looks cool without the lights on. I love the gold of the piece that connects to the dome too. Now its range of motion is poor for articulation because of the plastic piece that sticks out and slots under the chest plate to hold it in place, but because theres no wires for posing. Whilst you cant move the head, you can still pull off different angles. That look dynamic. A downside for me, though, is the lights. Dont stay very bright for very long on mine, even as filming this.

The lights have dimmed already, but other than that i love it. He looks mysterious now lets take a look at the jake gyllenhaal, slash, quentin, bect sculpt. For me, i think its a great representation of him and in hand and on the shelf its on point. The hair is so well done. I love the style of it. The beard looks great, although his is longer in the film not an issue but more an observation. His eyes are a great color and they look well done and when you get in close, they look really cool. The skin has freckles and imperfections and all in all, im really happy to have this come with the figure i enjoy seeing the artwork whenever we get a great head sculpt, especially when they do a good job. Okay, guys lets take a look at the rest of the accessories and, as you can see here, ive got a few extra things here, which ill explain now as im doing something a bit different with this video today im going to be showcasing here, the accessories that Mysterio comes with, and then the drone accessory pack, so everything here in the middle is everything that mysterio actually comes with. When you get him out the box other than whats already on the figure, then we have the drone accessory packs, which is just one of these thats, literally everything that the drone pack comes with. As i have two, i just chucked two there because thats what im going to be using in this video for the pro showcase at the end, ive also got here another big drone.

This one comes with the homemade suit spidey from far from home, and then i have the smaller one that comes with the upgraded suit from far from home. So i do have a lot of drones. Now it was a little frustrating that mysterio didnt come with a drone or any drones being that thats a big part of his character in the film. But i can understand its a smart business move by hot toys to release a drone accessories pack, because you have crazy people like me who will go out there and buy it to put alongside mysterio, and then you know, maybe by two, if youre super super crazy. I just couldnt resist. I got it from a great deal from sago toys, so thanks so good toys for the drone packs got them for a good price and i think it really elevates the mysterio display and will add a really good element to the posing showcase. At the end, so lets get started on the accessories for mysterio. We have the green smoke effect here. I really like these. I want more of them to be honest, its a nice emerald green, the sculpt here – has actually got some weight to it. It doesnt balance as well as i thought it would. It does rock a little bit so just be careful with that when you get it out the box and youre putting it in the display, it should be fine, but being that theres a bit of weight up here, you dont want it to rock and topple over, Because i can see it breaking quite easily with the black light as well.

I love how the black light lights it up, and i hope you noticed that at the start, in the showcase i was using a black light to enhance the colors um. That mysterio comes with ill, just show you the smaller one here this ones a lot lighter, but also, i think, a lot more fragile, so just be careful when using that it comes with a normal standard base. We all know what that is, and then the flight stand here now with his helmet um that you saw earlier youve just got to be careful when putting it on the body with this youve got to slide it and tuck it down in under his chest, plate Um, so just be careful with that. Ive noticed that i had a bit of trouble at some point trying to get it on and off um, which is a little frustrating. Then youve got this part here that goes in now. This is the light like that and then, when it goes in it lights it up now, if you notice, when i um just showed the close up of the head just before its, not quite as bright now, ive experimented with this. The batteries in this run out. So quickly they dim so quickly. I think i used three sets of batteries just for that intro because in between setup time – and i didnt want to keep taking the helmet off because it was a bit of a pain to get on and off the batteries dim and die very quickly, which is A bit frustrating, but nonetheless he looks awesome and in the display ill, probably be using a black light which will light that helmet up a bit, so i wont have to have batteries on all the time if that makes sense.

Now, moving on to these little clips here, these clips go on his chest when you take off um his uh cape uh, so you just chuck them on there super light. I love the colors nice gold and brown. Then youve got the gloves, so hes got open palm hands like these ones, hes got fisted hands and then his magic wielding hands, which are probably my favorite. I love the details on this sculpt, the gold and the green go so well together. I really really do like these colors all the colors on the stereo. Actually i really like, then we have these green magic effects. Another emerald green. I love the symbol here, the artwork, the flame effect. You know me, i love my accessories and i think these are really really cool. They are friction fitted here. So you slide the fingers from his magic welding hands in there. You just got to line it up. Do be careful doing that because i can see over time if youre rough with it and actually scraping paint off the hands and thats something i worry about a little bit being that i do chop and change quite often with my figures. So just be careful with that, i really like those but again thats, really everything he comes with other than whats on him. So well, move on to the drain accessory pack im just going to show you the one that comes with homemade suit, because its exactly the same as those ones um really cool, weathering details here as well, just be careful with these guns, as you can see here, See this thats a bit loose this side isnt, so just be careful when youre playing around with these um that you dont break this off, because you dont want that to happen.

Details underneath are awesome, as you can see there. I really like these and thats why? I went and bought quite a lot because i really want them in the display. I really love that movie. I love mysterio, i like jake gyllenhaal as an actor, and i really want to elevate my spider man display, and i think these are going to make a great addition to add to the villain to give him more presence and it will use a lot of presence In the storytelling at the end as well, so i hope you enjoy that, but thats pretty much it guys, thats everything that mysterio comes with and the drone accessory pack um lets move on to mysterio himself. Okay, lets take a look at mysterio and his articulation. I have to tell you guys right off the bat. This is one of my favorite looking figures ever um. I think he looks fantastic and that jake gyllenhaal head sculpt is just on point. I still stand by my word. I think it looks better in hand than it does on camera, but you can see there the details that looks fantastic now as we move in so this plate. Here is just unbelievable, guys, im going to do my best to show you the detail on there. Now, whilst i love these green sections that light up under the black light, you know im going to touch on something here. This torso reminds me of infinity war.

Thor and endgame thought reason being is theres no articulation in it because its a its a hard plate area, so i feel like it would have been cool if they put batteries in the back here. So you could light him up light these sections up like they did for thor. I think that would look really cool. I kind of wish they hadnt done that, but nonetheless, the black light works um and in the display ill be using that so itll still look cool. I think its just an opportunity mist because i cant bend the torso, which i normally like to do for posability. So it would have been cool to have it as a light up effect, but nonetheless thats my little rant, uh and ill move on either way. It looks fantastic all the details through there now the cape cape is very good as well. I love the feel of it. The colors um these bits here are the bits that clip off that you can put the replacement clips on and when you have imposed without the cape, i dont think ill be doing that much though i think ill be generally using the cape for mysterio. I think its just too good not to use as we turn around here to the back. I mean look at all those details. All the artwork on there is fantastic now another cool thing about this cape is, it does have wires down the bottom, which are really good for articulating downside.

Is they didnt put it on the sides? I really wish they had to put it on the sides and im hoping that they will in the future. For other figures, it is a step in the right direction, because hot toys werent putting wires in their capes for a while there so im glad that they are now um and im still glad that they put that in there, because we can still do a bit Of posing for him as we take a look at the rest, i mean the greens here are fantastic. I love the look of green and gold on a figure. I think it just looks. It just looks really well uh, really good together, so theyve got the colors. Definitely right and the way the gloves there match these gauntlets now um another thing with these cortlands to be wary of be very careful when youre, posing them or taking the hands off not to grab these pieces here, because i snapped one of these off right out Of the box pretty much trying to fiddle with the hands, they are very fragile, now ive glued mine back in and you cant tell, but to a new collector. I could see that be very disappointing. Breaking a figure right out of the box so just be very careful when youre moving the hands or anything around the forearms, not to put pressure on these parts here, just really take your time and be careful coming down to the boots.

The book. Sorry, the boots. Look fantastic, the gold, the weathering the colors here uh when the light hits it. I think it looks really really well done. It almost looks like a leather type texture there in the boots. You can see the tread here as well. It also looks really cool on the arms here. The material feels um. It feels rubbery and a little stickyish. You can see the seams here as well, so just be careful of them when youre, when youre moving him around um and then youve got the back here. As well, so your battery pack would have gone really well there i reckon so. You could light him up anyway, so thats how he looks, lets put him out a bit. He looks fantastic and he looks great on the shelf. Ive already had him on the show for a little bit before i started this video and he looks great so lets get into articulation. This head. Sculpt moves really well front and back youve got good mobility. The fishbowl part um doesnt, have as much mobility, because youve got a slide its a bit that slides in down under that plate. So you cant really do much twisting or turning as its quite bulky as it sits on there, but nonetheless it doesnt have eyes on there. So you dont have to worry about what direction its looking so its not too big a deal as we come down to the arms.

The arms have great articulation, just be careful with the material again here, just when youre moving it like you would another, a normal figure that has a tight clothing and just be careful when youre twisting the arm around to watch how you uh, how youre bending the Material in here youve got a double joint elbow, which is great, so really not really any issues with posing the arms. So very happy with that. As mentioned theres no torso twist or anything like that kind of move this a bit here, but really not much at all. As we come down to the legs double bend in the legs, which is fantastic and then the legs sorry, the feet here: split cut design. So you can get good balance and good movement out of the feet too, and if we pull him out, it goes out quite a bit again be careful here because that stretches. I can feel that stretching as i do that and then, if you can see here, you dont want that bunching up into there to cause any damage. So just be careful. I think most people are going to have him in levitating type poses flying poses and just standing. Sorry pardon me im losing my voice here, guys, apologies getting over a chest infection uh mid filming this video, so my voice is uh fading on me a little bit. So i do apologize, but all in all mobility is really good, um, its a fantastic figure.

It looks amazing um. He can move enough and im going to get creative and try and do what i can with him to get some really good posability out of him. Lets put you down there, big dog, okay, guys! So with that, you know what we do lets get on to the posing showcase Music, so Music, okay, guys scene, one peter parker meets quentin back right before taking on the molten men in battle for this scene. I wanted to introduce the moment they meet and then jump forward to them in battle to kickstart. The story these poses. I feel work well together to simulate them working together to defeat the molten men, as they did in the film its a pretty simple pose for mysterio and not too stressful any suit. I have him flying in building his magic about to hit the modern man for stealth suit, spidey its a super simple, safe, pose. I feel the only real stress on the figure is the left leg bend but thats it. We have him shooting his webs as hes landing on top of a safe spot on top of the molten man. The most difficult thing about creating this scene was actually getting it to balance you can see here. I have placed the molten man base on top of mysterios base. By doing this, it helped mysterio balance and not tip over, which is what he wanted to do. Due to the angle, i have his flight stand here.

All in all, though, im happy with this scene, and i feel its a cool display option to showcase your figures: Music, Music, Music, so Music scene. Two night monkey and mysterio have now defeated the molten men spidey after seeing quentins heroics runs over to help him up. They chat and peter decides to give edith over to him, but, as he goes to leave, we now see mysterios plan come into light, as the drones appear and a villain begins to ascend for this scene. We now see mysterio, for who he really is, as he rises up with control of the drones and bad intentions in mind. As you can see, ive also now introduced the drones to accompany him with this green magic effect, its another safe pose for mysterio, but i feel a powerful one just by having his arms behind him and his legs slightly bent to showcase him levitating, adding the drones Beside him as well, i think looks great, as well as being a good long term display option for stealth suit, spidey im trying to convey him pausing mid step, realizing somethings, not quite right, like oh damn. What did i just do i like from certain angles on this one, seeing mysterio lurking behind spidey? I feel, like the look of it, conveys the torment that a character like him can inflict on spider man the ability to confuse and mentally defeat. His opponents makes him a very interesting character for me: Music, Music, okay scene, three mysterio now in control of all the drones begins to wield his influence over spider man tormenting confusing and breaking him down.

This setup here is to convey the moment in the film where mysterio starts tormenting spider man. With these illusions, i think this is a great display option for the shelf, depending on the size of your display. Of course, i know this is one im considering using for a while, though again another safe pose for mysterio and one i wouldnt worry about leaving him in long term. I think this is a common iconic way. You can have him displayed on the shelf to honor what the character represents for spidey its a bit more stressful, though with the arm and leg bends. However, i feel like the stealth suit. Shouldnt have too much of an issue with it. Ive already had him in dynamic poses for long periods in my display, and i havent seen any issues yet with keeping his joints bent. I will say, though, for anything like this its at your own discretion, and you need to weigh up whats most important to you when it comes to posing your figures and whether you want to take that risk for me its worth it, because it brings me enjoyment To do things like this, with my collection, Music, Music, Music, so Music scene number, four mysterio is continuing to have his way with peter having conjured this scenario, spidey is now seeing himself in his original homemade suit being held up and strangled about to be punched by A bigger evil version of himself for this scene, ive brought in some new figures and accessories, including the homemade suit, and his base effects, as well as the one quarter scale homecoming spidey, to convey the illusion part of the story showing that mysterio.

With the help of his drones can bend reality to his will for mysterio. The arms are in a little more of a stressful position, and i probably wont keep him in that for too long. Homemade suit is a poses dream, so no issues with him and the one quarter scale spidey does have stress on the right elbow joint and the material there, but other than that he is super sturdy and im not too worried about any other issues. All in all, i really like this setup. Let me know what you think in the comments down below Music Music, Music scene number, five mysterio breaks the illusion and blast body backwards with force spideys in trouble here and mysterio is proving to be a very difficult villain to deal with this setup. Here is one of my favorites ive done with both these figures so far, and i could easily see myself leaving them in these poses on the shelf long term. The question is: would i considering how i have mysterios right arm up and stretched out? I still think the suit would hold up okay, but the real question is: how long will the joints hold up like this, especially with him holding the green effect, whilst its light, its still extra weight for homemade suit, spidey, again hes a dream, so i dont think Theres really any issue leaving him in a pose like this long term, maybe only the arm joints being stretched out like that for a long period, but only time will tell anyway thats it for this scene.

Next, up after this goes round on the turntable, i attempt to recreate in my own vision the final battle scene, where spidey taps into his peter tingle and works his way through the drones to get to mysterio. Then there well have one more final scene straight after that to conclude the story: Music, Music, Music, so Music, so Music, so scene number six, the final scene! We have spider man now in his upgraded suit. Having worked his way through the majority of the drones, using his peter tingle and now hes dodging mysterios blast and about to bust him in the face with the web, then we have mysterio leaping high into the air not backing down and still believing hes going to Be victorious winding up about to collide with spider man, i have to say im really happy with this one guys and im going to finish the story here. This is a scene id love to display them in on the shelf, its telling a story, and, as i like, both characters, the scene doesnt have to have a winner or a loser. It showcases both of them as warriors in battle fighting for their beliefs. I love the drones too and im okay with the flimsy looking effects, even as poorly designed as i feel they are because for me it adds texture depth and helps create a scene, a vision of how i want to appreciate the figures thats my favorite part for Mysterios pose hes, definitely stressed a bit in the arms and legs on this one for his cape.

This time i have it looking like its floating behind him by using a clear acrylic rod which ive attached to the waist grabber with blue tack, holding up the cape. It did hold up just long enough to film this. Just so you know anyway, i hope youve all enjoyed this style of video guys. I had a lot of fun trying to make it and show you how awesome mysterio is my next video im making will be endgame, hawkeye, ronin deluxe for him im going to be doing a 10 scene story, styled, posing showcase, no review kind of. Like my captain, america, winter soldier, 2 pack, 10 scene showcase ive previously done on the channel, but this time im going to be trying to tell a story from the start. To the finish also, i now have my new show posed up live streaming on the channel where i host a guest, collector and content creator and get to know them. Whilst we pose up a figure for fun, so be sure to check that out.