Let me give you a bit of history. So not too long ago, geprc released the cdlog 25.. I reviewed this. This is a pusher drone. I think it was one of my favorite drones at the time, its really really good and its called the 25, because the props are 2.5 inches. Then they made a bigger version called the scenilog 30.. So this has three inch. Props same idea. Push your drone but notice. The blades are a little bit different on the bottom and, of course, if youre larger in size, it just means you can lift more and go faster. So then they made the cine log 35. Look at the size of this thing, so i reviewed this one and its really good. This was their first sceni log to come out that they said could lift a gopro hero. 10.. I did a review. I flew with the gopro hero 10.. Its got super big props at the bottom 3.5 inch and its super powerful, and it can lift a gopro hero 10 except the problem. Was you didnt get a lot of flight time, because lifting all that weight and the big battery on it yeah it sort of caused the flight time to reduce, but its still a very good drone? So now they have the cdlog 35 hd same as this, except for this ones called the performance, and you know its performance because its green green in color, as opposed to black in color, so whats different.

Well, let me just boil it down to you and tell you exactly whats different much better flight controller on here. It can react to the performance you require and trust me youre, going to see it in this video. It performs like youve, never seen anything else perform its really good and its also got way more powerful motors, so in other words, when youre flying low to the ground cruising along low low, and you have to just jump up because theres something in the way. No problem, you can do it easy with this and a longer flight time, its much more efficient, so thats what the performance stands for. So, all in all, if you like this one youre going to love this one now, i should also mention that geprc has a new radio that is elrs. It is very tiny in size and its so tiny that they call it the tiny radio it even comes in its own little case, ill unzip it and show you that i am not joking, they actually call it the tiny radio. Can you read that tiny radio? Yes, whoever came up with that was probably sitting at a meeting going thats a tiny radio love. It lets go with that, so its elrs, an el rs, means youre going to get massive range miles upon miles. Its very simple theres no screen on it. So its all got to be self aware inside and it is its very inexpensive.

Its got, the basic switches. Joysticks are basic. You know, youre not going to get top of the line joysticks or anything. It does run on two 18650 batteries that go in the bottom and the reason most people are going to be attracted to this. Radio is because its very inexpensive and it shoots out at 500 milliwatts on the el rs 2.4 gigahertz spectrum. I dont know if it comes in the 915, but anyways 2.4 is what i have, and the other great thing is that they bind together really simple: you dont even have to go and beta flight set anything up as a matter of fact, watch this video of Me taking this out for a flight and then, when you come back to me, ill show you quickly how to bind them together. Its really fast watch this out at my field, going to do a maiden flight with the get bar c cine log 35 hd brand new version. Here we go all right. Lets get our goggles out next well. Take a battery. The battery were going to use is an r line. 1300 120c, and this is a 6s battery, and the radio im going to use is the little tiny radio gup rc. I think they call it the tiny radio, its express lrs in here yeah, tiny radio, big words on the back ive never used this radio before but were gon na. Try it in this video um. I would normally never use a radio like this, because this is an introductory radio like if youre new to the hobby.

This is what you would get, but if youve been flying for a long time, youll invest in a very good quality radio. This is an entry level one and when i fly im going to show you some video from this camera up here, as well as a dji action 2, which should fit on top magnetically really nicely there we go. It can lift the gopro hero 10, but im going to use a dji action 2., as you can see here with the battery on and the camera, its quite large its a lot of weight on here. So, im looking forward to see how well it lifts all this, oh and if i look really funny in this camera its because its on super wide angle, so it makes everything distorted. So if i bring my head close, i dont know theres my bald spot, or how does that look? Anyways lets go fly here. We go man. This thing is fast. This thing is fast. It just cruises everywhere all right, coming back Music, nice and low over the ground. Here we are going this way, go down the pathway here, Music, im enjoying this. I find it responds really well to my movements of my joysticks as im going around corners. So it definitely flies faster than the previous model thats. For sure you got a lot of punch and a lot of power. I could dive down miss these trees on angles. Its pretty cool go around everything here, im going to come back in a second there.

We are just whip around that tree. Come back! This way, go down this way, go through all these posts come on over here. Go this way. Dont want to go over that guy. Sorry guy over here come back over me and my jeep over here. So if you definitely like speed, this is a drone for with speed in it. It uh it definitely boogies thats for sure, and its got a lot of punch out power too. If i want to go way up im up and if i want to do some nice little spinnies in any direction, i can – and you notice i dont slam into the ground – it still contains its uh height quite nicely it. Does it really well go around. Look at that, oh birds, going nuts down there. They heard me lets uh, follow the birds i always like following birds because to see theyre following birds or following planes. This guy goes here ill slow down, so i dont overtake them. This is very fast, very fast. Indeed, i think anybody that wants a drone that flies fast. This is definitely one for you on 6s, its crazy fast, and you can get it to go. Slow ill have to slow it down at some point here. You can get it to go slow. If you want to its pretty darn sweet anyways, its super windy out here at the moment – and this drone is just cutting through the wind battery power dont, even notice it its like just whipping along here through the wind.

This is at high speed uh. So, on 6s power you are really moving here. This is good. This is good. All right lets head at high speed through this gate, come down through it, yes, and over this way, so this is supposed to be a sceni whoop, but, as you can see in this wind im, just flying it like a race drone like whipping through everything here, Im sure most people would like to go slower so here let me just show you what its like flying it slow like a scenic whoop here i got ta come down, not touch the ground, get caught in the wind here, a little bit but uh yeah there. We go theres people there. I dont, like going around people hang on a sec. I got ta go a different direction. Sorry people lets go over here. Lets go over to the garden center, see if i have enough range see if that has penetration power. To get me all the way over here there we are in the garden center cruising around nice and slow punch out, go over that and uh theres our school come on back theres. Our little fan up in the sky dont want to get chopped up by that ill, be a swiss cheese but uh, which way do i want to go, got ta look around here. Lets go this way lets see if those people have left. I saw them walking back there, so im gon na go this way and nice and low.

I dont, think theyre sitting on the chairs or anything there. We go all right whoa. I almost hit that curb there lets go around this way. Okay, so lets go this way and go over here, so, if youre using it as a ceni whoop, this is basically what you would do is go nice and low between things and around things. Thats, the fun of fpv it you dont need a big field. You just need objects to go around thats it to have a lot of fun. So, im coming around this tree, there we are, and in fpv the latency is very, very low, so it doesnt matter what objects are coming up at you. You can get out of the way, really quick, theres, no worry whatsoever go around or through anything that you see there. We are so this drone here, as you can tell im, having a blast with it. Im whipping around super fast and doing all sorts of maneuvers uh. Anybody who flies that youll build to do the same thing its not that hard, because its so precise, wherever you point that nose thats, where it is going im amazed at the flight time im getting on this with my 6s batteries just keeps on going all right. Im bringing it home – and i see my jeep there, let me see if i can go under the jeep with a little bit of power. I have remaining lets. Go this way.

Applause through my jeep – and i guess we could just come on back and im over there and uh lets land it over here right beside behind my jeep this time right over here, because this is where im gon na put it away all right hope you enjoyed This video guys, because i had a lot of fun, why did i flip over now? You saw how great this thing flies and you do get a long flight time with it, and i did mention ill show you how to bind everything together. So let me show you that now all right how to bind this radio to this drone or any type of elrs drone, its really simple. So this is e l r s to put e l r s in bind mode. You have to plug the battery in three times you go once pull it out, twice, pull it out. Third time leave it in youll, know youre in bind mode. When you see flashing of a blue light that flashes double flashes like flash flash flash flash flash. Let me show you so here we go number one number two and number three leave it in there we go now. We should be in bind mode there we go. We have the receiver light over here, its doing the double tap flash thing, and you only have so much time to bind before it goes into wi, fi mode. So lets do this quick leave the battery plugged in just put everything down there and you should have the props off see these props.

They should not be on your drone, but in my case im leaving them on just to show you really quick. So i dont really need that anymore. Put that out there next take your tiny radio and make sure the throttle is all the way down make sure the switches are all the way over there. Theres, your power switch to turn it on what youre gon na do is youre gon na look on the back and find the button that says, bind press in the bind button hold the power button down. At the same time – and i heard this thing – vibrate – it came on and its making the sound as if its in bind mode. So we know it worked because this switch is my alarm switch for the beeper on there watch this. I could turn it off tada. We are bound and if i want to see if the arm switch works, all i do is im going to hold this down. Ive got the battery in my hand, push my hand down here. Hold this down and im going to hit the arm switch, so it doesnt take off. If anything goes wrong, there you go, i can turn it on turn off, so it is all good next thing to show you would be. What comes in the box check this out? This is the box. Your cine log 35 comes in, and these are the specifications of the drone i showed in this video out of the box.

Youll find the cine log. 35 comes pre assembled. The construction of the prop guards appears to be the same as previous models, except these ones are green. They are very solid, not very flexible, though youll note that construction is a mixture of carbon, fiber, metal and plastic. The camera has the same vibration dampening system as the previous model. Speaking of the camera, it is a high definition, vista nebula pro the elrs antenna can be seen here and the vista unit can be seen under the carbon fiber plate. Mine is the 6s version, so the motors are 2650 kv. If you buy additional 6s batteries make sure they have an xt60 connector total weight of the drone before adding a battery is 262 grams. A full set of spare props are included as well as a usb cable so that you can connect the flight controller to betaflight. Other included items include a battery, strap battery grip base, plate protector camera, lens protector vibration, grommets spare screws and a variety of tools. Balance, cable and receiver connectors mine also came with a gopro hero, 10 camera mount im, not sure they all do and also i did receive a carbon fiber gap, rc keychain and finally, you receive the usual documentation as well as geprc stickers. This is the box. The geprc tidy radio comes in, it does come in its own case when you open the case. Youll see the radio. Please attach the antenna before powering it on for the first time here you can see the two way and three way switches, as well as the antenna, the power button, the usb c entry for charging, as well as the trainer port on the rear.

You have two additional buttons set up and bind the radio is powered by two 18650 batteries which are not included. Finally, the manual and gap rc stickers are also included all right final thoughts on this drone. I love it. I did like the scenilog 25. That was my favorite drone for the longest time the cine log 30 – i thought was good, but not as good as a 25, the sceni log 35. I like to fly it without a gopro hero 10, because i found the gopro hero. 10 was a bit too heavy and i didnt get a lot of flight time. I did try this with the gopro hero 10.. I did not put the record on you. Do get more flight time flying with a gopro hero 10 on here, but i really appreciate flying this with the dji action. 2 camera. I thought that was the best of the best for this thing here anyways. I think its really good and im sure if you get this youre not going to make complaints about it because its its just like the previous models. If you love them or you always want it like a cine log, gup rc cine log of all the models they have and as a pusher drone, then you will definitely love something like this. Its a lot of fun. You can do almost everything with it. You can do from slow flying to racing to freestyle and all the other cool things as well.

So with all that said, im going to put links below to this. But let me get back to this tiny radio, because youll want to know about that as well. What are my thoughts on this? Well im? A guy who uses about i dont, know 15 different radios in the hobby for all types of products, because i fly helicopters planes. I do cars, i do boats anyways, i do drones fpv drones, so i have a lot of radios and i tend to be of the older, more mature guy, so im not into all these little gaming size, radios, tiny little things. So, for me this is too small for my hands or my liking. I like the big radios with a lot of switches and a big display, but you cant get those type of radios at the price you can get this for. So this is an introductory radio for somebody who maybe wants their first radio or somebody who really doesnt want all the switches and just want. So i just need this switch to turn it on and off and thats it. Then this radio is perfect for you and it doesnt cost very much so. Links to this is below as well go check it out, see if its for you all right guys thanks for watching this video, if you enjoyed it, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch. You in future videos with many more reviews. Until then, i say bye, Music.