In late february, a column of mobile russian buck surface to air missile snake along a road near mullen northwest of key framed by looping tire tracks. In the surrounding earth, the black and white drone footage is slightly grainy, but the target is clear: Music. The drones camera shifts position slightly rotating, as its ukrainian operators on the ground discuss the target it hones in on a lone buck in the center of the pack. Like a predator picking off an unsuspecting gazelle from on high Applause, Music, hes running away from this buck, i think, or maybe to that side – asks one drone operator watching a black speck, a russian soldier on the screen. Maybe something fell off and he went to check what it was. Hes just running back and forth says another as the spec changes direction. Music position flashes at the top of the screen before the buck, explodes into a voluminous cloud of black smoke. Applause and excited cheers break out in the control room finally says one operator what fireworks the successful hit was. One of a growing number of drone strikes conducted by the ukrainian military against russian targets using turkish bayrocktar tb2 drones. The footage shared by the ukrainian defense ministry and immediately spread online has only come to enhance the idea of the drones, stealthy power, sneakily, bringing destruction to lines of russian tanks or ammunition from afar and then displaying the grainy evidence for all to see. The ukrainian embassy.

In turkey, tweeted footage of a berocktar tb2 exploding a column of russian artillery in a white sparkling cloud alongside a phrase that roughly translated means, thank god for baraktar. This kind of publicity is a boon for turkey, which has long held ambitions as a global drone superpower. Eagerly demonstrating their use of this homegrown technology across the world, but through drone sales, turkey is also developing an international reputation as a country that will step in with easily available cheaper and reliable drone technology where other nations, like the united states, enforce export controls or at The very least ask questions about how their technology is used. Ukraine has transformed, if not rehabilitated, the image of biroktar tb2s, with the drones now seen as an essential tool in the fight for democracy on the edge of europe, rather than a flying predator employed in asymmetrical warfare or by governments willing to use them to attack civilians. Part of this transformation rests on the drones, ability to record strikes, making them an essential eye in the sky for ukraines information war as much as their aid to action on the ground, though, ukrainian forces are clearly maximizing the drones effectiveness taking out columns of russian artillery Or even using cheaper commercial drones to help them aim at enemy lines. Music ukrainian authorities have so far declined to release clear data on how many times they have successfully employed, biroktar tb2s or precisely where the strikes took place, including when asked for this story: Music, Music, Music, its a great opportunity, its going to be the future of aviation.