com. As you can see here, i have the dji fpv drone. I do have the action 2 magnetic adapter, which is hooked up to this little action. Cam mount for the fpv drone actually picked up a pretty affordable one on amazon ill, actually, leave that link down below, if you guys are looking at flying with uh an action cam on the top of your fpv drone. Now i do have the action 2 right here and whats really nice is that with this magnetic adapter, all you have to do is place it right. On top, the magnets hold it in place, make sure those hooks are secured on the side and there you go youre able to fly with your action 2 on top of something like this, which is a dji fpv, drone, now, of course, depending on how fast youre Flying youre going to need to adjust the angle of that camera here, as you can see. If this is flat, you can see the angle its at, but of course, im going to be flying this way, so youre going to want to have it at an angle where the camera is actually going to be facing straight forward. So i might need to do a few different flights just to see if my angle is correct, but as of right now, thats kind of the angle im going at right there and well see, of course, ill. Do a couple test flights see how fast im going to be flying and then adjust my angle as needed.

Now the one thing thats great about a setup like this is because there is rocksteady on the action 2 and youre able to shoot at 4k at 120.. If youre shooting with the internal camera or the onboard camera of the fpv drone, if you wanted to shoot at 120 youre only able to bring that down, you have to bring it down to 1080p, so the fpv drone can shoot at 4k at 60, as well As 1080p at 120., so if i do want that 4k 120 im able to pull it off of this right here, the action 2. and just for these first test flights, i havent flown the fpv drone in about a month now so ill, probably just leave it In sport mode and just whip around this baseball field here, but i do want to see how big of a difference is the internal stabilization of the actual drone itself, as well as the resolution put those side by side. So at least you can see what comes out of camera from the drone and also what comes out of camera on the action too. I think one of the biggest differences well see, of course, is that 4k 120 versus the 1080p at 120. But of course, like i said, lets get this up in air, get a couple flights in and then ill put those videos side by side and before we get into that side by side. Footage a quick word from our sponsor adorama and for those who arent familiar with adorama.

They are one of the most reputable online retail stores if youre looking at picking up anything from camera equipment, electronics, even drones and camera gear, just like the action 2.. So if you guys are looking for some of the best online deals right now for the dji action 2 as well as this, the fpv drone ill leave those links to adorama down below in the video description, foreign, Music, Music, Music Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so, Music, Music, all right so next thing i want to test now is horizon steady on the action 2.. Now, if you guys remember, horizon steady means that even if my drone or my camera is moving left to right, ideally the horizon will stay nice and flat. So the footage coming out of the camera will still have those angles in there, but ideally the footage coming out of the action too. You probably wont even know its moving around, because the horizon should stay nice and level, Music, Applause, Music, Music Applause and then what i want to do is try and see what the 4k 120 looks like as well: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause and there. It is guys a few passes with the dji fpv drone with the action 2 attached, just like that kind of cool that magnetic adapter allows you just to pop it on and you can be off and flying now as far as flight characteristics go, i didnt feel Like it was giving me any issues up in the air with the additional weight just on takeoff, it kind of leans back a little bit more just because it ends up being top heavy when youre coming back, so only on takeoff, where i really felt it.

But uh when i was up in the air, it felt fine, it didnt really feel like it was. You know, changing my characteristics that much at all, let me know what your thoughts of the side by side. Comparisons of the drone footage compared to the action 2. Let me know your thoughts on that footage down below in the video description. I do like the fact im able to shoot at 4k at 120 on the action 2, because youre only able to max that out on the drone at 1080p at 120, and also we do have the 4k at 60 on both so good to know that youre Able to get 4k 60, but i do like the option now to have that 4k. 120 on that action. 2 footage. Once again, i just want to give a shout out to our sponsor of this video adorama make sure you guys check out those links down below and if you guys want more information about the dji action, 2 action, camera or the fpv drone make sure you guys Check out those links down below in the video description, this is aldrin estacio with see you guys.