I think bangladen gokart amitik there you go the legendary pulsar, monic famous vegas customer application form im recharging, okay, Music, Music. Oh, i got number seven, nice, Music, all right, all right, all right, sure, foreign! Something is wrong with the handling. I think it may be engineering vibration too busy. Okay, that was a good turn. I think, connected tile fighters. Somehow guarded power, mono check to calm. Can you see the vibration theres something wrong here come on, for they put a straight straight up, turn thats it do you have the power to calm overtake or out too difficult, and i think thats it coupe short thatll go at least one robust lap like that That was too quick, Music. Okay, there you go. The result is up number seven, the winner. Yes, yes, clear now, but number seven is the winner. I want im not going to slow challenge our better hitter, best footage loss, Music, see actually foreign craze shut down. I guess foreign i think its. Nonetheless, it was fun like, for example, eight to 10 laps or director price takao chip actor lab 42. Take a 46 left average daddy club intellect 10 minutes guarded power could be calm, couldnt drag field, um anyways. That was a fun day: fun activity until ill, see you guys in the next vlog peace. Oh my god.