Just tell you the way it is. First of all, this jjrc x12 is exactly the same as the emachine c4. I believe why they changed the name or something dont know, but i sure can guess why cant you, but the reason i bought this drone at the time was because it was about half the price or quite a lot cheaper than the dji one and from the Footage i saw online, it was pretty good pictures, but they do advertise it everywhere as a 4k and its not 4k at all its 1080p, and it only does stills at 4k. But a lot of people got fooled by that one. But not me i knew it was 1080p, but if anybodys thinking of a drone and getting one i would suggest dont buy this one or the e4. Save your money up and get yourself a dji one. Man theyll tell you why right from the get go, i had trouble with this drone locking onto satellites or saying it was locked onto satellites and then when i took off it would do this completely circle around me and then just get wider and wider. Until i had to go find it so what i had to do is kind of start it up and take it up to say, height level and see if it was going to bugger off and if its fairly stable, then i could start using it, and sometimes It wasnt so i had to land it quickly and recalibrate again and when youre flying a drone that costs even this much, you really want to be reliable, dont you that its going to come back, but i never had any confidence that this drone was going to Come back, but i got quite a few successful flights out of it.

I put the flights on youtube then, along with the other ones, where i had to go and search for it all the time, and it was nothing i was doing wrong or in the wrong area or whatever. It was because its the drone im afraid it just doesnt. Have the electronics like the djis do so. I had quite a few flights with it that were successful and a lot of them werent, but i stopped using it for a while because it i just didnt, feel confident really with it and im in a fairly crowded area. So you have to be careful, but i thought id give it to a younger member of the family and see how they get on with it and have a bit of fun with it. Maybe. But i found that the front right motor wasnt turning anymore and i looked online and some guy said a wire come off inside his, so he had to resolder it back on. So i took a look inside and the wires were okay, but the soldering was disgusting. In fact, the electronic board inside didnt look very good at all. Pretty cheap and lets be honest. That is the drone really no problem with the mic quality on the outside, but pretty ropey inside. So i looked for the partner motor for that uh type of drone and the only people that actually sold it were in china and one site only wanted 13 pounds for the whole arm and the motor.

So i ordered it, but it was going to take three weeks or more to arrive and probably is going to come by pony, i suspect, and for the price i paid. That was delivery as well, so could actually beat a real motor or not. So i went onto amazon and ordered another one, which of course was double the price, but at least it would probably be the right motor and once again it was going to be about three weeks or more to be delivered because it was coming from china too. And anyway, time passes and both the motors arrived eventually at the same time the same day and they both looked like the right one for the model, but one of them had a light on the arm and the other one didnt and, of course the cheaper one Is the one that didnt so i went about replacing the arm and motor on the jjrc x12 and its a fiddly job? Getting the arm out is the hardest part, but anyway i finished it. I thought, and i took it out for a test and lo and behold all fall. Propellers started up mind you its not flying as smooth as it was, but it is flying, and i see that you can get these drone and then the ex 4 for a reasonable price. Now and my suggestion to you is dont bother because i was very lucky when it took off that i actually found it in the forest in the trees somewhere or in the back garden of somebodys place.

I had to knock on about 40 doors to try and find it. It just isnt worth the time, and i didnt fly it all that much and one of the motors shouldnt have gone already. They are the brushless ones supposed to be very strong, apparently theyre, not, but the main thing they just dont have the real good connection with the satellites, and that is the problem. So my suggestion to you is to stay away from these two drones. If you want to do some good droning, but of course, if you want to get a lot of exercise and harassment or whatever then buy it, of course, the footage seems to be okay when you actually do get some footage, but even then some of the footage On the sd card was corrupt and i had to use a program to fix it, so all in all they just havent got electronics at all. Anyway, thank you for listening to me, and that is a completely honest opinion of mine. I have just given it to the younger person in the family and i wonder what fun hell have with that, but i did tell him i said: if it flies off. Forget it dont worry about it. So at the moment, unless you pay really mega bucks, i think the djis are the best. I think you can get one for four and a half which really still isnt that cheap and, of course, the jjrc x – 12 wasnt that expensive.

I guess in comparison, but if you take off and it takes away thats it gone, maybe it flies home to china. They got a big pile of them, probably somewhere, then just keep reselling them had a different name. Of course. At the moment, my droning days are over and also theyve tightened up. The laws in the uk as well was trying to take the whole fun out of it completely. You see were not really grown. Ups here anyway, have a nice day, whatever youre gon na do today, and if you got any stories about your drone, let me know or a drone yeah, you keep your stick on the ice now.