Hello and um. Here is a review on the d e e r c, um, d20 drone or quadcopter um. So let’s start on the back of the um box. It says that it’s got altitude, hold 360 flips, three speeds, gesture control, trajectory flight and foldable mode by foldable. I think it means you can do this so then you can fit in your pocket. Um. Now here is the battery that it comes with it slots right. In the back here and then it’s a little hard to get this one in there we go then um. You can fold this out, as there is a little button right there to turn it on. You hold that down for a few seconds um. It comes with two charges because it’s two batteries, two charges and it comes with four propellers and a screwdriver um. I can show you that here it is so here is the remote control. Um feels really nice in my hand, and right here, it’s got your phone error. Um on this it’s got so start and stop basically um pretty sure you hold that down to stop the drone altogether um, you got 360 degree flips, and you have got inverted mode here. If you want to press that down for two seconds, um here’s, the three speeds right here and you’ve – got the camera and two seconds you hold down. It will give you the video here’s trim mode, which these buttons don’t matter, it’ll just go by itself and um.

Here’S the hand design, in my opinion, it’s quite comfy, actually um, so i think we should get to flying the drone in a minute so um the manual is in here and nobody will read that um. I, like the padding that it comes in, comes in this nice little foam just to protect everything, obviously um. I i will be using this for my drawing just when i’m, not using that i’ll. Just put it in here so yeah let’s get to um flying let’s. Get to a flight review on the stream; okay, now we’re outside um let’s turn this thing on: okay, now we’re going to do some flips and all that okay, now, okay, that was actually pretty good um, so let’s go and calibrate this thing: okay, um down to The right it looks like on this one: okay, it’s still already working let’s, try to sprint; okay, so that doesn’t, look like it’s, um, Music, so inverted mode. Music. Okay, does not mean to do that. Okay, um does not seem to do anything in birthing mode. So yeah um, that is the drone Music. I hope you enjoyed sorry about the noise Music um. Okay, now let’s go fly it from round the round that i have okay. Here we go looks great round the roundabout um, okay, so it’s in hiner. That is great um.