Ive got my boys with me and tyler, and his son theyre up ahead. I told them to go on up ahead. While i got the drone out whats going on everybody, i dont script. These voiceovers every once in a while. I start recording and im not talking enough, and so then i have to just come back and do a little bit of a voiceover. This is the second time ive ridden the bike, its the honda sierra 450rx, its been a while since ive had a bike that made me want to ride and get out and get excited, and this bike does that for me, so i dont know if its just Because its been six years since ive had a 450 or this is the first brand new full size, honda that ive had on the channel but im absolutely loving the bike. I think it looks amazing, especially out here in the desert. Tyler wrote a couple times and i could see it from a distance and im like that bike looks so sharp. This red looks so sharp against against the sand and the desert that we were in here, and i just i think the bike looks amazing. It sounds amazing, it runs amazing and i havent even been messing with like the engine modes. Yet one of the funny things about riding out here is you cant, really ever kind of open it up all the way because theres all these washes where you kind of come down like that, one right there you go.

You cant see from your vantage point like right here. You cant see whats over any of these rises and you will fall off of a 10 to 30 foot cliff. All the time like its just. You cant see whats on the other side of any of these little ridges or any of these little dips. For that matter. Some of them are a foot deep and two feet wide, and some of them are six feet deep and 10 feet wide, and so you just kind of you just kind of have to be careful and go through. So i wanted to show you a little bit of what that looks like from the air, its a totally different perspective, its like kyle. Why dont you open it up more well because from the ground like this, on the on the point of view camera you cant, really tell and theres. So many of these washes that just get cut out from rainstorms, where its like. Oh, my gosh, you can really injure yourself, but at this point it took a while for the skydio2 to kind of sync up to the beacon and im just trying to catch up to tyler and the boys, and so here in just a second. I think i will have caught them and then tylers just going to kind of wave me on and since the drone is in the air, i just i dont really say much to him when i just keep going im, also using cardo packtalk, bold headsets, to keep In touch with my boys, so ive got case and connor with me.

Um tyler has his son kade with him were theyre all on 85, so uh, the cade and connor are on ktm 85sx bikes and case is on a husqvarna, tc85 and uh yeah. It was is interesting because case had had. He has like an expander thing in his mouth and hes in so much pain with his mouth and then he almost broke his hand. The other day jumping about a pedal bike in our driveway, a jump that their dad me made him. So he was kind of struggling there, but he just gutted it out and just did it but back to the honda this thing and again like okay, i need to ive, given so much. Ive talked so much down on 450s because everyone goes out there and buys them, and for most of the riding that i do most of the writing, that a lot of people do a 450 is too much bike. But i will say you get out in the right situations like here in the desert, and this 450 was amazing, especially there was a hill climb that we did at the end. I probably wont get into it in this video, but there was a hill climb that we did and the 450 was absolutely incredible in some of these places and it doesnt wear me out as much as it used to. I think. A lot of that is because my technique has gotten a little bit better um, but yeah.

Here we found this little hill climb. Look you see, i stalled it right there, its easy to stall its its, not a two stroke, but then well get the boys up and get them to come down this little. It doesnt look like its that steep, but its pretty steep right here, theres a little bit of a drop off and when youre looking at it its like, oh boy, it doesnt look steep from the drone footage but its steep. It gave the boys all pause and eventually we coast them to come down like this im positive whats that drone Music, you coming buddy, hey watch the drone here: okay cuz, you can do it buddy, you can just roll straight off of it. Im positive so theres a ton more of this ride that you wont see in this video, but overall i absolutely love. I absolutely loved the honda out here in the desert. It was a ton of fun and im really really looking forward to getting the 250 version of this bike. I mean honestly, i love the 254 strokes. A lot of you guys that watch the channel know that im kind of a sucker for a for a good 254 stroke. They the stability that they have the how light they feel the little amount of engine braking that they have and just the cornering ability is pretty its pretty unmatched. You know on when youre riding a 254 stroke but itll be fun to take this bike.

The 450 and the 250, and just go to several on several different rides. Where were just going back and forth on the bikes and just see what we can learn, because its one of the things that i have seen you know give me the most amount of perspective is when were able to to ride back to back. You know your buddys got a bike. You got a bike, ride them back to back and if theyre set up the same, which im going to have the same tires on them, you know set them up with the same amount of sag all that type of stuff. Then you can really get a determination of what youre actually feeling, because if your frames are the same, if your bars are the same, if your wheels and tires and all that stuff is the same, then what your fee then the little nuances that youre feeling the Differences in how the bike wants to lay over how it wants to stand up, how it wants to be stable if it wants to go straight through something if it wants to be able to corner or corner more easily, all that is going to come down to The actual engine platform, now a lot of you guys know some of you guys know that im a big time supercross fan, i love to watch supercross. I geek out on that. I dont watch a lot of other. I dont watch a lot of off road related or desert related content on youtube, but i do watch supercross type stuff and i know the mechanics and test riders are always talking about how you know they can take one engine.

You know hanger or engine mount and change it out. You know change out this thing or use a different piece of material here in an engine hangar and or or a brace and itll totally change. The bike and ive always wondered if, if theyre just like making that stuff up – and maybe the top riders can tell and – and they probably can, the people whove been doing this since they were a fetus and now theyre, 30 years old and theyve ridden all these Different bikes – and they put in you, know, hours and hours and hours every week of their life of testing bikes. Maybe they can tell the difference between an engine mount for me, im just looking forward to being able to tell the differences between the 250 motor and the 450 motor and seeing which is good in which situations, because you know the 254 stroke out here would have Been amazing as well, it would have been absolutely amazing. Theres only one place where the 450, in my opinion, would even be a benefit uh, and that is that hill climb that we that i showed you just a teeny bit of drone footage that we kind of get. I guess its at the end of the trail, but its in the middle of our ride. Thats the place where the 450 is definitely going to give you an advantage over a smaller displacement motor, because youve got so much power on top on that.

On that hill climb, i could just shift into third at the bottom and just hold it open and jump off a little step up, and you know on most of the other bikes that ive had ive taken up that hill youre going to be shifting – or at Least its going to be laboring harder on the 450, it wasnt doing it wasnt even laboring at all. At this point, the drone has lost. The drone is getting down to such a low amount of battery that it decided its just going to chill and then its going to go into an auto land. This is a skydio2 ive had it, for i dont know a year and a half youve seen it on the channel here and there its one of the ways that i can get some decent amount of drone footage, and i get more footage with the skydio than I do my mavics ive got several ive had several different drones over the years. Ive got three four different drones right now, but um recently ive been using the the skydio a lot just because i can get bang for buck. I can get a lot of footage off of it off of it and i can just go ride for 10 minutes at a time or 12 or 15 minutes at a time and then just a lot of times.