So this is another whoop style, two inch micro, drone uh. I think it’s, like 85 grams i’ll, show you the way here in a second uh, looks very similar to like say, like the 85 x from bnfpv there’s, a lot of them that have this sort of two inch with the prop guards, a different sort of power. Setup in this one here we have the um fpv branded motors. These are 1203 5000 tv, and these are the gem fan: 20, 36 4 bladed props um. We have a 20 amp, all in one flight controller and ac combo there so it’s, an f4 flight controller plus 20 amp build hilly s escs, and then we have the cadx vista system here within the nebula nano 2 camera, and you got the cadx antenna on This one here now, some of their product photos, have a home fpv branded nintendo back here i think um that’s, probably gon na, be a little bit lighter um yeah. I think this is like an early version. You know they send out early versions to reviewers. I believe this uh flight controller on here all in one door is the same one that was on the the micron ii um. I think they may have uh added rpm filtering to this one. I believe this, i think i noticed that was different. The xd 30 is at the front here and you have a capacitor and then you have a usb port here in the back, so it’s fairly accessible.

But this board here is completely proprietary. So if you damage an esc or something you can’t just buy something off the shelf and replace it. You’Ll have to get your specific board. You have this carbon plate on the bottom here to give the plastic frame some stiffness it’s about one millimeters thick and then the battery strap. Is this way battery front front and back? I would have rather seen this whole thing rotated, like 90 degrees, with the usb port at the side, and then this battery connector out the side as well. You might be able to do that. Actually, if it’s actually a true x, you could probably rotate the whole thing it might turn out better, but yeah this whole frame and the bottom plate. The flight control is all proprietary uh. These aren’t, like off the shelf like 20 by 20 parts, or anything like that, and then i mean the advantage. Is you get you get? Your usb port is really accessible, but the disadvantage is, if you uh break the uh all in one flight controller you’ll have to replace the whole thing and then getting in there and obviously desolder everything and replace all the parts. Now the vista that’s in here is not naked. You could probably make it a naked vista and remove all the heat sinks and save about 10 grams. If you want to make this a little bit more agile and lightweight. Obviously this is a lot lighter than micron chew, because it is.

This is not really meant for cinnamon whooping it’s more like for indoor whoop racing and it’s got plenty of power. For that. I did try and fly it out outside in some pretty windy conditions and yeah, i would say, did okay considering the conditions but you’ll also see at the very end. I fly around inside a parking garage with a little bit. Less wind and i’ll see that kind of gives you more of an idea what it’ll feel like in an indoor space, if you’re, maybe doing some indoor racing, this would be really nice, like actually parking garage racing. This is something this would be perfect for that you’ll see that at the very end of the video but here’s the weight of the drone and no battery it’s coming in at 91.6 grams, so the 85 gram may be due, maybe because they have used it lighter Antenna back here, maybe not including the battery, strap possibly now a few things to note um i my unit did not come with a screw here for the camera. I added that because i only had one screw. I think it fell off somewhere in manufacturing. That’S that’s, not not a big deal because um this is a standard m2 screw. I have plenty of those, so i was like oh there’s a screw missing there. So i add that i typically before i go and fly anything i just tighten down all the screws and check everything make sure everything is nice and tight, so they don’t come out when i’m flying um that’s a that’s, actually a practice that everyone should do regardless Because the screws do tend to come out sometimes from vibrations, and even though i screwed everything down and tightened it, i lost a couple screws back here and these screws are not m2 screws that go into these motors.

So if you that’s another thing is proprietary about this company, they may do a lot of this kind of stuff, which i kind of disagree with. I think many of you will do as well is this motor mount is a kind of a weird pattern, as you can see, it’s like a three hole pattern for 1203, and then these are m 1.6 screws. These are the same screws that go into like the 0802 motors on, like the 65 millimeter whoops, so yeah they didn’t put loctite in these, and even though i tightened them down, two of them flew out somewhere uh. While i was flying they’re gone now yeah. So you know you’ll never find the seal um and these screws are a little bit harder to source uh. If you mean you’re, probably not gon na have extras and there aren’t actually any extras in the box. So what i would recommend is uh. Take the screws out put a little bit a little bit of loctite and on the very on the very end of the screw, and then put them all back in let them dry overnight before you go and fly them, because i guarantee you, these screws are going To be gone, if you continue to fly them and actually after i flew a few packs, i went back through in here and all of the screws were loose. So this is that um, these little m uh 1.6 screws. They are meant for much smaller motors and these bigger motors with this one forest power is going to um uh vibrate a lot more and – and i really these screws – aren’t – really meant for this much power so i’m, not surprised if they’re gone.

I forgot to give you the weight of this with the battery i flew with, so i flew with this bfpv uh force 450 that’s recommended size a force 450., so the battery is like 56 grams and then with the drone, all together, it’s 147.8 grams, so it’s Uh, you know typical two inch weights, nothing really that different about this one other than 1203 motors. I do. I do tend to like the 12 size motors over like an 11 size if they wanted. Like 1104. I not really a fan of the 1104 size for this or the 1105 size for two inch. So 1203 1204 is probably better for a two inch. I think they went with 1203 and make it a little bit lighter overall and that’s, probably why they went with that weird screw choice of the um m 1.6 group – probably to keep it lighter. But again in hindsight i think that’s. What would probably would be better is just use two m2 screws instead of three and 1.6 screws, so something for them to keep in mind for the next time in terms of the frame durability. Uh, you know, it’s got a fair number of scratches on here. Just from landing, i think this is from this is probably from asphalt or something it’s gon na scratch up. This plastic is it’s going to break in a hard crash. I can just tell it: doesn’t really give a lot it’s, not a lot of flex, but in a hard crash, depending on the temperatures uh yeah you’re, probably going to want to find a replacement frame now that i’m being good it’s sold.

This whole thing sold for a 270 with the vista. You can buy it without the vista. If you happen to have one already on the home fpv site for 145 dollars. I believe, if you just want the drone itself and then i believe, on the homicive there’s replacement parts for the canopy um and that and the plastic guards. Interestingly, the plastic guard is not included as a extra part, but they didn’t include an extra canopy. Although this canopy is pretty tough, i mean they’re, probably going to break the camera before the canopy, so i would rather have them include an extra set of prop guards. Instead of the canopy, just in my opinion, and there wasn’t a whole lot else in the box, i think he had a bag and then an extra set of props and that’s pretty much it so as uh. You know there’s a lot of these already on my channel check out the power whoops. A playlist and you’ll see a lot more of these out there and here’s the flight footage, oh by the way um they did send along these uh uh goggle straps. These are new they’re kind of nice. I mean i’ve got some pretty nice ones already on my goggles, but this is kind of meant for either fat, shark or dgi, and you put the battery here on the side here, that’s pretty standard um. They do come with a couple of these metal clips here if you want to use them for your dji goggles, but obviously you wouldn’t use that for fat sharks and then here’s the green color.

So if you’re interested in some nicer, goggle straps, you know with the wider back strap here. I actually have something that’s even wider than this. I think it’s from fat, straps it’s like a two inch strap. You can get those at race day quads, but this is um. You know home if he’s making their branded goggle strap uh for fat, shark and dji goggles, so i’ll link those down in the description as well that’s gon na. Do it for this video and here’s. The flight footage for you, Music, so it’s pretty windy right now. You can probably see here with the trees yeah and i have the windows open. I’M. Actually, my kind of car, so you guys can hear what the tune sounds like in this uh, pretty windy, condition. It’S, not the greatest, not the best conditions to fly in for something like this size. Doesn’T have a lot of power. Give you an idea of what the conditions like a little bit of jello it’s, pretty bright out right now, and the nebula nano is known for having a fair amount of jello and bright light. Unless you have really good mounting with no vibrations you can see, the wind is affecting the way it flies it’s kind of hard to tell what the tune is like just from the sound. I know that a lot of you guys think that tune sounds bad or good, based on the way it sounds that’s not the whole picture.

A lot of it has to do with the way it flies in terms of how it feels and that doesn’t come out on video or audio. All that great you can see you can. Can you can hear a couple things there where the wind’s hitting it and then the props are reacting and trying to correct right there? You can see that when i’m doing that that move and that’s the wind hitting it and the quad is trying to maintain the direction it’s going now. The wind’s actually pretty bad right now, so not really the best conditions so i’m, actually trying out the new um beta flight rates that it just came with stock rates. I think from the factory so i’m giving the beta flight rates a try, it’s interesting there’s. A lot of the center is fairly smooth, but then you have a lot of um rotational speed if you need it at the end of the sticks and uh running a 4s 450 here, not sure what the battery life is going to be three minutes so far. Yeah it’s really hard to tell the tune from these windy conditions could be better, but you know this is a whoop and is getting kind of pushed around with the prop guards providing a lot of wind resistance. Now you can hear it struggling there in the wind. All right right in the battery here 13 point something volts wow. Let me know what you guys think: wow it’s really windy all right, so i’m inside a parking garage now not as much wind, more more echo from the noise and we lowered the camera angle.

A little bit so you can fly a little slower. Maybe let’s give you a better idea how it flies, obviously, i’m, not going to do any flips or rolls in here it’s a little bit too ceiling’s a little low, but without what at the wind hitting it? It looks like it’s all it’s flying a lot more stable, Music, Music Music, so fly through the car yeah, i would say, tune isn’t terrible. I don’t, i don’t think it’s. I don’t think any of these whoops are really going to do that great. In a lot of wind, like you saw earlier, yeah it’s still a little bit of a breeze it’s really windy. Today, you can see, as i get to the brighter section, a little more jello’s coming out and where is less light as a little bit less jello. So try to go a little faster now we’re reaching the battery. I think, as the voltage gets lower it does. I think it does need uh. Maybe the uh pid compensation for the lower voltage it does seem like it starts to wobble a little bit more anyway.