. They have just basically did a little bit of a refresh on this model. Um. When i originally reviewed the which is actually a one over here, it had an all in one board. That was a bit on the weak side. I believe i mentioned that in the video it’s, like 10 amps and bursting to 20 amps on a 3s battery, and a number of people apparently had esc’s burning out on this now mine’s fine, but the. I guess people that have been having that problem. Uh were getting replacements of those, but then they recently switched to a brand new all in one board. So it looks a bit different um. This one here had a micro usb port. This one here, uh new one, has a usb type c port uh. So this is what the old board looks like yeah, it’s kind of hard to see, but here’s the new one and they’ve upped the uh. I guess the specs so it’s now 35 amps. I believe up to 45 amps burst i’ll, put it up on the screen here. What it actually is, i can’t remember off handled i’ll. Look it up again, but it’s. Definitely a lot more. The old board was 2 to 4s and this new board is now 2 to 6s. But since all the rest of the components are the same, and the motors are the same, 1104 6500 kv. Since the motors are the same. Uh it’s going to still run on 3s at that kv, which i still think is a bit high.

I you know i’d, probably run it on forests on a motor output limit of like reducing the kv to like say i don’t know 3500 kb or 4000kb. It is a 2 inch prop, i think 4s might be better. The flight time is about the same on the same 3s, 1100 milliamp hour battery that i was using before it’s a little over three minutes of flight time on that battery, with the nike gopro on there fly seems to fly the same. I don’t think they change anything other than the board, because the motors are the same. Now they have better ecs it’s actually seemed like it was a little bit more stable than it was previously, but honestly not a whole lot of difference between the um old version and the new version. Just the new version here is going to be a little bit more robust and gon na be able to hold up a little better and crashes, and this basically has a little more headroom in terms of the um uh, the maximum current output of the esd. Also, i believe, the ducts here these little prop guards are going to be white in the r it’s called the r. This is the rs version is what they’re calling this. So there should be way. Instead of this uh sort of smoke, gray, color uh, i believe, that’s, the only other change. Of course you know these – you can still put on the optional foam pieces.

Those are still included. Everything else is the same as before: it’s just that they now have a improved all in one board, so that’s pretty much it for this video here’s, the flight footage from the same naked hero 7 other than that not a whole lot more to say, but this One seems to you know: well, supposedly it should have um should be able to hold it better compared to the old uh, all in one esc, which they don’t sell anymore and i’m. Pretty sure, if you’ve recently burned out an ac on the micron 2 and have made a warranty claim, they’re, probably we’re, sending out the updated board, because this board has been out for a couple of weeks now, at least so again, you know um. I know some of you guys are going to be leaving comments down below as to like whether or not i know that if they’re going to be replacing boards for people that have burned out boards or whatever i don’t know the situation, everyone’s situations will be different. Contact support at homefpv.com and you can ask them directly if you ask down in the comments that’s nothing. I can say about that because i don’t represent the company. I just review their products.