Do Music, hey welcome back to pine meadows, hobby farm im, your host jerry hands and id like to? Thank you guys for showing up and watching my episodes. It really helps us out a lot uh in this feature, this episode or series on homestead or uh yeah. The homestead building project series i want to share with you guys in a review of a complete compilation of a bunch of videos i put together condensing it down into just this show. Over building the barn, i gleaned the material free from different sites and i was able to uh, you know, stockpile it, then i sorted it out and looked at the material, and it was the material that dictated the size and the shape of the barn. So sit back, enjoy and watch and im also going to include the fateful night on friday, the 13th that our fateful morning on friday, the 13th at 4 00. Am i awoke because the barn burnt to the ground and took some livestock with it, go ahead and watch Music, Music, Music, so Music, so so? Music, Applause, Music, hmm, Music Applause, Music, Music Applause? Now this lantern and this horseshoe are the only artifacts left over from after the tragic barn fire. I hang them here as a reminder id like to restore the uh lantern uh, just to get it to look nice and hang it out and a nice feature. It is an antique vintage railroad lantern.

I dont want to keep it, but i hope you guys enjoyed that and wasnt traumatized too much by the tragic loss of the barn and the fire, and this is seguing us into the new episode which is coming up next. On building this barn, so stay tuned to that, you could do that by subscribing and clicking that bell icon. That alerts you to new videos, as i upload them, hey, give us a thumbs up. Click that share button sharing our videos on your social media platforms helps us out.