In the background there, because in this video Im going to show you how it flies Im going to show you the stunts the flips all that stuff and then Im going to come back, give you a dug score from one to five. Let you know what I thought of it, whether its stunk or whether it was amazing and then finally assuming youre, still interested. You can watch me unbox it in the past and take a look at it for the first time and Ill. Tell you about all of its detailed features and those kind of things lets go watch. It fly Music. Okay, so I went out there today and I had so much fun with this. I do have a little bit of a mixed bag. So Im going to straight off just so, you know give this a three out of five on the Doug score. It flew great. The little camera worked great. I had a ton of fun with it, but I will say it did not take long for me to have some sort of a weird little accident with it, as you can see its all still intact, nothing crazy, but whatever I did made it so. The battery shorted the whole thing out and uh I tried, so I thought maybe it was the battery I swapped it out for the second battery that comes with it and nothing, but smoking smelling melted Electronics. So I cant give it a five out of five.

Although I will give it a five out of five for the actual device and the use the size, the control, all that was so awesome um. Yes, I was doing some things you probably shouldnt be doing with it, but I do have to fairly report you guys that I did manage to damage it in the process, which is a little unusual, so yeah so Im going to give this a three out of Five, I hope youre still interested in it lets go to the unboxing. Okay were back in the past, youve watched it Fly. You saw my review youre still curious about this, because it seems like a super cool drone lets unbox. It talk about its features and see if its the right thing for you or not. So this is obviously a beginner level drone. It is a mini drone and it actually has a 1080p camera thats full HD thats, pretty darn awesome. It has all of oh, oh, its extra awesome based on its size. I cant wait to show you the size. Oh, you saw the size of it already anyway. It is super cool size, wise. It has gesture control, it does 3D flips. It has voice control. Oh and its got two modular batteries with about 11 minutes each for a flight time, which is really good for something at this level and this size that kind of thing that is awesome, thats at least 20 minutes of having fun.

With this before you have to recharge it, I think thats, awesome, okay, so Im gon na try to make you wait to see the actual drone itself in person here lets see what comes in here cool little bag tucked in here. It is really tucked in there. In this very secure bag, there is a battery two usb chargers and I think those are blade guards are those blade guards, yes, blade guards good to use, especially if youre gon na fly it indoors and this kind of thing its very interesting. Oh, the back batter this isnt the battery. This is the fpv holder for the remote. There are extra blades. As I said instruction manual, please read the instruction manual. I know they sit and laugh in China in the factories because haha we messed with you, because we switched to control theyre all just a little bit different. If you read it, it really does help have a good time and help it survive your first time out. So here are those Mount modular batteries. I was talking about nice, small batteries cool, especially if they actually lasted 11 minutes. But you already know here is the remote. This thing is teeny, look how small that is, but it has all of the controls that you would want on it: single single push to take off um your stunts and your camera modes, all on this teeny little remote. That is super cool and check this out.

This is ridiculous. How teeny this is! Oh, I cant wait to fly this. This is so cool, so, okay, so heres a 1080p drone. How cool is that? It is hard to believe that that could be 1080.. You can control the angle. You know manually of the camera its got the power on and off the plug um. This is this is so cool. I just want to go fly it. You already saw it Fly. You already heard my opinion of it.