We’Ve got the hollyton ht02 mini drone that’s been sent to us by drc for review. So without further ado, let’s have a look inside the box. So in the box you get the transmitter here and really cool feature. Is the drone is actually stored inside the center of the transmitter there? So it’s really tiny drain. You can see there put that back in there, so you also get three batteries with it. One’S pre installed into the drone, and you get two more there. You get two usb wall chargers, a small screwdriver, another set of props and some screws. You get a phone mount for the transmitter, you get a set of prop guards. You get your instruction manual and, if you’ve never flown a drone, i’d recommend reading it because it tells you how to do it and get a warranty card there, which i’ve done mine is really simple to do. You just send them a message on facebook and it activates the warranty for you um. It is a drone with the camera. It’S got a 720p camera and you can use it with fpv on the phone, app it’s, actually quite a good app. So the drone itself it’s got three speed modes it’ll hold its altitude. If you let go of the controller just hover there, it can do 360. Flips i’ve not tried that yet because i need to go outside to do that. Um, it says uh. The battery should last about 20 minutes.

I think that’s for all three combined i’ve got about five minutes out of each battery, but i’ve been using mine in um Music in the fastest setting, and i do find it uses more battery if you’re, using it with the camera uh connected to your phone. So let’s get the prop guards attached and uh. Take it outside for a quick flight test. It is quite windy, so i’m not sure how good that’s going to be, but we’ll give it a go: Music, Music, Music. So there you go pretty decent little starter drone. There ideally it’s, probably better inside or when there’s no wind but overall i’m, really impressed with it. So i’ll put a link down below where you can get yourself one.