Ive had it for several weeks. Some of the features are, it has a 360 degree flip three speed modes altitude hold it weighs a whopping 14 grams and fits in the palm of your hand. The drone itself fits in the controller and that thats pretty slick you have a your carrying case is a controller. It comes with three batteries: the propeller guards, four props, a prop removal tool and a screwdriver and its a very fun drone to fly. Then, on the controller Applause, the left joystick is the throttle or you can push it three times for for the speed mode press it once and itll itll beep twice per second for second speed mode and push it another time. Itll be three times for the third speed mode: um, the third and these speed modes are really handy for using this drone outside because its really susceptible to the wind, my air, conditioner vents and my ceiling fans blow it off. Of course, when i fly inside the right, joystick is the direction button and Applause you push this uh for the 360 degree flip this round button here, push that up for one key landing and take off push it down to calibrate the gyros push it left for Emergency stop and write for headless mode or a long press for the return. 1P return its a this other button here, thats your trim. This is a very, very fun drone to fly. Ive really enjoyed it heres.

What it looks like outside the controller ready to fly there, it goes, you can trim it fairly, easy its fun to fly. You can do this, you can flip Applause, you can zigzag around in circles, oops lost cracker was there. It comes with three batteries. So Applause, you have probably the three batteries you probably have Music crap and its pretty much indestructible. Ive crashed this a lot of times. It keeps licking Applause, Music. That was a perfect landing Applause, so id recommend id recommend this to a beginner or an adult that likes to fly. Drums doesnt have a camera, but it comes with a replacement. Props thats really fun to fall Music Applause if theres a slightest breeze outside um that affects it, its pretty light Applause, but it zips around pretty good Applause.