Hs 330 mini drone. I just did a review of a holy stone major that i wasn’t real crazy about. So i thought i should do a video on a mini drone that i happen to really like a lot so uh. What i’m going to do is i’m going to zoom in on the table here. So you can see i’ll go over the different things that come with it and stuff and then we’ll zoom back out, and we can do a little bit of flying very little bit. First we’ll cover everything that comes in the box. That should that way i can get this stuff out of the way all right in the box. This is what comes with the holy ton: hs 330 mini drone. First, you get your little owner’s manual. You’Ll also get a lipo battery warning card, which doesn’t have to be in here at the moment, but it will come with one of those you get four replacement, propellers, two blue ones, and two black ones, probably also labeled a and b. Okay. You get this little prop wrench. This is to help you remove your props without bending them, because sometimes you want to remove them just to remove any debris. You might have a little cat fur or blade of grass or something tangled up in there. So this is nice. This will help you get your props out without off without hurting them, and you get this little tiny screwdriver and i think you would be using this because these shields over the each propeller, which is kind of like a little, almost like a duct protrailer but it’s.

Not very wide anyway, each one of these has three screws that secure this top piece on so i’m, assuming that’s what the screwdriver is for, because if you ever want to change the props you’re, obviously going to have to take these off, then you’re going to have To watch for any coding, which is usually a and b, i think i don’t think i’d go by color, because these are side by side and and the propellers that match are usually kitty corner from each other, so don’t. So i would, i would check, see what their label just be on the safe side. So, okay, you get three of these batteries. These attach to the bottom of the drone. Basically you just click it into place. It fits in these little notches and slide it forward. It’Ll kind of click in and you’re all set, so you get three of those and you get this charger. This is a usb charger and i like this, one it’ll do two batteries at once. So that’s that’s really neat and you always want to let your batteries cool before you charge, of course – and you know, read all those cautions about lipo batteries because they can be dangerous if not used properly. Okay, so first, let me see here now. I can’t guarantee this price. Of course, right now, it’s on amazon looks like for 24.49, so figure 25 bucks. Okay, so now let’s go over the the transmitter.

This is pretty basic. You have two top buttons here. The one on the left is your rates. There’S three rates, which is basically three speeds, you’ll, get one beat for first rate, two beats per second and three beeps for third rate, and over here you’ve got your flip button. You push the flip button once and then push this control lever into. Whichever way you want it to flip forwards backwards or roll left roll right, so that’s how that works, it’s pretty simple and over here this button right here, which is below this control this one here it would be on the right as you’re looking down. This is your um headless mode and over here, below this knob or below this stick, you have your one button take off and landing. Of course you have the usual controls. This is a. This is a mode two, so this side will be up and down which you know, accelerate and then y’all, left and you’re all right and the right one will be pitch forward pitch. Reverse roll left, roll right now being it’s, not a helicopter. I don’t know if that’s the correct terminology but that’s the way i do it so hopefully it’s not too awfully wrong. So i like i like the remote it’s small, but i like the fact that it doesn’t have uh these buttons. Don’T have two different functions. I don’t like that it’s just too much to remember so anyway, the and it does some things that aren’t on this uh transmitter too, which i’ll get to in a minute.

So then you have, of course the drone itself. You can see the size of it. Give you an idea if you know how big a hockey puck is there you go a little bit bigger than a hockey puck as far as the dimensions go so anyway cover that now this is also uh. This drone also has a throw and go or a sensor mode that’s where you don’t use the transmitter, and i made some quick notes on that: to use the throw and go one. You turn on the drone one long press, okay, that’s, pretty normal and the push button, which is like a tab type button, is on the bottom here. So, okay, now you’ve turned on the drill now it’s, two quick presses and what those two quick presses of that button will do is activate the calibration that’s going to make these lights flash quickly. So now you want to place it on a flat level surface and wait for the lights to stop to flash slower. Okay, once so after you’ve pushed it twice and they start you wouldn’t want to set it down right away. You don’t want to monkey around because then you might have to start all over again, so once you’ve turned it on by pressing it once then you you take the same button. Give it two quick presses: the lights will start flashing quickly. You set it on flat surface, you wait for the lights to slow down, they’ll still be flashing, but they’ll flash slowly and then at that point all you have to do is pick it up put on the palm of your hand and give it a flip and Away she goes now there’s also listed in the ma in the owner’s manual there’s, a different functions you can use in that mode and those would include hand, control gestures listed for other sensor modes.

You have, one of them, is auto rotating and that’s one hand gesture used for that, and then you can also use hand different hand, positions to get it to flip and roll, and then you can also do a circle fly and – and i won’t i don’t – do The throw and go flying, but i i just thought i’d mention that in all the directions for each hand, gesture for each mode is listed in the manual. I won’t go over that. So what i’m going to do right now is we’re, going to zoom back out a little bit and then we’ll fly it a little bit and i’ll. Show you how it flips and stuff! Oh, and i should say before we get started that you know i was pretty rough on the hs 450 drone. I i didn’t really care for it. I just thought it does. Does some things well, but i think there’s just too many things that it doesn’t do. Well, well, this little drone here it doesn’t have a ton of stuff on the remote on the transmitter, but everything it does. It does really well it’s very stable and flight. It feels like it’s on a rail and the same with the yaw it’s, like it’s, on a turntable, very stable, very responsive, just a real joy to fly, and instead of falling down when you flip, it tends to go up, which i think is better for indoors, Because of furniture and pets and stuff like that, so anyway, we’ll zoom back out and we’ll apply it a little bit, and hopefully i won’t screw that up too bad alrighty through the magic of video.

We should be able to edit all this out of it. Okay, without showing my whole messy basement right about there all righty, so i already did this video once i spent the whole video calling it a holy stone, drone and it’s a holy ton. Drone h, o l y t, o n, if i screwed it up in this one you’re just gon na, have to put up with it, because i two times is my limit. Okay, we will start by turning on the there’s a button it’s when a tab type button on the bottom. You press that once long press it comes on, you’ll, see the spotlight and the tail light flashing i’m going to turn on the remote, and this is not hobby grade. So you don’t have to turn on the remote first, like you would with a hobby grade uh. You know helicopter or drawer or whatever so, okay now everything’s flashing, we go forward and back that’s with the left. Stick: okay to stop flashing and let’s, see to calibrate, i believe, is both sticks down and in no okay, it’s down and left there you go. Both sticks down the left and she’s calibrating lights, stopped flashing, now it’s ready so we’re going to take off here, and this is going to be tricky because i’m, looking right at the lights here and there we go really. This thing is so it just looks so flat, but it’s in here. I just love the way this inside so let’s try a couple of flips here, a little bit.

Okay, put this way all right: closer Music, okay, so there’s your flipping holes. Now this is uh rate, one not two deep notice, you a little bit quicker. Hopefully you can see that – and this is rate three which is considerably quicker. So i don’t know if it looks any different. Okay, so oh let’s show the yacht make sure it’s the right height. You can see this and there’s your left, which works pretty nicely now. I don’t know if there’s a way to disable that spotlight um it doesn’t it’s got pretty good flight types. I i’ve never really worried about it so but uh. I guess you could look into that. If you know that there’s a way to disable that light leave in the comments i’m sure we’d be glad to hear about it, so bring it over here. Like i said, this thing is so easy to apply Music. That did that, because i hit the wrong button. The first time let’s show that again, because it actually lands better than that. There you go so there you have it. This is the holy ton hs 330, and you know i uh. I can say my last video was about the holy stone, which was the i believe, the hs450 and i i didn’t care for it, and i made that pretty clear. So i thought it’d only be fair to do a short video on one that i really like and – and this drone is actually a little bit cheaper.

I think that one was. I forget, 27 28. This one’s, like 25 bucks, give or take so uh, comes with everything except batteries for the remote and there’s a screw in there. So i can’t tell you exactly how many it takes right now, i’m sure it’s. It looks by as small as it is: i’m gon na guess, they’re triple a’s and there’s, probably three or four of them. So there you go there, you have it and uh great little drone for the money and i i can’t think of anything. I would change on it, except maybe if i and it may be possible to disable this spotlight. I don’t know but, like i said, it’s got pretty decent flight time anyway. I believe they say 21 minutes of flight, but they’re talking about all three batteries, so that’s. Basically, seven minutes per battery if you’re flying really slow and not doing anything so anyway, great little drone great little value. I give it four stars: no problem really enjoy it till next time.