Welcome to my channel today, im out here on a super cold windy day. The snow has melted, however, the winds have come and we have an arctic front. Thats, come in and im gon na put the temperature up here what it is in celsius and fahrenheit. I can tell you right now in celsius its like minus 13 degrees celsius, with this wind, its cold. All right, i dont, know how well this drone is gon na work out in this cold weather. This is the holy stone. Hs 720 g g stands for gimbal. Let me take it out of this case and show it to you, and here it is its a foldable drone and it looks like a mavic surprise. Surprise. All drones today look like mavics whats, so special about this one. Like i said, the g is for gimbal. The previous model did not have a gimbal. This one also has the optical flow on the bottom, plus the ability to detect the ground. So when it comes down to land, so it should be a little bit more stable, also with a three axis gimbal that it has. It might be a little bit better in the wind, because this drone is just gon na flop all over the place. Today, the wind is blowing out here. What else about this thing? Flight time on here is about 26 minutes thats the rated flight time and the range is 1000 meters thats the rated range it is wi fi.

So what does that mean? That means take that range in a setting like this and chop it in half its probably 500 meters. It does take a micro sd card. It does have a camera that records at 4k 30 frames per second in video. I think you can go down to 1080p too, if you want, it takes photos at 4k as well, and my mouth is about to freeze. So im gon na go fly this now, oh and i forgot a landing pad, so i have to use this floor thing out of the back of my jeep for a landing pad. Oh its such a forgetful freezing cold day. All right lets go fly this baby. All right here we go. I will say this case that comes with the drone, is actually quite nice, its different than you normally get its actually like an upper class higher quality type case, just the material, the way it feels and the handle on top anyways enough about that lets open it Up take our drone out and get it going so. The first thing i want to do is turn on our remote here so power it on. It is battery powered youll, see that in the unboxing im going to pull these out, put the antennas up and were all set to go on the side. Here i want to make sure this is on gps. Youll know you have it correct if, on the front it says gps – and it says gps on sounds like im going through this really quick and talking fast.

It is because i am cold and i want to get through this quickly, all right next take out our drone ive unfolded here. It looks pretty pretty pretty nice road anyways on the back, just hold in the power button, youll see a pile of green lights and when they get up to four lights, it starts up and you just put her on down the ground. Then next take your controller and just double check that you see the battery level of the drone, as well as the controller youll, see two things on either side of the controller. Make sure you see that if you dont see that its? Probably because you did not read the instruction and you did not bind your controller to the drone before you came out, watch the unboxing segment of this video and ill show you how to do it next thing we do is just take our joysticks here ill show. You and pull them down and to the right, both so down to the right like that, get a little beep, and that means hey. You want to do a compass calibration so lets. Do it really quick three times once twice three times? Sometimes you get a beep. Sometimes you dont get a beep doesnt really matter, then point the nose up and do three again once twice three times, like i say, sometimes theres a beep, sometimes theres, no beep, its no big deal just put it down.

Youre done with a compass calibration. These drones are really good with compass, calibrations, so thats all good. Now one thing they dont show you in the manual, but these drones are all the same as you take your joysticks and you pull them down and to the left this time and it does a gyro calibration just make sure your drone is flat. So im going to do it really quick, so down into the left and whats going to happen is the little lights on the bottom of the drone. I can see it, but you probably cant see it im trying to show the camera here. Anyways they flash theyre going to stop flashing in a second all that does is it sets everything in the drone to zero, very important that you do that if you ever fly it indoors outdoors doesnt matter so much, but i did it anyways and were pretty much Ready to go, i just have to take my phone connect, my phone to the wi fi of the drone start up the app and were all set so lets do that now, really quick! So if you look at my phone, youll see that im connected to the wi fi the holy stone, wi fi, because it is a wi fi drone. Next, the app you want to connect to is the ophelia fly app. You can see it on my phone right here. Im just going to tap, it now starts up, it says, sign up or sign in just hit uh i dont know im going to hit sign in and there should be some place to hit skip im not going to enter my account information.

I just hit skip now. It says: what do you want to do? Enter device im going to enter the device and there we go. I see a picture on my screen and you should see it too if my phone is recording all right, ive stuck my phone in my remote and theres, a big 14 on the bottom. I dont know if you can see that, but that means i have 14 satellites. That means we are super ready to go all right, so uh thats pretty much it im. Looking around, i keep thinking im, forgetting something nothing im, forgetting all right. Let me stand up. Theres, a little red button, you press to start the motors ill, just make sure im still in the picture here. So let me get back yeah. You can still see me ill bend down so im going to press this red button. Motor should start and lets take it on up. Whoa come back to me and thats. What happens when you hit the gps off switch by accident? All right, i want to show you something really cool. This is the image you get, but also take a look at my phone. I have the optical flow working. The wind is blowing, it look at the top left. I turn the gps off and look at how stable it is check that out, and hopefully my phones recording, but that is pretty cool its as long as you keep it low to the ground.

It is looking at the ground and using the sensors to hold itself in place im going to turn the gps on right now see at the top left. It says gps off im, going to flick the switch on here and its going to go gps on there. We go tripod mode, all right, so lets. Take it over here im going to bring it over in another field over here, theres a gimbal on here too notice how its looking at me and then i can look down. You can go all the way. 90 degrees down im just going to bring it back up. My fingers are freezing so im going gon na. Do this quick, we have a follow me point of interest in headless mode ill show. You follow me and point of interest. So here we go. Okay, click on the follow me slide. Its gon na follow the gps in my phone, so it spins around uh. It thinks my phone is over there, so that means i got ta walk over there, all right ill. Do what you want. So here we go so now, im gon na run and i got holding my arm out. It should follow me as i run, come on im. Looking back at it as its following me here, come on come on come on, come on, come on, come on, come on its gon na wheres, it gon na go whoa. This thing follows super close! Okay, if you have it on follow and you put it high up and farther away, it follows you no problem and does it fly backwards when you walk at it? So if you walk towards it, it flies backwards, which is a good touch, and if you walk at it sideways, it can kind of follow you this way, all right lets try another feature on here.

All right lets try the point of interest now the point of interest is kind of dangerous a lot of time, because it does uh an orbit around an object, and i think i set it to 10 meters. These trees might be in the way so im just going to take it up to be safe. I dont know whats going to happen here, but lets try it im going to hit point of interest slide and there she goes so there we are well its working. I was smart to put it up in the air thats for sure, oh ho, its gon na hit the trees, look at it over there, its a big point of interest. So i was wise to put the camera up and i was wise to take it up in the air because of uh the orbit path. Its doing its way up there anyways, im gon na, have to stop it because its gon na come around this. This round and probably hit those trees – oh no, it seems okay or not or yes or no its going. Are we gon na make it? Are we gon na survive? Here we go. Oh my god! Oh my god. Oh it made it no problem. Okay, so its keeping a really good point of interest all right, so that works perfectly so far out of these windy conditions. Its doing really well like its blowing here, and this thing here is pretty stable, uh everything seems to be working on it all right next thing is like a waypoint thing.

Oh my fingers, cold, i got ta find the waypoint on here must be the map. Let me click on that. There we go. All you do is take your finger and tap on the screen. There we go and im gon na hit submit and its gon na. Go to that point. Wherever i hit that point there we go and it should go to that point wherever i set it there she goes. Did i set it at a tr? I put it out. I almost put it at a tree. Okay, so theres the point right there so thats. How you do tap fly, let me bring oh and it comes back. Is that coming back and you can do waypoints as well, so here let me show you white points that was tap fly, heres waypoints. I know now that on my screen, that gray area is the parking lot dont make them that way. So i hit this little finger thing again. This time im gon na draw some stuff around me. There we go im, putting some waypoints around me, so theyre pretty tight, but uh here we go im gon na hit, submit saving slide its going to do that. Tight waypoint thing that i have on my screen right. There go dont hit me in the head, its all around here there we go missed the tree. Coming this way, theyre really close. I didnt make any far away. Waypoints yeah thats it its that you can see it on my screen, its going through them all and im coming over, to which one is it going to now its on number three now its gon na go to number four over there and then number five is Probably right over here someplace come back to number five and there we go perfect.

All right lets hop out of that. It says im in low speed in the top left and my screen says tripod mode. This is what they consider low speed. I consider that kind of fast whoa. I can hit the little piece of wood over there bring that back. So, if thats low speed, what the heck is fast speed press our speed button on here, youll hear two beeps, i think Music. There we go. I heard two beeps now i should be in high speed sport mode here we go same idea, pick it up a bit and sport mode. Is it faster? Just make sure i dont hit my car or the tree yeah thats fast thats fast, were gon na bring it back in sport mode. Here we go watch out for the tree shes coming. Look at that thing. Go! Oh! That is fast and sport. This im whipping it around here. This thing is just a buzzing whoa. You can have a blast with that next thing, ill show. You is the 4k photos: Music, okay, im, getting a low battery warning, so im gon na put it back in video mode im gon na, take it up and im gon na fly it a little bit and then the return to home will start so lets go Way up, ive got it going super fast forward. All right, i think its in return to home, because its coming back to me lets see where it lands.

Oh now it beeps and tells me all right its up above man that comes down fast and she comes down whoa, look at it, its just bouncing in the wind whats going down and the wind is really confusing it and the motors are shutting off there. We go finally shut off yeah that wind, so thats the drone and uh theres, my little uh landing pad over there, so thats pretty close, not bad. So we have our drone down here and one last thing i want to show you really quick. Is the settings on here so im in the settings now? Hopefully my phones recording you can see. I have security uh. I dont know why they call it security. You can change your information from the metric system to the imperial system, but youll see all the options you have down here: beginner mode thats, when i was doing my orbit, see that 12 thats 12 meters thats why it was so wide. So you can change your orbit, theres your distances and return to home altitude. It all works, and you also have your sensor states thats, where you can do your calibration there as well, and you also have settings for your camera as well. As you can see on my screen here, uh everything that you need to do for setting your camera is shown on my screen now, if you buy this drone, youre – probably curious as to whats going to come in the box.

So let me show you: what comes in the box check this out. This is the box. Your drone comes in and inside that box, youll find a very nice carry case and inside that very nice carry case. You will find your drone and accessories since it is a foldable drone, its very small in size, and you can expand it to make it very large in size. You can order the hs720g with one battery or multiple batteries. The drone is equipped with brushless motors and foldable props. The included controller has a bright display. The buttons are well laid out easy to understand and it can accommodate pretty much any cell phone on the market today. Please note that this controller requires two double a batteries to be powered, not included. Accessories can be found in this accessory box and are comprised of a usbc cable for charging up your batteries, as well as spare propellers. Informative documentation is also provided, which would be useful for beginners total takeoff. Weight of the drone is 372 grams to bind your controller to the drone. First turn on the drone next press, the red, lock button on the controller and power on the controller and both the drone and the controller will bind final thoughts on this drone. Let me just say it is an entry level drone. It is not a professional drone. Its for people just getting into the hobbies dont want to spend a lot of money.

Look at the props just to spitting here with the wind blowing. Oh, my god. This is not the day to be flying. Drones like this in the cold and in the wind, its just not conducive for this anyways. So overall for the money you pay for this drone, you get what you get its designed just for a beginner. Someone just wants to go out and have fun every now and then not anything totally professional or anything like that. If you want a professional drone, youre going to have to pay like 500 bucks to a thousand bucks to 2 000 to 3 000 to 10 000. For a drone, these are just fun drones. So keep that in mind when youre thinking of buying this – and i will also say many of you already know – the holy stone brand name is really good for drones. They are in the budget level drone, but they usually give you a higher level of entry level performance compared to other brand names. So you might pay a little bit more for them, but at least uh youre getting a little bit more performance and they should work and they have a good support system too. If you have problems, you can contact them. They also give away free batteries theres something in the kit: hey, get a free battery, just write a review or fill something out, and they send you another battery, so they have all sorts of things.

Anyways im gon na put links below where you can find this drone. There is probably a discount code for certain countries check it out and if you have any questions on this drone, just post them below and ill get back to you.