Hs720 got 26 minutes flying time. It’S got 4k now that 4k happens to be a picture. Photographs 2k uh. As far as the video check it out, it’s got a nice little carrying case. Oh look at that. Okay, so it’s got a little bit of a packaging there. This is going to be oh, some, some little goodies in here and that’s, a screwdriver uh that’s, going to be the the helicopter wings and there’s that’s the charger unit there. Now what we have here is we have the uh remote control handler and i want you to know. I have never used one of these before so i’m, a first timer. So this is going to be interesting here we go here here. It is check that out so we’ve got the little helicopter blades, which kind of run loose right now and and then uh. I have no idea how to operate this thing. Oh look at that. It comes out just like this. Okay, so there’s one pulling that out. Like that mm, hmm number three probably should have done the other one first apparently number three number four and there it is all set up now, here’s the battery, underneath it already plugged in you press down, pull that battery out and there’s the there’s the battery right. There we’ve got a little place in here. This is really a nice case really a nice case, a travel case. This can go anywhere. You want.

Oh, oh, look at this. You have documents in here and we have the quick start guide or if you speak, another language, it’s, chanel start there. We go chanel start and then we’ve got the big book, which is instructions for you, a nice big book, that’s uh, 85 pages long. The quick start is a little bit shorter and it’s. Only 27 pages long and we’re gon na get ready to let this thing fly so the battery down here, if you’re wondering about it, it has a little spacer there so that the battery doesn’t connect so you’re going to need to take this out there we go There it is battery in all right, so let me take you through the remote first of all. First thing you need to do is is remove the plastic film here and so here’s. What we have here, we got left joystick and we have right, joystick and um. Here we got two buttons here. This button here is a take off button and a landing button. This button here is a return to home button. This is the lock and unlock button, and this is the power switch off and on so underneath you have handles that fold out for you to hold on top, you have a camera switch. If you do a just a a short press, that’ll take a picture. A long press will start the video on this side. A short press will turn the lights on the remote.

A long press will change it from low speed to high speed or high speed to low speed. This here controls the angle of the camera here. What we have is we have you flip these things up like so and then in the back. You pull this up, and this is the phone holder on the back side. You have your batteries does not come with batteries. You have to get two double a batteries. Now, on the right hand, side there’s, a gps switch that will switch the mode to gps, so it will be able to home in and follow you on the top. These are antennas and you flip these antennas up. You reach in the back. You pull your phone holder out until it clicks there’s a little lip down here and you’re going to put your phone in that lip. Then you take the phone put it in the bottom, pull it up, and just like that, you have your phone in the controller and you’re ready to go. This is the charging cable and here’s the battery we’ll show you how to do that. It doesn’t come with a usb power. You’Ll have to provide your own so but that’ll insert into there. So this it comes with a dual charging port. So if you have two batteries, if you order a spare battery, you can put two batteries in pull it all. The way down, and then you press that into there and charge it so we’ve plugged it in and you have the green light flashing when both the green light and the red light are solid, it’s, 100 charged that takes between five to seven hours.

Now, if you want to you, can download the app that’ll give you gps functionality, you don’t have to use the phone or the app to fly it, but you certainly can that gives you some of the functionality that you’d, like so we’re, going to download that app. So i’m, getting ready for pairing and initialization of the drone. So what you need to do is you need to hold the red button down while you’re holding it down. You just slide this over and then you’ll come over here and press the power button. Give it a short press – and you should hear some beeping going on at which time the on the back side lights will begin to flash to. Let you know that initialization is going on so here we go pressing down and hear that and we’re going to look out here at the back side, green lights on you can see the lights splashing down there at the bottom. Those lights are flashing, indicating that it’s going through the initialization process, all right so now to calibrate this thing, we’re going to hold the drone and rotate it three complete circles all right. One two: three green lights are flashing, all right now that that’s done we’re going to press short press, the power button and whoa just like that, it’s ready to go short press. Take off. Oh, look at that Applause: Music that’s, my maiden flight for an ignorant guy, wow, Music and we’ll go ahead and land that sucker nice we’re going to try to use the home button here to return the drone to home i’m not going to let it wander too Far we’ll take off move it away and see how that home thing works.

Okay, we’ll press the button get it started, help it take off Music, all right, so now drone is way out there i’m going to press this home button. Here we go pressing the home button, let’s see what it does let’s see if it returns to that spot. Okay, it’s coming over here right over my head, let’s, see where how close it gets to that spot, it’s just kind of hovering above it now it’s, coming down Music here it comes dropping Music, all right now, i’m going to choose the landing. Well, no it’s going to land itself. Here we go so that’s within one foot of where it took off not too bad, not too shabby at all all right. So i put that drone through its paces now i’m, going to take a a picture and do a little bit of video and see how that goes. The holy stone drone was really easy to use and i enjoyed flying it. It was really well made. It followed me real well, as you can see in this video i’m walking down the road it’s following me, it did had some really nice features and a really nice price. I ended up sending it back and getting a different drone simply because of the video capabilities it didn’t have a gimbal. It took some really nice pictures, but the video was shaky and even though it had some stabilization it if you want it for video, this is not the one.

If you want to fly it and have fun. This is a really great entry level drone, but it’s. Certainly not the drone, i would suggest that you get if you want to do video, so thanks for watching make sure you, like my video, subscribe to my channel, so you can get updates on all my videos. This is the shack the dennis built, and this was the drone.