Welcome back to the channel today, we’re going to be talking about this little thing, um! Well, it’s! Not really! Actually that little, so this is the holy stone, holly stone, 720 there’s, an e version as well, but this is the 720, so basically yeah it’s, like a kind of mavicky, dji mavicky, looking type drone and i’ve had a little bit of experience playing around testing. This thing out over the last week or so um so huddy stone, sent me this um said i could do a review on it and that’s what we’re going to do. So if we hop onto the website, you can see you get the drone. You get the controller you get a nice box to put it in a charger everything you need to get going straight away: it’s 260 dollars on this page with the discount codes and stuff below on amazon uk. You can actually get it for 225 quid um at the moment, so that’s not bad seems like not a bad deal for a 4k drone, so this is got 4k camera. Some sort of stabilization as well. It’S got gps, so we’ll obviously try and hold its position. Um it’s, you know fairly easy to use it’s supposed to it says 26 minutes flight time brush. This obviously follow me mode. I don’t know anything about that and it kind of all folds up into one like kind of compact unit, a bit like your mavic. This is the mavic, but it basically folds up like that.

If you saw this from a distance, you’d probably think this was actually like a dji drone it’s, pretty smart really got a couple of sensors underneath there is a light as well there’s one camera underneath for, like, i guess, that’s for um, for when it’s trying to You know come home and then you’ve actually got some led lights on the bottom and everything else. So when i got this, i stuck an sd card in it um and fired it all up, got it ready to go. First thing i come across was an issue with um the phone, my phone, which is quite a big um galaxy – note not actually fitting. On the remote controller, um thing it was a bit of a bit of a pain, because the antennas on this thing, actually kind of you know, need to be out and need to be in open air and this with the phone on top of it. Even if you had a smaller phone it’s not going to work because you’ve got this kind of like contraption here, which you put your phone in and it’s just going to shield these antennas, so that’s that’s not really a good design. So i didn’t even bother testing it like that um. I just had the phone on the sides on the table. Unfortunately, i had a table um where i was flying, so i could just do that, but yeah that really that needs a bit of thinking about.

I think also this controller. I noticed as well. This controller runs on aa batteries, um so again, it’s cheaper drone, so they probably can’t be a cost by not putting a lipo battery in the actual um controller, but you know it’s fine, it works. It works on i’ve got these eneloop pro 25 mah batteries in here, and it seems to work fine. Of course, you know it doesn’t, you know, show full battery, because nickel metal hydride batteries are a little bit lower voltage so anyway, that’s something to bear in mind. Um, if you suddenly lost power on this, you know, maybe that could be a problem so anyway getting the thing ready for flight. The first thing i did was obviously turn it all on turn the controller on turn the um, the drone on itself, and then you have to do a calibration, so you kind of rotate it um that way and then like that way and then you’ll actually get It on there’s a little icon on the on the remote that shows that it’s actually been um. The compass has been calibrated, so that’s important. It won’t do anything until that you’ve done that so check the instruction manual or check there’s there’s videos about this online, but that’s how to do it. I was sitting there scratching my head for a little bit. First of all, because it just wasn’t taking off and all the lights were flashing, but you have to do that calibration.

I haven’t had to do it since so i think it’s just once you do it once if you go to another location and it’s got crazy. Magnetic magnetic interference, you probably have to do it again, um anyway, so i’ve got it set up and then, as soon as you turn the drone on it actually creates a wi fi hotspot um that you can connect to on your phone. So then, you can use the ophelia go app to um to to basically see the information from the drone like battery level, telemetry, all the stuff control, the camera um it’s. Quite a good app, actually it’s, not a bad one and also take pictures start video. All of that stuff, so that’s what you have to do pretty simple: to set up and get going and then you’ll see the video feed in the phone it’s all ready to go first flight take off and for some reason it wouldn’t go further than a few Meters away from me – and i was thinking this is a bit strange, but it wasn’t like it was kind of like restricting it in all axes. It literally just didn’t the rudder, wasn’t working. So like you couldn’t you’re, the quadcopter. It would allow you to kind of get to the point, get to a certain point, and then it would yeah almost only let you drift left and right, you couldn’t you’re kind of weird, so i thought this is.

This is a bit odd. It doesn’t seem like a kind of distance limitation, but it turns out it was a distance limitation that’s set in the software, so as standard it’s set to about 15 meters distance, which is probably fine. You know um for kind of testing if you’re starting out and also you’ve got to watch your local regulations as well about how far you can fly a line of sight these days anyway, so that was easily fixable bob just banging them as hos. They can go. Um, but maybe not the return to home one because you don’t want it going really high and coming back. You equally don’t want it banging into a tree on the way back, but find a good balance so time for a little hoon around um. It flies pretty. Well, kind of what you’d expect for this sort of um level. Drone it’s got some stabilization and it’s got some um. You know some of the bells and whistles that you will help you if you’re starting to fly these things or just want a camera drone that you can push around the sky. One thing i will say is i’m, showing you this um, this capture of my phone screen, which is obviously not a very high quality downlink um from the drone it’s, not bad for for what it is over wi fi um. But i did actually record this onto the sd card. You can see right at the top there’s a little uh top right, there’s, a little um red counter there, but no files at the end of it were on the sd card.

So that was a little bit of a problem um i contacted holy stone about this and they have. They said that you need to have an sd card in there, which you can format to fat32, so anything over a 32 gigabyte card. I think um you can’t format to fat32, so i’ve recently tested this um with a fat3216 gig card, and i can confirm it does record so, if you’re having trouble with the sd card, not recording any footage super annoying um. But that is how you, how you do it, so you can kind of get a bit of an fpv experience. Um! Well, not really, but you know you can you can kind of get a feedback from the drone like this um and there’s absolutely zero stabilization on this feed. As you can see, it looks like all over the place. Um, you know don’t fly badly. The props are in view which could be an issue um, but you know it’s it’s, reasonable, it’s, reasonable for what it is it’s quite fast as well. I realized that it was actually on sport mode or the fast mode of the two and by default. So when i tried to make it faster, i couldn’t uh, but anyway it’s it’s, not bad at all flight flight performance. So next next up we were going to try and test um return to home. So we just kind of go out a little bit there’s a return to home button on there just hit that and um starts coming back.

You can see on the little google map thing on the um bottom left. It shows you where you are as well in relation to everywhere else, so it’s kind of like very similar to the dji stuff, um and then it’s just starting to descend, and i found it was actually quite accurate um. It did actually log quite quite an accurate location um on takeoff and then obviously it’s using a little camera to kind of identify where it’s coming back to and it pretty much landed. You know within a few feet of where it took off so it’s pretty good. So i was kind of flying around for a bit and messing around and you know trying to see how long flight time i would actually get. I can’t recall exactly how long it was because i didn’t get any sd card kind of recording footage, but then, all of a sudden it just kind of fell out the sky um. I think what happens is. Is you know you get warning obviously, and then you obviously got returned to home. It does give you a warning ahead of time. If you’re you know further out, and maybe you are to get back with the amount of battery you’ve got left. But what seemed to happen was um: it entered the last phase and just started descending rapidly. Um, you know some other drones kind of just will stop and then descend properly and do it do an auto landing.

But this kind of does like a kind of bodged version of that, so it landed upside down um with all feet in the air and there was nothing wrong with it. It’S fine, i mean it’s, not it’s, not a light drying. This i mean you know: it’s, not um, it’s it’s, about 400 grams. I think around that that level i’ll look up the exact um weight, but yeah. You know you don’t want that falling out of the sky. So as soon as it sort of says, yellow battery um warning, probably just yeah just land, the thing get it back, because it’s gon na go down so yeah it’s, still going it’s still in one piece and it’s not broken so um. What i’m gon na do is i’m gon na try to show you a bit of the footage um from capture from the actual sd card. Now i’ve got it working um the battery charger. I’Ve just been recharging this. So this is the charger um that’s the charger. It fits in very strange like this. This kind of you know system it kind of makes for those terminals, so you’ve got connectors on little pins there and then it kind of lines up to that. So you do get the ability to do um to plug to charge two batteries. If you’ve got two batteries um and then these are like it says: 7.4, volts, 2800 milliamp hour, um, quite a nice little compact battery, um, yeah and that’s that’s, quite lightweight.

So i think it’s a lipo. It must be a lithium polymer, yeah, so i’m gon na whack this in the drone and um try flying it around the studio Applause wrong way. So yeah. There is a way of getting these out a right way and a wrong way. What have we got an sd card in there yeah? What this is probably gon na be a really bad idea. Right, yeah, so you’ve got a you’ve got to press this unlock button, and that starts the propellers and and you’re good to go Music. Oh cool right, let’s, try flying this um. Can i move that gimbal down – oh god, yeah? Oh, oh, oh it’s, very sensitive, it’s very hard to fly this, like Music, i’m gon na crash into my tv, Music, Music wow, my god this. I knew this wasn’t going to end well, but i didn’t think it would end quite as bad as this. Oh my god yeah so anyway, it just i don’t know what happened there. It’S yeah i mean i can do fpv around here, but i can’t – i can’t, fly that anyway guys i have enjoyed this one.