Hs 700d drone. The hs 700d comes with a number of features which are now on your screen: it’s, also equipped with gps. 4K camera. A one access, stabilized gimbal and a number of other features which are linked to the app, including follow me orbit mode and waypoints. So let’s now have a look at the drone in a little more detail and go over some of the accessories Music. So first i’m going to quickly go over what you get in the box. So obviously you get the hs700 drone a remote controller, one battery eight propellers, four of them propellers are spare ones two landing gears, a camera. With a camera holder. You also get a phone holder which attaches to your controller, a balanced charger with a charge transfer box, usb cable, screwdriver propeller, spanner a pouch log book and a manual let’s have a look at the drone, then a little more detail. So, as you can see here at the front of the drone, you have a led light, so this drone is advertised to have a 4k camera with 1080p video footage. The camera is connected to a one axis: stabilized gimbal. The camera can rotate up to 90 degrees and has a 120 degree wide angle. Lens let’s turn the drone around to the side. Here you have the landing gears. So, if again with these, you need to connect them yourself, but they’re very easy to install so around. The back is your battery slot.

So this drone comes with a 7.4 volt 2 800 milliamp battery it’s advertised to have a flight time of around 22 minutes. So this battery is quite a large battery. It just slots into the back of the drone here and then just click it down and it the little catch locks in. On the back of the drone, you have the power on button, so you just press that for two seconds and as you can see here, drone lights up, that’s the power on, and so this come. This drone comes with brushless motors, so brushless motors are a lot better than the brush motors. You get on some drones, a lot more durable powerful and definitely have a longer lasting life than the brushed ones. Also with this drone, the propellers don’t come installed, but they’re easy to install um they just screw on, and the manual explains how to do this. The last thing i want to mention with this drone you have got prop guards which come in the box. They just clip onto the end of the arms here again: i’m, not using them but they’re there. If you need them all right, i think that’s pretty much it for the drone. Let’S have a quick look at the control. As you can see, this controller is quite large, there’s, not many buttons on here, but i will go over it now. So on the top left, you have your automatic takeoff and landing button.

Next, to that is the emergency stop button over to the right is the return to home button and the far right corner on the top of the controller? Is the camera button so to take pictures you press once to start video you hold down for around two seconds and the camera will start recording. Obviously, you’ve got your joysticks. You’Ve got two switches on this in the center of the control which are not in use. So, at the bottom of the left hand joystick you have the gps switch, which can turn the gps on and off and to the right of that, you have the headless mode switch power on button. So you have a digital display here. So, starting from the left that’s, the amount of satellites that are locked in to the right of that is the drone’s height and distance in meters. Then you have your mode sets. You have mode one and two and to the right of that is the battery icon. So the top battery is the battery life of the controller and below. That is the battery life of the drone. As you can see, i’m not connected to the drone, so that’s showing a zero, but once the drone and controller are connected or binded. Both of these will be on so top of the control is the phone holder, two antennas. I have checked there’s no transmitter cable running through here, so the controller has the transmitter built in let’s turn over to the back.

You have a l1 and l2 button which are not in use and obviously your battery compartment, which takes this controller, takes uh. Some look, four double a batteries go in here and the last thing on the top right hand, corner is the scroll wheel to move the camera gimbal up and down. So let’s have a look at the manual all right. So for this drone you get a very detailed instruction manual in both chinese, by the looks of it and in english. I highly recommend going through this before flying the drone, especially for the first time. It’S got everything in it. You need to know, including the setup of the drone, the app you need to use and all other bits of useful information. If you just want to quick quickly start the drone up, they’ve added a quick start guide, which is very useful and also, i think this is quite a neat little touch by holy stone, they’ve added a log book in with a package, so you get some post. It notes and an area where you can log all your flights if you choose to do so, which is really good right, i think that’s it now so um i’m gon na go and find a suitable location to fly. The drone and um be back with you shortly: hi everyone. This is rd drones and welcome to my first ever youtube video and today i’m, going to be reviewing the holy stone.

Hs 700d drone. The weather today is quite breezy, but hopefully this won’t affect the flight. Today, i do only have one battery with this drone so i’m, going to try and cram as much into this video as i possibly can right so let’s set the drone up okay, so the first thing you need to do with this drone is to power. It up so you do this by holding the power on button for about two seconds. Next thing we’re going to do is turn on the Music control, all right, so that’s um, both the drone and control on and on the digital display. On the controller, you can see that both battery lights are shown as full, so this means the control and drone have binded right. The next thing i’m going to do is connect to the drone’s wi, fi and load the app so bear with me, Music. So we’re now connected to the drone’s wi fi and, as you can see now, the app is loaded. So first thing i want to do is just go into the settings Music in this app. If i can find them, there is so the perimeter settings maximum flight altitude we’ve got that set at n a, but you can set your maximum flight altitude as to what you want it as and then you can also do that with the maximum flight distance and Flight radius, which is set at five meters currently and i’m, going to leave it at that for now, Music calibrate the drone’s gyros, and to do that, you go down and to the left and what will happen is um.

The lights on the bottom of the drone. Will flash intermittently and once completed they will go solid next thing we’re going to do? Is the gps calibration so to do that, you rotate the drone horizontally first until i believe you get flashing green light yep and then you go vertically exactly the same. I don’t think it matters if it’s nose up or nose down all right. Now you can see you have two solid green lights at the back and two solid red lights at the front Music, so that’s pretty much ready to go. So we can see that we got 14 satellites locked in, so you need a minimum of eight to fly this drone Music first thing you want to do is arm the motors and to do that, you go down and in and let’s bring the drone up manually. All right, so what we’re looking for now is just to make this make sure the drone is stable if you get some kind of like toilet bowl effect. That means where the drone’s circling around that means i would land it and redo the gps calibration. But that looks pretty stable to me so let’s take it up a little bit all right. We go up it’s about five meters, so i’m going to hit the camera button. So you can see what the pitch quality is like. Okay, let’s just turn it around a little bit, so you can see over here yeah all right.

So first thing, i’m gon na check is the fpv range, so let’s go up a little bit and head out Music. I want to head this way of it all right away. We go let’s, go up a little bit higher so currently at let’s. Go up to about 30 meters. All right, let’s check let’s, maybe bring the um camera down a little bit there. You go let’s just turn. It left and right make sure that’s still yeah. That seems, okay, all right, let’s stay away from these trees. Let’S head out a little bit further, then so. We’Re currently at 125 meters, Music let’s go up a bit. Let’S go up to about 40 meters Music. There we go we’re. Currently at 43, let’s carry on going out, so you see it’s a little bit jumpy the video footage, but it is a slight breeze today. So um Music, oh what’s, happened there. Okay, we’ve just kind of bring the camera down a little bit more yeah. So you see the drone is getting moved around a bit in the air, so we now 319 meters, Music we’re, still going to take it up. A little bit further still got fpv signal. As you can see below the sheep let’s bring the um camera down. You can see the sheep’s in the field here. Let’S turn the drain around slightly Music is i’m going to hit the video button now. So we can start recording there. You go Music, yes, all right, so we’re now currently at 423 meters, and we still have fpv signal, which is good, all right, i’m, not going to go too much further than that, because i have actually lost sight of the drone Music.

So what i’m going to do now is i’m going to hit the return to home button Music and from my test flight um the other day. What i did see is this drone is quite rapid, so when it’s returning to home it doesn’t take too long at all so we’re already at 300 and yeah 41. it’s coming back at quite a pace Music, i still haven’t got sight of it yet Music, all Right it’s now 140. Oh there it is. I can see it now so it’s just below the sun there, Music, which isn’t great, because i can’t really see it so i’m, not going to land the drone but i’m just going to see how close it gets to the landing pad um it is. It has been raining um all night and the grass is quite long, so i don’t want to land it on the um grass. To be honest, it might damage the motors Music. I can’t remember now off the back of my head, but it was around 340 meters. 350 and that returned quite quick, so if you can see the drone now, above so i’d say that’s about a couple of meters away from the um landing pad which isn’t too bad at all, so still finding its position Music. There you go as you can see. That’S not too bad at all. Is it i’d alright, i’m gon na stop it there, but i’d say that’s less than a meter away from that landing pad, so that’s really good, okay, so the next thing i’m going to do is Music.

Try to follow me just take up a little bit, all right so i’m, going to hit the um little icon on the bottom left of the app follow. Okay, so that’s loaded, the drain’s just heading off slightly, maybe finding its position. So let me see what happens if i start to walk off over here is the drone going to follow yeah. I think that’s now coming towards me, as you can hear that wind now it’s starting to pick up a little bit so that’s following what. If i go towards the drone Music, is that going to start to move away from me? Yes, all right, so that seems to be working. Absolutely fine. Next thing, i’m going to try is the orbit mode Music and, as you can see, the drone is now orbiting round. You can go up and down, but you can’t push the drone further away because i think that’s from the settings earlier. As you can see, the the radius is set at um five meters. You can change that uh setting. If you wish to yeah that’s, definitely orbiting around me. Music. All right, let’s come out of that one uh next one we’re going to try is the waypoints. So we go on to the map. Take it up a little bit all right, so waypoints i’m going to point a track on here: Music, four and submit Music okay. So this drone now should fly to waypoint one first, which is, and it will go to waypoint.

Two all right: it delays slightly yep now it’s off to way point two Music gets to that one and then head over to the next one. This drone is so fast and i suppose one of the downsides of this drone it doesn’t – have speed control so it’s. Although it’s quite fast, it probably will affect the video footage right, that’s it so that’s all done now. Music, i’m just gon na go and get some video footage now, so you can see the uh camera quality. It is a little bit windy, so um as it’s. Only got a one access gimbal, the video footage might be a little bit jumpy, but we’re we’re, look i’ll, take it up to about um 30 meters and um yeah just go for a little flight hope you enjoy Applause, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music. So that’s it for this video. Unfortunately, the batteries run out and i didn’t get around to showing you the headless mode. I did test this the other day, though, and it seems to be working perfectly fine. So before i shut this video down i’m just going to give a quick overview of the drone looking at the design, the camera and video footage and the performance let’s start with the design of the drone. For me, i really like to look at this drone and it’s quite different to some of the other drones on the market, but the design has a few drawbacks.

It is quite a large drone that only weighs just over 600 grams. What i mean by this it is that it’s great, if you have a calm day when you go flying. But if you fly this drone on a day where there’s a small amount of wind, you will definitely notice the difference in the video footage and the control of the drone. For me, it needed to be a little heavier. The second thing is, this: drone does not come with a carry case; it needs one it’s large and not fully assembled. I have purchased the carry case for this drone and left the link in the description, but it is quite expensive. So, for these two reasons i can only score the design of the drone at six out of ten. It does look good, though so now, on to the camera and video footage. Video footage is decent for a drone in this price range. The drone does come with a one access stabilized gimbal, which is good, but a two to three axis gimbal is always better, especially for a more smooth video again due to only having a one axis, stabilized gimbal and the drone size. It is best to avoid flying in windy conditions, as this will dramatically affect your video footage. Fpv signal started to break up at around 400 feet during the flight, but the fact this drone comes with an on board micro sd card slot is always a bonus, as you can record all your video to the sd card, even if you lose fpv signal this Drone has automatic camera stem too by using the controller, which is really good picture.

Quality is good from this camera, and the camera has quite a wide angle lens. So the fact that this drone only has a one access, stabilized gimbal and the video footage isn’t that stable, especially in breezy conditions. I will also score this camera and video footage is six out of ten return to home works very well. The drone landing only a meter away from the landing pad all the commands on the controller worked fine and follow me orbit mode and waypoint seemed to work fine through the affiliate gps. App flight time was roughly around 15 minutes. Couldn’T quite make the advertised 22 minute flight time. Maybe if the weather was a little warm up, i would have got that 22 minutes which is advertised to have. One thing i did notice, though, is the drone returns to home, even when you have two bars left on the battery life. For me, the return to home comes in a little early. I found there was nothing i could do about this and once a drone decides to return to home, there is nothing you can do to stop the drone from landing. Also, i never felt i had full control of the drone, maybe it’s, because it’s so large and the slight wind kept swaying the drone around a bit. But overall, the performance was good and we’ll score it at a seven out of ten. So my key points are as follows: great drone to look at, but there can be some improvements arrayed around the video footage for a low end drone.

The price is quite high, but would still recommend purchasing this drone as it’s different to other drones in the market. I have left the link in the description as to where you can purchase the drone. I have seen that recently holy stone have brought out a hs700e holy stone may have made improvements regarding the video footage and hopefully added speed control, as the hs700d is too fast. So my overall review score for the holy stone. Hs 700d drone is a respectable 6 out of 10.. I just want to say thank you for tuning in to this video and please like and subscribe to my channel, and there will be more drone reviews coming soon.