Welcome to my channel today is a glorious morning, because i have the holy stone hs600 to show you. This is the included case, but uh. Let me show you the drone inside and there you have it. There is the hs600. You notice its a little bit different. The props are not foldable like on a lot of drones. They, the arms, sit a little bit differently, see that so let me tell you about it, so some of the cool features with this drone, as i pull the arms out, are that it has a range of 3000 meters. Well thats. The claimed range thats like three kilometers, so thats over a mile in range uh. If it actually gets that but thats what the specs say it flies for over 25 minutes ill put the actual time up there. The actual time is right there of flight time. The camera is 4k for video 4k for photos and it does record at 30 frames per second, and you can put a micro sd card right here and it is designed to fly in the wind. Now it is kind of windy today, which is good because were gon na test out. If it can fly in the wind, it does have a two axis: camera gimbal, with an eis electronic image, stabilization all designed for flying in the wind to keep your video, nice and smooth for sensors on the bottom. I have no idea what is there theres two fake sensors here they dont do anything so it uses a barometer, but it almost looks like it has an optical flow here, but im not sure, and there are a set of landing lights, led, lightning lights except ill.

Be darned, i cannot figure out how to turn them on or off so yeah. I dont know interesting feature on the front. Is these little arms popped down and thats for keeping the nose off the ground when you take off? Oh the winds. Picking up now were going to see how this flies on the wind. I do like the included controller, they put a really high quality controller with it, and the display is really nice. Its one of those digital displays see. If you can see it here, ill turn. It on press twice to get it on its going to say connecting. Is it saying it? Yes or maybe you cant see the display out here, but i can see it with my eyesight. Also, the kit does come with two batteries, so you get over 25 minutes with one battery over 25 with another battery, so you can fly for a long time now. I just want to point out that holy stone sent this to me two months ago and i have not shown it or reviewed it because after i received it, they said uh hang on to it for a while because were not releasing it yet, and it does Show up on their website, but it just says coming soon. I cannot keep drones forever because i only have so much space, so i have to move on because other products come in so this one here i have to review it now and yeah so thats.

Why? Im reviewing it now, so there may not be links at the end of this video to exactly where you can buy it in your country, its probably only available in some countries, i think thats because of the chip shortage, but i could be wrong thats. Just my guess, but it will be coming to market soon enough, so my video will be done all right enough. Talk, lets, go, fly this baby and see how it does all right were all set to go so first things first lets turn on our controller. Double press click, click and it will come to life and it says connecting on the screen. I dont know if my gopro picks that up either so its going to keep beeping until it connects to the drone. So the next thing you obviously want to turn on the drone. Just hold the power button down and youll see all the lights light up, itll make a pretty sound, put it down, and then the instructions say it could take up to 40 seconds for this to connect to the drone its going to go through all the frequencies. Until it finds the correct frequency that matches the drone, then they connect and the beeping that you can sort of hear in the background will cease all right. So now it says connected and it says im in gps mode, so everything is good. I can see the power source coming from the drone on my controller and i can see how much power is left inside the controller.

So what we want to do next is we have to do a calibration so im going to take these two joysticks and push them up and inwards, it beeps and were in calibration mode, so its one of those three times and three times things so uh once Twice i just beeped again three times i got ta do three times i dont care. If you beat but then hold the nose up and do three once twice its its beeping, it says youre all done. Hey im doing three. You told me three im doing three. All right, so the compass calibration is done and uh. It should be looking for satellites now, which it is its slowly blinking on the arms, which is good next, were going to take our joysticks and go up and out this time, thats for a gyro calibration. Its just going to keep on beeping as it goes and gets satellites so up and out, and that should do a gyro calibration next thing. Take your cell phone, oh, the sun, has gone out, take your cell phone and make sure you are connected to the drone with your wi fi and you can see on mine. It says holy stone, something blah blah blah blah blah blah blah then start up the app and the app is called the hs fly app. So im going to start that up and uh there we go and then on your screen. You have controls and thats the button.

You want to hit all right to start this up, you just pull the joysticks uh down and inward. I believe lets try down and in yep that worked and take it straight up. Here we go see if the gps is working if it is, and the wind should just sit there. So let me walk around it. There we go sitting in the wind hows that look, looks pretty stable to me, so yeah the landing lights are underneath. I have no idea how to turn them on or off uh hows, the video here. I am right here – im walking backwards. Oh i might be in the sun. Hang on a sec. Let me go this way so im out of the sun im turning the drone as im walking. Why is my hand up in the air? I cant stop that so the video on here records at 4k 30 frames per second. So, as i walk, i should be walking and looking pretty smooth in the video, and this drone doesnt seem to have a height requirement because i can bring it down watch this. I can bring it way down like that and look at me. I look like a giant now and yeah. I can move it along the ground nicely coming at me. There we go going by me pretty cool now, as mentioned theres a wind out here right now you can see the trees are moving a little bit when i measured the wind.

We had wind gusts of about 16 kilometers per hour, so its flying well in 16. Kilometers per hour, all right lets try a feature. Lets, try the active track so slide and draw a box around me. I will be green and if it has me, then, if i move slow to see if its working yep as long as that green box follows you, then uh. That means the drone is following you. So the drone is turning as i walk here. Go ive got a little higher in the air. Now lets see if it tracks at a higher height. It should track me well yeah. There we go so you see the green box its moving and if i fool it, walk the other way. It will just track me the other way. So i always say this is good. If you have kids out in a park, you put the green box around your child and it will follow them. I dont think it would follow a dog. I think a dog moves too quickly, but yeah thats it and, of course, as you get closer, the green box gets larger there. We are next item on here. Is the gps active track? So there we go, i put it on and it should track me. No matter where i go, let me just bring the camera down a bit so that i am in frame there. You go its got a smooth camera there we are and if i turn around and walk uh, it should follow me.

So the good thing about this type of active track is watch this you see these trees. Normally you would be hidden and it wouldnt follow you. But if i go behind the tree like this one watch, what happens all you have to do is make sure your drone is higher than the tree. So im going to take it up. There we go and its over the tree and then i keep the camera down on me and i, you should see me come out the other side. It doesnt matter, theres a tr that theres a tree there. It just follows the gps in my phone. So a lot of people like this type of uh tracking, because uh then you really dont – have to have a visual observation of yourself. So and even even as i walk towards it, you can see im in the parking lot here walking towards it. It should just keep going backwards and im just gon na see here its going over the tree. The sun is blinding me. Let me just bring the camera down a bit there. We are so im gon na come out on the other side of that tree. There. We are pretty sweet, eh, okay, another one is the orbit 360.. So you find a point of interest to orbits update ill. I always pick my jeep or me so ill just go pick my jeep again all right, so the drone is right there and theres.

My jeep so thats the center spot. So what you do is, then you go onto your screen here and you hit surround you orbit and please set surround parameters, so it says set radius lets see here. Can i move it? Oh 12 meters 13. lets go uh. Lets go 14 meters, its gon na be a wide radius, and then you go slide right for flying, so it should go backwards or forwards and turn around. I dont have it high enough to miss that tree lets see if i can take it up yeah. I can there we go, did that mess up the orbit, nope thats good and then what it should do its up there. It should suddenly start orbiting. Please start orbiting. Oh there, its going so there we go. You got a a slow orbit of the g yeah. There we are all right, so enough of that lets hop out of that. Let me show you something else, but hey my jeep looks pretty good in that video, at least the shot on my phone here. Im looking down at it looks awesome that looks awesome. All right lets hop out of that three speeds on this and thats your speed button here. So let me hit this. It tells me on my display what the speed is. Let me go sport, gps. I want camera normal camera mode, so this is camera mode. I think in camera mode it just shoots out straight and does wide turns lets see full blast camera mode yeah.

So it wont stop fast its no. I dont. I have no idea what camera mode is. I have no idea what it is. I dont know dont, listen to me all right. I do know the following though the next one is. Oh, i hit the wrong button. The next one is normal mode, so this is what i was flying in. This is normal thats. What i fly in yeah so thats normal kind of look like camera mode to me. I have no idea all right and the last one on here. If i hit it, it is sport mode. So i got ta. Take it up a little bit. This will be fastest, so ill walk this way, and here we go sport mode. There we go race is out and it races back. This will take a while a little bit more distance to stop see because its going so fast, so im gon na take it out of sport. Next thing, im gon na do is im just gon na take it out there hit the gps return, lets see if it lands back where it took off, go that way, get over these trees or smash into them one or the other. Oh thats, pretty close to that tree all right here we go so uh return to home. Is this button over here? Pressed it, and i see the drone going up in the air and lets see where it lands. Turning around should come back in sport mode.

Super fast, it always comes back the fastest possible method. The reason im doing the return to home now is because i want to keep the drone close and see it because a lot of times i forget to do it there. It is im following it. The whole way talking the whole way and im telling you what its doing so its finding the landing pad and hey the moon is up there cool right behind it. I dont know if you can see it now, it should start coming down its turning. It wants to orientate itself exactly the same way. It was when it took off and thats correct and its coming down now still watching it come down, come down, come down, come down and look at that theres the landing pad, and there is the drone that is pretty darn close and it should shut itself off There we are pretty good. No one even speaks to me all right. Another popular item to show you on here is waypoint mode, so ill go to waypoint. You should see on my screen a map of where i am it has a nice circle around it. I can zoom in or out whoa thats too close. There we go and you can see if i zoom in a lot uh. The h is the home point. The red arrow is the drone. I am the red circle moving here. Im moving backwards so lets bring our drone up a little bit and were going to do some waypoints im just getting closer, so im going to do a waypoint that is going to be uh over here here and here.

Im, making three way points right in front of me and im just going to hit the go button slide its going to go to the three way points i created, you could just watch it going there flying that way here, ill try to walk, i didnt make Them too far, but on my screen at the same time you see the you can see the waypoints happening. You see that long red line and the arrow at the end as the drone now its going to the next one i notice theres no height. It goes to the waypoints at the height that you left it at and number three should be over here. So go to number three come on number three and there we go so theres way. Point three looks like you can do waypoints as long as theyre. Within your circle, so if i zoom out theres my radius of a circle, i dont know if you can change that, but thats what it is and if you want to see what the drone sees over on the bottom left, you tap on that and you see What the drone sees as doing waypoints and if you want to go back to the map tap on the map at the bottom left, so i am going to hit this and i am going to get out of way points. So next thing to do is take a little guy, whos, nice and stable in the air and fly up and take some video and show you what it looks like so uh.

Here we go going way up way up there ill, take it away: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, all right! So the next thing i want to show you is what you get in the box. If you buy this so check this out here we have the box. Your hs600 comes in inside. That box would be this carrying case inside the carrying case would be your drone and it is a nice looking drone on the bottom of the drone. You can see the landing lights which i still havent figured out how to turn on or off, and it looks like there might be one other sensor. The motors are brushless motors and the props are non foldable, but they are quick release. Props. There is a spot to insert a micro sd card to record the video and photos from the camera. The 4k camera does have a sony sensor, plus a two axis: gimbal plus electronic image, stabilization two 2500 milliamp hour. Lipo batteries are included and the batteries charge up via a usb cable inserted here, as mentioned in my video review, the controller is very nice in the hands and it has a very nice display. Buttons are self identifiable and it is rechargeable. No batteries necessary. The additional items that come in the kit are shown here and finally, let me say, the weight of this drone is 550 grams. So final thoughts on this drone, its a really good drone.

I dont know why holy stone has not released it around the world. I can only imagine that its probably due to the chip shortage, it flies really well, i had no issues. I think the video came out well because it is 4k 30 frames per second two axis gimbal electronic eis. You know its its everything you need. It was windy today and it did well flying around. I had no problems with reception, so all in all its its a good drone. I guess all that matters now is what theyre gon na sell it for with the two batteries. You know two batteries that adds to the price, but uh, for somebody, just starting out wants a budget drone. This is a good one. Its got a lot of good features on it and the range is decent as well. I dont know if it goes a full over a mile or 3000 meters, because i couldnt test it here, but you saw me fly it all the way down to my school area in areas like that thats about you, know, 500 meters away. So half a kilometer is basically i was doing, and no reception issues and im standing here. Trees are all around me and no problems whatsoever. So im gon na put what links i can find below. If you know of a place that the hs600 is for sale and i dont have it in my links, just you know, post a comment below and tell me where its for sale and ill add it to the links.

All right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video. If you have questions on the drone post them below, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and ill catch.