Now i just received this drone in the mail today. This is from holy stone. This is a i believe, their new uh brushed quadcopter here, as you can see it folds out its very portable. Its called the hs440 guys and this one is equipped with a 1080p hd camera that theyre claiming here, uh its aged for 14 years plus and um. This also runs on a wi fi app as well guys so um. Thank you to holy stone for sending this one out for review and testing. Today now um to me, ive just done a quick browse on some holy stone drones and this one looks like a mini version of their pretty popular hs 720 brushless gps drone its got a very similar design to that one. Obviously the gps drone is a lot bigger, but its like a mini version of it guys. Okay, so uh yeah its just a bit of box art on the front, theres not really much to it, except on the back. It says its got two batteries so lets have a closer look and um. Well, take it for a flight, okay guys. So once we take it out of the uh cardboard box, there were greeted with this really nice. Looking carry case here looks pretty sturdy uh, possibly waterproof too, by the look of it. I would say it would be its got. A nice little grab handle at the top here, stitched onto it, and uh holy stone.

Logo, of course, and lets have a look inside. We are greeted with the drone, so weve got all our accessories. There well have a look at them in a second, and here is the little holy stone hs 440, and there are the two batteries there and the transmitter just have a look at the milliamp hours of these batteries. I believe theyre, one cell batteries. Yes, they are its 3.8 volts, so theyre, actually high voltage uh one cell batteries, 1900 milliamp hour lithium ion polymer battery, so they are lipos guys. Now they claim that youre going to get 40 minutes of run time. So theyre talking about both the batteries, so uh theyre actually claiming that youre going to get 20 minutes out of each battery, which is pretty plausible because they are rather large, nearly 2 000 milliamp hour battery. So it should give a run, a good run time or good flight time. Theres a little latch on there and weve got a little tip sticker here, make sure the battery latch is at the top. Until you hear the click okay and on the back here, we can see the little pins there. They not only will connect the battery to the drone, but that is how you charge them up and ill show you that in a second with the actual charger included. But uh yeah well get two batteries: okay, so of course, with the two batteries, we get two usb chargers here, as you can see, they have a proprietary plug on one end and the usb uh charging port on the other end and to actually plug it into The battery itself, you just make sure this arrow, is facing up and just line the pins and those two holes up and just push it into place simple, as that and you can start charging and as always with pretty much all drones on the market.

Now we get some spare parts, so weve got a full set of spare props and a screwdriver. And of course we have the instruction booklet guys and, as you can see here, they have their customer service. Uh phone number there, alongside four different uh emails, that you can contact them on and the website looks like its in three different languages here and very informative. Looking user manual here, guys everything you need to know. We have the ios and android uh qr codes there and the app is called holy stone, fpv. Okay, so, as you can see very good detail, booklet with really easy to follow diagrams. Okay, guys on to the actual transmitter itself, i mean its not a bad size. Uh controller in the hand, uh weve got some buttons on the front here, as you can see uh. We also have the uh phone mount here, so you can fit a rather large phone for your wi fi fpv. Underneath the actual phone holder you can see. Weve got the on button. Ive already put some batteries in there. It takes uh three aaa batteries, as you can see here, so not that many batteries for this one um weve got a high and low speed switch okay. So its got two speed modes. Now these buttons um do have double functions. Okay guys! So, as you can see here, weve got the camera button here, so a quick press will be for photos, long press for video.

We also have this one here, which is like a circle fly and a spinning fly as well its like a high speed rotation. So uh, quick press, high speed rotation. So i guess its going to do a really quick yaw and if your long presser is going to do a like a fly in a circle, i believe thats, what it says in the instructions. Uh weve got our take off and landing. So quick press of this button will take off and then land, but if you hold it down for a few seconds, this also acts as an emergency stop. Now, what that will do, if you dont, know um that will actually cut the motors, so only use that in emergency make sure you dont actually hold long press that button uh when you are actually flying pretty high, because the the drones just going to drop out Of the air, but in an emergency situation where you might be flying towards something, maybe some property, maybe a pet dog or going into a tree hold that button down for a few seconds, then well cut the motors and uh land on its own. All right guys. So weve got a headless mode button here: uh quick press for that and if youre long press it its actually a trimming switch because this doesnt have any trimming buttons on here. Youre going to have to long press that and then you can trim up the drone.

So if its swaying left or right, you can adjust it in the opposite direction and then press that button again, okay and uh on the top. Here we have the actual scroll dial for the up and down tilt of the camera and thats. Basically, it okay guys now on to the holy stone. Hs 440, as you can see its a rather small lightweight uh drone here, fits in the palm of your hand, uh. This does have brush motors. Like i mentioned before, um, as you can see here, they are mounted on the top of each arm. Weve got adequate venting all round. Okay on the back here we have the large battery bay for those rather large 1900 milliamp hour lipos. If you can see deep in there, you can see the actual uh mechanism for the up and down tilt camera and on the top here we can see. We have some two piece props here guys and they are actually clear, theyre, transparent, looking props here so lets. Uh fold it out now to fold this hs440 out. You have to swing the rear arm from the front and vice versa. Okay swing that one out and there is the size once its uh folded out, guys: okay, its not a bad size uh and on the front here we have the 1080p hd camera and this runs off a one axis tilt system. So it will tilt to a 90 degrees down, and what i just noticed is that this has a little damping system here, so uh yeah, thats rather interesting.

You dont usually see that on a toy grade, especially a brushed toy grade ive seen on brushless drones before but uh yeah should uh shoot some pretty decent footage with that dampening system. So um im going to put the battery in it now guys and im going to weigh it on the scales. Well see how much it weighs and uh well have a look at if its got any lights and then well take it for a flight all right guys. Well, ive got the uh drone teared out. We have the battery on the back ready to go so lets. Uh just weigh it and it weighs 158.5 grams. All right guys so lets turn it on well see if theres any lights just hold the on and off button there power switch and it doesnt look like there is any lights guys on this one. The only light you got is that indicator light on the bottom. I thought there might be one just here looks like a clear bit of plastic there, but i guess i was wrong. That is part of the actually actual black molding bit for a while there. It looked like it was a lens so anyway, guys lets uh put this one up in the air ill put an sd card in it and well take it for a flight. Okay, guys im here with the holy stone, hs 440 now ive already just bound the drone to the transmitter, and i have the wi fi pv already connected up now before we take it for a flight, as you should do with all quadcopters.

We want to set the gyro so theres a little led on the bottom, which is the power button. So what we want to do is two sticks down to the right, and you see it flash ill. Do that again see that okay, so were ready to go. Now, what im going to do im going to quickly do a screen recording its rather windy here today, guys um, im out purposely this morning, hoping that there was hardly any wind but its really picked up now so thats unfortunate. I tried to come out here yesterday, but it was really windy and uh today seems like the exact same condition. So all right were gon na. Take it up now, im going to start a recording, so were going to press this button here i might put in high speed and lets. Take it up, two sticks down and in okay were up and flying now like i said there is quite a bit of wind. So what i might do is go into the center of this field and face the drone that way so im going into the wind and then, when i let go, it will come back towards me this way. Okay, so well take it up a bit and the video looks really nice guys. The actual camera looks pretty decent nice and clear. I think the dampening system is doing okay, it is fighting wind. I cant really see much jello on the screen here, but well see what the recording turns out like when i go to edit this video.

So even though theres a bit of wind here, the hs440 is actually being able to uh handle it fine bring it down. A little bit now they say that youre going to get 20 minutes out of each battery uh theres two batteries with this uh particular quadcopter, theres plenty of uh flight time thats for sure. Well, the winds really picking up. I was hoping that it wouldnt be like this guys really was hoping. If i come out early this morning, itd be nice and calm, but yeah its the total opposite actually lets bring it down. Lets try out the uh, the camera tilt. Take it up a bit and you can tilt that camera all the way down. As you can see, im its above me right now. Okay, now it looks like just bring it down here. I want to see if it looks like the recording is stopped press that again and its blinking on the screen. It was at the start so im not too sure. If it does a couple of minute increments or not, but well take video again. I can see the wi fi le led on the bottom, the actual uh module flashing in blue, so it should be recording its in rate too. Its uh flying pretty nicely guys lets just go for a flight, see how it handles thats, pretty quick step it down to mode one. This is slow, speed now and its still doing a pretty decent job, especially fighting this wind.

Okay, so theres a button here, thats meant to make it spin lets check that out, im not going to try headless mode or any of the gesture photo settings, but thats a little uh circle spin there and you just quickly press it to get out of it. I better put in rate two now winds, picking up and theres a quick spin, youre, okay and you to get out of it. You just press any direction on your pitch. Stick so forward will get out of it or back so all right, thats a bit of a feature there. Long press will do a actual circle more than actual uh your spin. All right is there any battery indicator on this app. I cant really see one lets bring it in a bit closer. Now you get a thumbnail shot. So i believe this drone, like i said at the start, its uh a little mini version of the hs 720 brushless drone. It looks like that recording stopped again lets. Try that and just try to take a few photos. I dont know why stop. I cant see the tf card recording where the camera option was there just take a quick photo. I can hear a snapshot there just try to stabilize this drone best. I can in this wind and each time you actually take a photo. You can actually see that power button. Let me just bring it down ill show you. Whenever you take a photo, you see that power button blinking see that, hopefully you can see that try that again ill press, the the camera button and it blinks at you so take a photo of myself here now this particular quadcopter its really light and um itll.

Definitely be a lot more stable without fighting wind on a very calm day, thats for sure im having to keep it stable here again gusts of wind here. Take it up, take some more video. Hopefully this video is turning out. The light is blinking on the bottom too, and it stopped again all right. I dont know why im gon na try it by the app then im doing it from the controller and uh it just stops, but i can see pressing it by the app it is. Recording okay, we had a bit of a glitch there from the app and it stopped recording. Again i saw the app go out a bit. There lets try that again, try recording by the app and it does say, tf card. You can see that red dot on the app blinking so hopefully ill add some uh actual sd card footage. Hopefully it all turns out and theres no errors, because i dont know why its actually stopping without my command of it stopping it should stop. When i want it to stop im going to lower that camera again bring it up above me, i, like the feature of the camera youre able to uh tilt it down like this. So you can see me there. Okay did a pretty good job in this wind, though guys bring the camera back up and bring it back towards me here so yeah guys. I was hoping for a nice calm morning, but uh yeah.

Unfortunately, the wind has been picking up here on and off. You know it has been like right now its not that windy at the moment, but uh seems to be flying well, regardless lets just take it for a flight. I might stop that recording. Oh, you can take photos as you actually uh, as youre flying thats neat. I didnt know that i might start another recording just so i can add some in this video to see how it flies. Nice and smooth just some decent speed for a toy grade got a dog now chasing it. Okay, there goes my uh screen, recording its on a time limit of 10 minutes, so im not going to bother starting a new one. It does fly for quite some time. Guys looks like the recording stopped again by itself, so yeah im not too sure why its doing that uh just keep an eye on that guys. It seems to be wanting to turn itself off. It might be on a one minute: segment per video im, not too sure seems to work a bit better when recording uh from the app. When you choose the recording feature from the app, then the actual uh transmitter for some reason well take a couple. More photos bring it down. I might end this flight soon guys because theyve got some dog walkers and some people around okay, so this drain looks pretty cool. I like the design of it. It does look like its a bigger brother there, and this one would be definitely a decent one.

To give a a kid, or a young teenager learn how to fly all right guys. I might wrap it up now its getting a bit wind to windy right now. So lets bring it down and, like i said, weve got a few people rocking up here now, thats enough of a flight test of the hs holy stone 440, not a bad uh toy grade. Quad i mean it did uh fight the wind and not a problem out here today. As you can see, if you can see that in front of me, i mean look at those trees, swaying thats what this little quad was dealing with pretty much the whole flight uh. It did stop in a couple of times uh during the flight, but look at that. If you can see those trees, they are swaying quite a bit so uh yeah overall, not a bad uh. Little quadcopter guys definitely a good one to give as a gift or even if youre uh new to drones, in particular um. This one comes in at around 90. us, i believe, uh ill put. The links to the amazon store us store and also, like i mentioned aliexpress ill, put a link to the holy stone official store on aliexpress. If youre, outside usa, like myself, im in australia, youll still be able to pick one of these up through aliexpress, not a problem, and you will be dealing with holy stone because it is the official store on aliexpress its, not the uh third party supplier or anything Like that guys, so um also id like to make mention when you do uh sign up for the app it tells you to sign in with the email and so forth, uh to get the app working um.

Once you uh clarify your email address, you actually get a 90 day extended warranty on this. So i forgot to mention that i just remembered now so once you sign into the app the holy stone app to use this particular quadcopter, the hs440, so yeah, once you sign up on the app uh, it will come up with a prompt on the screen and It actually says uh 90 day extended, warranty, so thats, really cool youre, going to get a three month extended warranty on this particular drone, so hope you enjoyed this video guys ill. Add some uh photos and uh video clips there as i flew it and uh yeah. If youre interested in this one guys, like i said, check the link below and uh with the two links below and uh, you can get one of these for yourself overall yeah, not a bad little. Quite i think, on a nice calm day, it would have done a lot better, especially uh as far as taking video and photos, but i like this little dampening system here. Thats a nice touch, so hopefully it eliminated some jello well soon see on the 1080p camera.