So i decided it would be the perfect time to unbox fly test and review this little guy. This is the holly stone, hs, 210. So, as always, let’s get right into it, oh and by the way, if any of these look interesting be sure to hit that subscribe button with the notification bell turned on, so you don’t miss any of these reviews. Anyways i’m gon na stop talking so let’s get right into the unboxing all right. So this is where you get in the box. You get the drone and we’ll talk more about this. In a second, you get the remote control. You get three batteries now. These are 3.7 volt, 250 milliamp hour battery, so it’s very, very small, and you get three of those and they claim around seven minutes of flight time per battery. We have four extra propellers screwdriver and this tool thing of the jig, which i have no idea what’s, for we have our instruction manual go ahead and read through that. We have our cautions of battery and we have a warranty card from hollystone and we also have this tiny little lipo charger. Look at that so that’s. Basically everything you get all right guys. So let’s take a look at everything more in detail. So first let’s take a look at the remote control, so on the bottom we have our on and off switch just like that to turn it on, and here we have our headless mode.

If you don’t know what headless mode is so without headless mode, let’s say if it’s turned like this, so that the front is facing that way when you push forward it’s gon na go forward like that, however, that can confuse beginners, because when they want it forward, They want to go like that, not like that, but the front is facing that way. So what you can do is press headless mode and then what that does is even if it’s like this, where this is the front and it’s facing that way. If you go forward, it’s still going to go forward, no matter what and side um to the other side and backwards, even if it’s completely backwards like this, with headless mode, it’s still going to go forward backwards to the left and to the right. If it’s like this, it doesn’t matter what the orientation of the drone is it’ll always go in the direction forward, backwards, left and right so that’s only for beginners. However, i wouldn’t recommend it because you can actually get some pretty bad habits from that. So i would just fly without headless mode, alright, so on the other side, we have our one key takeoff and one key landing button, and we also have our two joysticks. If you don’t know this left, one is the throttle. This makes the drone up go up and down and to the side. It turns it like that it’s called yaw the right one moves the direction of the drone.

So if you want to go forward, then you go forward. Backwards goes backwards, left and right now, on the top. Here we have two buttons. The first one is our speed switch, so just press it once and we’ll change speeds. There are three total speeds and i will be showing all of them in the flight test. They can also hold this and it will go into what they call circle fly and basically that’s when it goes like this, and i will be testing that later so stay tuned for that now here we have our 360 degree foot button, just press it once and Then move it in the direction you want it to flip, so press it and move forward, and that will do a front flip like that press. It again move backwards back flip to the left and to the right now. If you long press this button, then it will go into auto rotation now. Basically, what that is is just this it’s literally just gon na go in a circle, and the remote control takes three triple a batteries all right, so let’s really quickly take a look at the lipo charger. So, as you can see, the input is five volts and the output is 600 milliamps times two, because there’s one battery port on each side – and all you have to do – is just slide this off and it is a usb charger. Just take your batteries and plug them in just like that, and stick this into a usb port and you’re good to go now.

They claim that the charging takes around 40 60 minutes and i can confirm that that’s pretty accurate and when the battery is charging, this area will be red same thing on this side and once it’s done, charging it’ll turn green and again same thing. On this side. All right so now let’s take a look at the three batteries that they give us. So i don’t know if you can see that but that’s a 3.7 volt 250 milliamp hours lipo battery, so it should give you around six to seven minutes. However, it depends on what you do with the drone and how fast you fly, so they give you three of those which they claim around 21 minutes, total that’s, actually a pretty decent flight time for such a mini drone all right. So now what we’ve all been waiting for the drone itself so, as you can see, it’s kind of like a cinewook type style with the entire pop guards. I forgot they’re called, but this allows you to fly inside without damaging or hurting anyone. So really, if it just hits something it just kind of bounces off or just falls now, if it falls, the motors will automatically stop so that’s a great safety feature now on the bottom. This is where you put your battery, so all you do is just slide that into there and you plug this into there and you can see the lights start blinking. There is no on and off switch and the only way to turn it off is to just pull the lipo out, and you can see the propellers are actually different colors, which actually makes it really helpful.

Because now you can tell both ways to front and which ways the back so that’s, pretty useful and also i don’t know if you can see, but when we plug it in this side is green and this side is red. So again, you can tell which side is the front or which side’s the back and i’ve heard that these things are indestructible. So we will be testing that out now i’m going to really quickly name up all the features for this drone, so there’s altitude hole headless mode. The emergency stop button 3d flip watch. I already showed you there’s, also a low battery power alarm and basically, what that is is when the drone is running out of power. The light and the drone will blink continuously and the transmitter will also constantly beep. After about a minute, the drone will automatically land on low electricity now the dimensions for this drone is 3.15 inches by 3.15 inches by 1.18 inches tall. Now, the control range is about 164 feet. However, i would not expect that much from this tiny little drone it’s more for indoor flying now, like i said, there’s a one key start and land button there’s also a toss to launch, which i will be testing later and, like i said, there’s also circle fly. So now let’s go fly it so first, just plug in the battery to the drone and lights will start flashing. Now, if you’re wondering why i have this rubber band on here, i’ll explain it later on in video, so make sure you watch the entire thing now.

Once you have that just turn your controller on you’ll get two beeps, then what you want to do is just push the throttle up and down and, as you could hear, the second beat was different than the first one, and the lights have gone solid. You can start flying, but i recommend that you do the calibration. So all you do, is you go both down and to the left, and you probably heard two beeps now all you have to do is just press this and you’re ready to fly so let’s go and also forgot to tell you when you do compass calibration. You want to make sure you stand right behind it, or else your right joystick will be all messed up. Okay, so, basically all you do now. Is we press this one key take off landing button that will arm the motors and just press this to go up? You can see the motors have armed and go up there. We go so now. Let’S get some flying in all right, so we’re going to be testing a lot of things, but first let’s test the toss to fly. So all you have to do is once you did calibration put it in your hand and just throw it up. I guess oh look, it did it right now, i’m playing at speed one, and let me show you all the speed lights, all right, so here’s speed. One okay just be two it’s, definitely a lot faster and lastly, here is speed.

Three, so it’s actually really fast on speed. Three, so yeah look how zippy! That is all right! So we’re back in speed, one and let’s do a crash, so i’m gon na crash into this wall, and you can see nothing really happens. It just kind of bounces off and it’s so light that can’t really cause much damage like look, dudes, fine, no damage at all, and also i just realized when you throw it. Even if you throw it upside down, it would correct it. Watch this i’ll throw it there. We go so that’s, pretty cool all right. So now let’s try to flip. So again what you do is press this button. Let’S do a front flip! Okay, try it again! Flips are actually pretty good on this thing. Let’S, try a side flip. It doesn’t lose a whole lot of altitude yeah. It doesn’t lose much altitude at all, so that’s pretty nice, all right. So now let’s test the circle fly. So basically what you do is you just hold this down for three seconds. You just hold down and look circle fly to stop you just hold it and then you’re back in control just realize when the lights are blinking, you can’t do any flips rotation or circle fly, so we’re gon na have to test on the next battery. All right. Let’S, try the one key landing, so press it, and there you go all right, so let’s set the altitude hole i’m only making adjustments in the on the right joystick.

This is drifting a bit. You can see it. It keeps altitude actually pretty well, especially for many non gps drones, so let’s try, the auto rotate button, and all you have to do is just hold this down, so let’s try and there you go. Look at that to regain control, you can just move the right. Joystick so let’s try that again, let’s bring it closer, so you can bring it up and down and there we go all right, so here’s a test of headless mode. So all you do, is you just press this button and it goes in headlessly, so let’s test. It do you see how the drone is turn face. That way. If i go forward, it will go forward in the direction i’m facing so my force that way and see how it’s going that way. So, even if you turn it completely see and turn it even more so yeah definitely works i’m, not very used to it, but i don’t really like it all right guys. Look, so we did kind of break it, but that’s really simple. All you’re gon na do is just push this back in so let’s. Do that boom all ready to go all right, guys, look! It works, anyways, headless mode, does work and right now, i’m, just playing in regular mode i’m. More used to it, alright guys so we’re going to be doing a really quick durability test, so we’re going to apply the drone full speed into this wall at level 3 speed let’s.

Do it all right so let’s see if it survived or not looks good to me now when you crash it really hard and the motors stop on itself, you can see it starts blinking again. So what you want to do is you just want to redo the pairing process, so up down calibration and you’re all set to go alright guys so let’s test the kill, switch so both buttons and it just drops to the floor all right, guys so i’m, going To be doing some precision flying in and around the tripod, so let’s do it. This is all going to be at speed, 2.. So all right guys so here’s a another speed test from a different perspective, all right guys. So that concludes my review of the holly stone hs 210.. Now i think this is a great beginner drone, because it has full propeller guards, meaning that, if you crash into something it won’t damage the drone or hurt anyone. So that’s, a great plus and if you’re wondering why i have this rubber band it’s. Because one of these body pins broke off and it holds the body onto the drone itself, but that’s not a big deal. This thing actually goes surprisingly fast on speed, three i’m surprised by how fast it goes, but i really enjoy flying it at speed three indoors. Now, if this thing can fly outdoors, but i wouldn’t recommend it because it’s so small, so it can easily drift away now.

This thing is actually really durable, as you probably saw, one of the propellers actually fell out, but that was really simple. You just push it back in and that’s it so really really durable drone. I crashed it so many times at full speed and it’s perfectly fine, and the reason for that is look how flexible this plastic is. So that means when it hits something it’s not going to smash it’s going to flex so that’s a huge bonus. Now i really really like the controller because it actually fits comfortably in my hands, unlike those really small ones, where you had to kind of like hold awkwardly and try to control it, but this one actually has all the buttons where you want it like. These. Two are the most important and you obviously have your joysticks and these two aren’t exactly the most important, but still super easy to access. Now one of these batteries lasts around six to seven minutes as advertised at speed one. Once you go to speed two and start playing it non stop, it goes down to maybe four or five and then once you fly at speed level, three, it becomes more like three four minutes, but still not bad, especially since you get three of these, and also These charge extremely quickly, like 30 to 40 minutes and that’s, a huge bonus, alright guys so that’s, basically it if you enjoyed it, be sure to hit that subscribe button with the notification bell on.

If you guys want one of these there’ll, be a link in the description box down below so go check it out.