So i am thankful that you guys gave me this drone, and this is the best and cheapest beginner drone that youve ever had that ive ever had so this is so cool ive. I already opened it to see what it looks like you know, so be first. So before unboxing this baby boy, i am going to thank you to thank you guys for supporting my youtube channel and still watching all my videos i upload a video a month ago and it reached 700 people like i am so thankful for it. Look at that. This is the drone and thank you, sir thank you again, sir sir james stanton, and also me shirley, so guys. Please subscribe sir jamestander youtube channel its in here. Please subscribe and on the notification bell. Also, please subscribe my channel, so you can support or be notified when i upload my latest videos so lets unback this baby boy so guys this is the unboxing, so heres, the outside of the box like that. So this is the whole store he listed here. Is the drone and thats the warnings, the manuals, the cautions and thats nothing about the box outside the box, so lets open the inside of the box so thats where the drone is so lets? Take it out down that the box is empty. So, first item that youre going to see is this bag. So this bag have a extra props, um, the propeller mover and the screwdriver.

Oh, you can see it heres. The pro here is the propellers, the prop removers and then the screwdriver so wow. This is so unique. Look at that this is the holy stone charger lipo charger. It looks like a usb thats, the lipo charger. Look at it im using my phone. I dont have a freaking camera, so you know look at that! Look at the focus there. We go there. It here is the manuals manuals here, cautions that and then this is the drone they give me three batteries lets go. Look at that. Look. How small this battery sees look wait. Lets lets fix me there look at how small this is the drone. This is so cool and then heres, the remote heres, the remote there. As you can see, the remote have one two. Three and four: oh, i mean three four buttons, so the first button is takeoff and landing compass, calibration speed and the 360 flip. So that hey, my phone is lagging so this is the on and off. You need triple a batteries. Three triple a batteries to make this um remote control turned on. So i already bought three triple a batteries. This is the aaa battery, so were going to open. It ill fix my phone, its lagging fix it its not vlogging anymore. So i bought three triple a batteries. This king ever batteries – i dont know if there is a thing ever in another country. You know so one two and lets open this three three batteries, so oh were going to put it in this remote one.

Two and three there we go. Oh, oh dear, that did you hear that that is so cool, so, oh, i can close it. What happened there and then were going to put the battery of the holy stone hs210 so lets open. One of three batteries then, were going to put it under the drone. So here, but oh here, so you guys can see there we go and then were going to put it right here there the drone turned on that is so cool there we go. There is no turning off button in this drone. When you put the batteries in its just gon na turn on so thats, the cool thing about this drone so lets bind the controller and the drone so lets play and have fun with this little bad boy. So, as you guys can see here is the drone. Its turned on and were going to turn on the remote control there so were going up and down there, so you can see its blinking so now were going to compass calibration and then is this right. How am i supposed to turn this one there wow? This is so cool. Look at that this is so small, hey guys. This is the drone. Look at this okay lets. Let us let me try the 360 fleet. Oh, how? How does it there that is so cool? This is the slowest drone ive ever had. This is so cool. Thank you guys.

Thank you guys for supporting me. This channel say hello to miss master matthew. Here is my brother drone brothers, theyre combo. That is so cool. Look at that look at this bad boy, guys so lets. Try it outside and lets see if it can handle the heavy winds, so guys were going outside, and this is the drone, so you guys can see and lets try this if you can, if it this drone can handle heavy winds, lets go so guys if the Drone lets fly away, lets calibrate it again lets lets there. We go and then turn turn this on and then bind it up and down. How do i calibrate this there? What oh there we go so now there and then its gon na fly its so small. This is so cool and its so quiet wait its uncontrollable, the little bad boy. Look at that look at that. You guys look at that, so this is enough for todays video. The drone is already low there, thats strong its nobody guys. Thank you for watching.