So i got something a little smaller to fly around the house stay tuned for the unboxing of the holy stone. Hs 190. uh it’s been raining here in kansas city. For a few days too long, so i haven’t been able to fly my new drone, but someone reached out to me to check out the holy stone. Hs190 uh minidrone. Let me know if i’d buy it. They reimbursed me for the other drone. So i picked it up from amazon for 28. and it just got here uh yesterday and i wanted to get it unboxed for you guys uh. Once again, i am riding with taylor kc or just talk about tech and other stuff. If you’re new to the channel uh and like what you see make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe to follow along, you know help this new small channel grow and you know just stay tuned for some of my videos. I make videos of unboxings, of course, reviews uh drone footage. Another video footage that i may like in other news, so uh let’s go ahead and uh get into this unboxing here and hopefully we can get this thing set up and reviewed as well. So, like i said, it’s the holy stone, hs190 mini drone, something that you can fly indoors have the uh, the dji here mavic air 2 for size comparison let’s get into this really sucks. I haven’t been able to fly my drone in a few days when i just got it there’s lots of footage i’d like to get all right, some of the things on the other box, one key start or and landing altitude hold.

It can flip three speed modes and a high speed rotation let’s, see here nothing really on the other back holy stone, holy stone contact info. They have uh quite a few drones on amazon and they actually look pretty cool. They have a 2.7 k drone and a 4k drone as well that actually look really cool. That are a lot cheaper than dji models, but you know we may have to look at those in the other future we’re going back to uh here all the stuff. I threw to the side we have our instructions for use preface and all that stuff details, transmitter functions, batteries which are not included. I do have aaa batteries all right, let’s flip, through avoid flying their objects, do not use in adverse weather conditions, stay away from the propellers all right. The package you get a drone, 2.4 g gigahertz transmitter, propeller guards additional propellers, which is pretty cool. Usb charging, cable, screwdriver, propeller spanner and instructions for use all right. This thing weighs only 23 grams. I i think this may be it’s somewhere between four and 500 grams. I’M, not quite sure. The iphone 12 weighs around 270 grams for comparison. Flight time is around five to seven minutes and operating temperature anywhere from pretty much freezing up to 104 degrees. Fahrenheit, the transmission distance is 50 meters. So what is that 150 feet? I don’t know if i’m converting that right and let’s see, like i said aaa batteries.

Light battery 220 milliamps looks like a lithium. All right, let’s go ahead and see. If we can get this out and together here a little bag. We have the propeller guards screwdriver. The usb charger looks like extra propellers, some screws all right and, in the case, nothing else in the box there, Applause, Music back of the transmitter front of the transmitter here, joysticks don’t, feel too bad looks like a place for your no. That is the actual drone. Oh wow, i thought that those were the spare propellers, but that is the actual little drone. There looks like you fold out the arms it’s nice that they already have some on. That is pretty cool. Look how small! It is. Oh sorry for bumping the camera. There look at that thing: it’s tiny. It looks so cool place for the usb charger here. Propellers looks like uh. If that’s a lighter camera i’ll have to look into that a little bit more. I think that is a light. Let’S see checking the instructions i don’t know: that’s, pretty cool let’s, get it next to the dji here, it’s the dji mavic air 2, with the holy stone hs190 on top of it all right looks like we have a place to charge Music. This here let’s go ahead and get that open do do oh who’s that replace this for four aaa batteries, we’ll go ahead and get that in go ahead and get these in here in this layout, we’ll wait to put the uh the screws back in there.

Let’S see oh yeah, that turns on some of the buttons on here looks like we have something for speed: rotation, Music, landing, take off, ah return home point back to the manual. It says the other charging time is around 30 to 40 minutes for five to seven minutes of flight time, which might be decent for in the uh in the house shows a picture here of plugging it into a usb port. So we’ll go ahead and uh try to do that or maybe i’ll turn it on and see what the, if it has any power has a little on and off switch there. Look how tiny it is look at that it blinks as well nice little lights. Let me see the manual says when it’s low, all right, the led indicator lights on the drone will be blinking. That feeling are those not flight lights. Where’S that i don’t know we’re gon na try to take off we’re going to try something before flight unfold. The collapsible arms pair, the drone first slide the power button on the ground and place the drone on flat surface then turn on the transmitter all right all right. The light stopped flashing, they turned solid, they’ve, been paired, calibrate the after pairing push the light all right. Just calibrated the gyroscope, unlocking the drone pull the keys out to the side. Here, look at that that is pretty wild i’m going to try a little takeoff. I wonder how much it is going to take off here.

Hopefully, it won’t hit the camera. Oh let’s! Try that again, all right before we start next time on the controller, i wanted to point out button here to control the other speed that you can do your uh. Your turns your landing button take off. This will return to the uh to wherever the controller is and uh and land. These trim buttons are to help you. If the the drone is moving to the side side to side uh by itself, you can control that a little bit. However, i’m. Looking up some instructions for calibration let’s see, it also has a headless mode where it will uh follow you and the other controller, which will be neat to uh to check out may have to do that on a further review come on let’s see here the flip Mode says: to use at least 10 feet has an emergency stop for the propellers all right, let’s rebalance the drone. You pull both the lights will blink all right, let’s see there, we go let’s, make sure the speeds on the slowest there we go and let’s try. Taking off again got ta start the propellers, unlocking Music and let’s try taking off again, i have to say that is doing a lot. Better let’s try one of these trim buttons. Ah, hey Applause! Let me get it back in the field of view. Music Applause. I have to say this thing is actually pretty cool to maneuver. I am finding that it drifts a little bit.

I don’t know if that’s, because of calibration, you should definitely put the uh the guards on the propellers it’s easy to run into things, and luckily my cats haven’t felt like attacking it yet here’s a little trick. It does oh yeah watch out cat that’s honey, but everyone that is the uh holy stone. Hs190 mini drone perfect for flying around in the house. Once again, thanks for watching the video, you guys have a good one.