The only bummer is the lights. I wish the lights were just a little bit brighter um. You can see the green lights in the back Music, so yeah i mean and then the lights in the front. You can see the lights in the front, but just barely so im im gon na record myself right now, im gon na take a picture of myself. Okay theres my uh picture camera there im gon na wave yeah. I got my picture, do it again and you can also use your app to take a picture. I think Music yeah see. I use the app just now to take a picture, but i like how i can easily catch it. It takes a long time for it to stop spinning, though doesnt it look at that, eventually will stop. How long does it take to stop interesting? Maybe because i have it on it, you turn the recording off Music uh. Maybe i did this okay, so all right lets go ahead and do video now so well go ahead and do video all right. We are now video videotaping ourselves, and here we go here. Comes the drone that was cool? Oh no, hey guys, tom jordan! Here this is holy stone. Hs175. All right! It comes with a really nice case. I really like the case. Look at this isnt that nice nice little rubber handle has a nice feel. I like that. Its all in there watch us open it up.

First thing: you see the instructions that you need to read, but look at that nice turn right now. It comes with two batteries, one battery right there and theres the other battery. I love how everything is placed in here got my controller look at this. This drone. This is the hs175 nice feeling. Jordan has a nice quality, feel you open it up. Look watch this watch this isnt that cool it locks into place like a like a spring loaded watch. Watch it isnt that great. I love it. Okay, so look at nice little rubbery pads! You have your optical flow sensor at the bottom. It looks really good and when its flying, it looks look at that here. We turn on in that cool. It looks great easy to use and set up. The instructions are very simple: im going to show you right now exactly how to calibrate your hs175d and were going to take it for flight were going to see all its features. Its functions stick around im tom jones. This hs175d review were starting right now and instructions too, and it has a gps where it follows you with gps, and it can also follow you as well, so lets go ahead and try, and it also has circle removed too, but im going to try that follow Me mode lets see if i can do that so ive got my skateboard here and were going to see if it follows me: okay, so the holy stone hs175d actually has two types of tracking has a human tracking and a gps tracking – and here i am youll – See here im getting the tracking.

This is the gps tracking that i just put together and now im getting on the skateboard and what the drones going to do its following my phone or the controller. I guess its following my phone because i had the phone connected to the drone through the wi fi connection and youll notice here that im not in the shot im adjusting the camera at this point so im, actually not flying the drone im just skating all im Doing, though, is im looking down at my phone at my screen and im adjusting the camera up, so that can get me into view and, as you see here, the drone is following again: i am not controlling the drone. This is the gps tracking feature on the drone, so the drone has two features for follow me. It has a follow me where it can take an image, your image and you put your little notation little square uh on your phone, which ill show you that later on in this video, and then has gps tracking in this video here im using the gps tracking. I did have the drawing up pretty high well above the trees, as you can see here, but where im really impressed is the signal from the drone to my phone thats, a pretty far signal for wi, fi and im impressed, and you can see here, im skating Out pretty far out in front of the drone, the germans, keeping up and youll, see right here, im going to get to the end of the path which is right in the middle of my neighborhood now heres whats really interesting to me.

I stop again im not controlling the drone at all. This is the drone doing everything on its own now, im going to turn around im going to start heading back to where i just came from notice, what the drones doing again im not doing this. The drone on its own, its turning around to view me in there there youre gon na, see me in just a second, and i think i may have adjusted the camera one last time i dont remember i think or whatever, but anyway the drone just turned around It did that all on its own. Without me, i was not controlling the drone again. This is the drone its following me and look how well its going so im really impressed. I think this gps tracking feature is is a fantastic feature um, and this is a tremendous testament to just the technology and how far weve come. I mean the gps. Follow me really really works. We know that the return to home feature works, ive tested all the features. Some of the features that this also has it can do a circle fly application which youre going to see in just a moment. It has a flight time of 40 minutes and im. Just again, a gps auto turn a 5 g fpv transmission transmission, and i was able to see the drone the whole time now. Look here. You dont see me anymore right, any other kind of following mode.

A drone youll, you know, wants to see you in the visual site. You dont see me right not at all, but look here youre about to see me emerge from over the trees there. I am you see me so here, im emerging out from where i disappeared. The drone is still coming right along this gps tracking feature of the hs175d turn this holy stone drone is a really impressive drone. The reason the camera is so shaky. Two reasons number one. I did crash the drone while filming this video, and i think i may have hurt the blade, so i think thats. One reason why i was shaking the other reason is. It was extremely windy. Uh on this day that im flying just a windy day to be flying but impressive quality and the video looks good to me so im very impressed with the film quality thats coming out this stream too. So this is full speed right here, guys so at full speed you can see its flying pretty nice thats full speed. This is a lot of fun and i am outside its a windy day, um its not going to stop on the dime. So watch right now better go down and im going to go back, stop and see how it just keeps going a little bit go forward and keeps on going so its not going to stop on the dime, but its still, and it does appear to be.

If you notice here see how theres a small delay in what im telling you to do, watch see interesting, so it does appear to be. Oh, not good. Huh. All righty lets take a look here. All right foam! Look at that: whoa, whoa, whoa! Okay, all righty! Here, heres our tiny little dwoon, this dhs 175 tiny little thing nicely, wrapped up, oh its, so cute, oh its a little baby, oh good little baby. Okay, all right thats! Please raise about 15 meters first, so i have to go about 50 meters for it to circle, so its going up, Music, okay, so were going up. I guess thats 15 meters well find out im gon na go ahead and try it now, a circle circle mode and there you go, looks like its circling now. Do you see it Music? I dont know if it is or not. Actually, let me see around. I told to go around its not doing it unable to have to go higher im, not high enough im going higher now lets. Try now now its windy out here and its doing a pretty good job of holding that wind its doing a good job. Look at that all right lets. Try it again lets try the circle mode and oh there we go. Maybe maybe thats it Music, yeah, okay and lets. Try that again, oh still, im still behind all right ill go even higher. Now all right confirm and lets see.

Oh look: there goes its its doing. A circle move now see how its going around look at that so its going in a circle. Oh thats neat, thats kind of cool. Hopefully it doesnt hit my house. It seems to be going down a little bit all right. Thats kind of cool it worked all right, its pretty bad, so id like to cancel that circle mood and have it come back to me and im doing some control, Music, Music. Okay, that was scary. It um i dont know if its because of the wind, its still going in circle mode, all right it did it. The circle mode didnt seem to stop. I dont know if i had to hit circle mode stop or something like that. Maybe i had to hit stop. I would have thought if i hit the controller it would to stop the sucker mode by by default, theres our camera yeah, pretty nice huh all right. Okay, we got a little – oh okay, a little red thing to keep it from going in all the way nice thats going to turn on thats kind of cool. Look at that nice all right! Put that there for the time being and see what else we got here. We have an extra battery 7.6 volt 1700 mah battery impressive heres, your controller, your charger. Something ive noticed, though, is the uh phone. Just barely fits into that holder, like this note 9, that i have here just fit here.

We have our charging for the um battery that just kind of slides right in landing in coming in front later, coming from landing docked. Okay, um and weve got two nice whoa. That was awesome. We got ta. Do that again. That was so cool. Also have a screwdriver, nice bright orange. You definitely wont lose that and some screws you never know when you need your screws. You dont want to get screwed here. Are your screws guys so ill put those in there? Hopefully, i dont lose them and uh heres another screw put that there too and heres our instructions. These are probably extra blades as and then the bs there you go pretty cool all right. Extra blades, never know when youre gon na need. Those lets see here, heres our instructions on how to put on the blade so theres the blade. So it looks like we just screw them in this uh hs 175d uses brushless motors check out those lights, pretty cool, looking lights, okay and website, store lock tap here to see the app in the store. All right now were going to the store theres our app well, install it and now im installing my hs gps v5 installed so im installing my app now there it goes yeah very, very nice got my app being installed. Im gon na hit okay and download. Okay, the egg has me see how its coming towards me. So it follows me within two meters, so if i walk over here, it should follow.

You should lets see if it follows or not yep its following Music. Okay, so were turning on our hs175d drone. Here turn on the controller, see its red go up down its been linked and we see its set to gps move with the red there. So lets go ahead and calibrate it go hit. My calibrate button hold it down and there we go just turn this. A few times until that yellow light starts blinking, really quick, all right and well ill know that its good there, you see its blinking fast im just going to take it facing down turn it a few times until that is, and there you go our red buttons And now it is calibrated very nice now to calibrate the gyro just go to the left and there you go and now the gyro has been calibrated as well all right, so im all set. The gps is already set up im amazed at how fast that gps locks into the drone too. Pretty quick. All right lets go ahead and take off go up down, and oh okay and off we go here. We go look at that nice. I love how its nice and stable very stable to change the speed, just press, this button down like this and now its at a much quicker speed, so heres uh the faster speed here. It comes Music, thats, cool, Music, all right, so there you go well keep on going more.

So now i am flying indoors gps doesnt work indoors. The drone knows that so to fly indoors, im gon na press, my return home button and now its got yellow and now i can fly indoors. How cool is that there you go all right lets, go ahead and try uh emergency braking Music. There theres your emergency! Braking and there you go all right – lets, try the uh take off. Is that take off button? Oh, i dont know ill, try it. Oh there it is theres. My take off flies nice, nice control, its got a very nice feel to it guys nice control like that. Look at that look how stable that is thats without gps, not bad, so its not too quick to stop, though, is it look at that it wants to keep going so thanks for watching guys, im tommy jones? This was my review of the holy spirit. Hs175. I do like this drone and i do recommend it to you as well so check out the links below comment below. Let me know what you think please like subscribe to my channel and ill talk to you all next time. I got more great jordan videos, Music. Its cool drone, though flies nice.