Finally, my son uh was interested in getting a quadcopter. He calls him drones. I always called him quadcopters. He used to build them and stuff um its been quite a while um. So i got him this uh holy stone, hs 165.. It was about 130, something on amazon um. Well, it was on sale normally like 150., so just real quickly, um. What comes in here just the charger. Two batteries, uh transmitter charging, cable extra set of props, the uh quadcopter itself and the transmitter super light. The transmitter um ive flown it once he actually flew it. Um does have foldable arms here, just pop one of these. In all right now, ive already calibrated the compass and the gyro, so just hold the power button down power. It up start the turn on the transmitter. Now itll be blinking and once it goes solid, that means it is locked into the gps and, while were doing that, might as well get the phone out well turn on the fpv app well. First off, i need to connect to its wi fi um. I think im already yeah im already connected to it all right. So fly its already been calibrated. Okay, so everythings working there. I do have a 32 gig sd card in it in the quadcopter itself. I guess i can call it a drone. I dont know im just not used to doing that. Okay, so now were just waiting for its gps to lock in, i may have to move it.

Maybe im too close to the trees. Usually it doesnt take very long and its locked everything went solid, gps, locked okay, so you have the return to home button thats. Just the compass gps is on, of course, um auto takeoff and then to arm it. Youre gon na do this and then well just go ahead. Auto take off okay, so you can see that this thing is super stable, like super stable, really really stable, ive tried it once, and my son tried it its just super stable um. You can see the fpv is working Music, so lets go ahead and ill go ahead and just fly it around a little. The fpv is not bad, it seems like it goes quite a ways i can barely see it now, but it says i am 37 meters away. Um one thing to note it when coming down it descends very slowly. All right lets its about a good position right. There on the camera so well pick up some altitude here. All right were at 30 meters, still completely still 35 meters im not doing a height test or anything well, just pan it pan it around, have a look, pretty cool, all right and now well see ill. Show you how accurate the return to home is on this um just hit return home. It lifts, no, it didnt lift since its already up there. Oh and its descending winds messing with it a little up there.

It is a small little thing: Music, Music and lands and turns the motors off very nice, so thats mode one. This is the slower setting and that is thats full speed on the slower mode, so ill bring it back over here and ill show. You theres a button right here on the back. If you click this once beeps twice like that, and then you go into like the higher higher mode, and it gives you some more lean angle and you can see its quite a bit faster, still, not terribly fast, but its definitely faster, definitely faster yeah guys. I mean for the money i dont know. I i just think this is really exceptional, so i guess holy stones make they make some pretty good stuff just check out how stable it is all right, guys and im back so back with my son.