It has 2.4 g fpv transmission. They stay in their lane. Intelligent features such as follow me mode theyre, going to win in the toy market 26 minute flight time with two batteries. The other toy companies watch out holy stone. Flying made easy holy stone, Music, Music, all right. This is dad random and i have got the holy stone: uh. 110 hs. 110 g. This is the gps version of the holy stone, beginner lineup. This is a traditional quadcopter design. If you look at this, quadcopter take it out of the bag. Of course it comes with this nice bag. It is interchangeable when it comes to. If you, when it comes to batteries, you can interchange it with the non gps model. Im going to be testing that out. This does come with an extra pair of legs, and this is pretty much the same camera that comes with with the earlier version. Now. These batteries did not come charged up by the way im just putting them in the bag thats how they they arrived, but um. If i look at the two batteries im gon na look at them now i got the sun helping me out: um 3.7 volts 1500 milliamp hours, 3.7 1000. So so this one is this: one is the one that it comes with, so its a little bit better battery its. This is a 1500 mah batteries, a 1000 mah battery okay, but both of them should fly it um, probably not for very long.

These are 1s batteries. This is a brushed quadcopter. Brushless ones do not have this little gearbox and thats the difference. Okay. So this is a brushed gps, quad heres, the controller. Now one of the problems or one of the dilemmas i have every time i fly a toy quad is you know, should i put my phone in here and uh and well? First of all, will it fit so ive got an oversized phone here lets see if i can uh lets lets see if i can put it in there im gon na see if itll fit it will fit in the spot, but it is not gon na hold. This big heavy phone, so what im gon na have to do is im gon na have to set the uh set the phone to the side um as im operating it all right. So there it is lets go ahead and weve got a battery now. This is the battery um that comes with the drone. Remember this is a little bit smaller battery, but they should work theyre the same voltage since theyre 1s brushed quads, requir cant take the heavier loads, so you cant, you could burn the motors out much easily. So much more easily, it is not very windy today. So another thing you have to take into consideration is how much wind um is in your at any time. This is a quad that you do not want to fly in the wind.

All right so lets go ahead and fly. It weve talked enough about it. Lets go ahead and get it calibrated and weve got purple lights and its hard for you to see, but its blinking. Now i did. I did load up the app so im going to go ahead and show you the app that it uses its the holy stone: gps, v1 app and youd the 110g. So this is the app specifically, and these are all the the app support tools lets go ahead and hit the quick start menu. It shows you where everything is right there, so theres a quick start menu and those things there. So this tells you what all the? What all the controller does how to calibrate everything so were going to follow the calibration um. The calibration instructions lets go ahead and turn the controller on okay, so it says to calibrate this. First of all, you want to connect the controller you want to connect it up, so its up and down and weve got a solid line. So my and now there are, there are four indicator lights down here very hard to see. Each of them tells us what were doing what mode were in speed wise whether were taking a picture uh or or were right there, it just it just and then whether were in gps mode or not so lets go ahead and calibrate the compass. So just instructions lets go back to our holy stone.

Instructions lets go to our quick start menu and once again lets get to the calibration. So it basically tells us there. We did that yeah so calibrating the compass um we want to go in so so sam says push the left, stick and right. Stick uh! The rear purple light will turn to flash quickly, okay, good, so its its flashing quickly, so were good there and then well. Calibrate the gyro well go out this way, but oh thats correct. We havent done this yet so lets go ahead and well twist. It first theyre solid and then well go here and were solid, so were solid all the way. So when, when youre when youre calibrated, this is the one thing that i have only have trouble with with the toy market is that uh kids have a tough time doing things like that. I mean its a you know its a you know when youre, when youre young and youre and youre just learning um all those steps you know, reading instructions get to be tough, its tough for me all right, so lets go ahead and fly im. Gon na turn. The app let me get the apps started uh this first battery were uh were basically um lets go there lets go to uh controls, okay, so theres our controls, uh lets go ahead and we have to turn the wi fi on so lets go ahead and find It on our our menu lets find the wi fi in the menu here.

The wi fi holy stone found the holy stone app there. She is right. There were connected sent to the current network yeah. There we go there we go now. It is most a lot of times you have to re launch the app um, but it says its checking for device. Yes, okay, youre connecting to uh lets redo that checking device controls ready to fly there. It is there we go, so we do all right there. We go so flight distance lets lets uh lets, go lets, get the beginner mode off. Uh lets go ahead and move those flight distances up return. Altitude lets bring that down, though we dont want it very high. Um lets hit save so there it is wow thats, a really good image. So if you cant see that look at that thats, a really good image, im gon na go ahead and screen capture that, because that is really good too bad. I cant put the controller in my phone together today. There we are recording the screen. All right so were going to put the screen right there for you to see were going to take off so here we move this back, so this is going to be on my screen holder today. Lets get these cameras. Lets get this puppy at the moment of of attack were going to go ahead, were going to hit the one key to take off there we go. We have the gps on and lets get it down in front of you.

So there we go. Oh, the wind is blowing here. Lets go ahead and get the camera right. Oh no! Mess around here lets get that on us. There is our drone, so here we go dad random and holy stone. Here we go flying the holy stone, 110 g, gps id say its not too loud, thats nice thing about brushless. Is it isnt too loud? Oh, we got. Some wind were going to counteract a little bit of wind today, its coming from my back by the way. So we do some line of sight flying lets, go ahead and back it up here and get it in your. So this has had a chance to settle in uh theres a theres a there. Are these the characteristics you can see that the gps and the barometer are working together? You can always tell if youve got a barometer control because youll drop in altitude, but lets bring it forward here, losing a little bit of gps, but it is pretty stable im. I lets go up, lets go up. High lets, see where were going here, lets go ahead and were going to go way up right. There send it up, send it all right, so we are up there, we go, we are still send it. Bring it back. Down. Comes down nice, i theres a very, very slow uh speed as its coming down lets go ahead and get my camera there straightened out and do lets just uh lets.

Do a little sport flying lets speed it up. Lets speed up the now remember to speed it up. We have to use this button right there, so this button right here you just this this this little sh this little button here speed it up one more time. You have to be careful when youre going too fast, because you could drive this thing right into the ground. Theres us right. There, yeah weve been flying for quite a while havent. We lets bring it back here, hard to tell front from back with with the old style quad there. There shes locked in gps and sitting in front of us here at skater lets get her close, see how shes swinging around a little bit a little toilet bowl going on there thats pretty common. I could do another calibration and probably take that out a little bit of interference going on there um now. This is this, is, i think, full speed lets see if we can get a fly by here, lets go get a lets, get lets, get an altitude picture. Lets go and take it up: thats, not a bad shot there by the way says taking video select photos, see, cancel so theres our theres our image right there, not bad. Do a little rotation weve been flying for quite a while were getting our moneys worth with this battery for sure thats a pretty well thats a pretty thats, a good 1080p image now were basically now.

This is a 720 all right, thats! Keep it away from the trees all right, i think its time to bring it in pretty nice little flyer very dependable there. She is uh lets go ahead and land lets see if we can uh lets, go ahead and landing mode. That was nice. That was a nice smooth landing all right, so thats battery one – and i didnt uh – lets get here so thats. So this is battery one and i didnt even use the entire battery so lets go ahead and lets turn lets turn my turn. My screen capture off and im going to switch it out im going to put in im going to put in one of the one of the other batteries now. These are really good im getting plenty of flight time, easily 10 minutes with that one okay. So this is the uh. This is the d model. This is the thousand milliamp battery im just doing this for testing purposes just for fun lets just see if it flies with it go there all the lights are blinking looks like were we hot swapped and we have weve got a solid light, so lets see if We can take off um lets. Do a quick lets. Do a quick, gyro calibration now the indica. If you look here, the indicator light is blinking really fast, and that means its on the faster speed, its solid light, slower speed, so lets go ahead and take off lets see if we can uh launch lets, see turn this controller off lets re we to rebind.

It lets go ahead and rebind the controller there. It is that says, easy. Stick up! Stick down, gyro calibration compass calibration. If we do it, remember, weve got to do it this way and until the lights go down or until the guts go solid, and then we go this way until the lights go solid. This is they call the calibration dance. The old calibration, dance and uh lets. Go that way: theyre fast blinking, let this be solid. Blinking there now its i dont know lets see thats such a thats, so annoying okay, so lets kick it off the metal lets. Take it up. The metal put it here purple and then lets go around theyre, solid and then theyre solid, so so whats happening is ive got this metal box thats, so so whats happening with calibration is the metal box gets in the way? So you got to make sure you get that out of the way, so there we go lets go ahead and watch uh. This is the thousand milliamp battery lets take lets turn the gps off for the fun of it. Thats it lets do a return to home. So lets go way out there and then return to home say were way out there. We lose sight of it and we lose gps or we dont want to lose gps, but we lose visual line of sight and we can hit that button right there and she should come home.

Hopefully yeah shes up shes, going to go to a predetermined altitude. Probably above the trees and shes way up there right there and were going to see her come home here she comes probably set my altitude too high, yeah id say: youd have to be careful of uh of wind. I would set my return to home altitude, but oh there it goes uh its close, its coming down its way up there. That sucker is way up there, but its starting to come down now its trying to find me its toilet bowling down. It is coming. It is coming down, though, its doing all kinds of weird stuff up there. Its uh acting quite interestingly lets bring it down im just going to bring it down. Lets just do a manual all right. I set it out there for sake, so what i think that behavior was was that its return to home is literally that it just goes to the home point and then it hovers, but it did not look like it was coming down and it was up there. Toilet pulling its still doing a little bit of that still doing a little bit of toilet bowling, thats, okay, its a toy guys, remember its a toy. We dont do comparisons with uh non toy drones with toy drones, so so lets bring her in lets. Set her down on my hand, if youre, if youre a beginner, no oh man lets get it to where you can see it.

So so, if youre a beginner dont do this, especially when its toilet pulling im just setting my hand out and then pulling the stick down and thatll keep itll save my props, but dont do that. Okay, but all right this is the holy stone, um gps model. I think it holds well, it does exactly what a gps model will. It will basically use uh. I see another good thing: it uses all of the holy snow and 1s batteries, except they come in the newer ones. The the newer model comes basically with a 1500 milliamp battery, where this is a thousand that comes with the the d model, but props i bet are the same um and uh id say. The landing gear is the same. The drone is basically the same. The same camera um those things you can push that back in there. Okay, the leg just came off um, but these legs are made to come apart. Um these maids are, these legs are made so in a crash, it just disassembles, and then you can just put it back together manually. This is a usb mini. I would like that to be a usbc im sure in the future. That will be the case. This is just the antenna for the wi fi camera um. I thought the video was good. Youll see, uh youll see shots of that ill ill pull some screen grabs out of the 1080p uh footage um. Yes, it does have an sd card and uh pretty great.

I would say very simple id say my control range was good. I went really high. I probably was up about 150 feet um. I i really dont think that you want to go 150 feet with this thing um. It would have tough uh trouble with the with the wind um. So if it is windy, i would say i would keep it. You know in the 50 foot range that kind of stuff, but yeah. This is the holy holy stone, youre doing a good job. This is a really fun little flyer. I really do like the fpv style flying do not put your expensive phone here. You probably could put. I do have a really large heavy phone. This mount is not made for that um one press and then a second press turns it off um. So you will have you know you just dont want to do that, its going to fall out of here and youre going to break it, and you know this is a 1500 phone. This is a you know, 10 controller, so you know dont do that. Maybe maybe holy stone could put their mount down here in the handles. That would probably be better get it down here where it belongs. Where so people can use their phones fpv, i would have been using this fpv if i could put my phone down here. A lot of kids dont have the bigger phones, they have the smaller one, but even then, if i had a smaller phone – and i put it in here, i im still a thousand dollars eight hundred dollars.

You know to replace it, you know so uh anyway. This is the uh. This is dead and random and uh very happy. Weve got a a quad that you can reuse, you can repair um its durable. It flies high. Its got good stability, its its a really good toy drone option, um thousand milliamp 1500 milliamp. They come with two of them and a great case so all right, dead, random and for holy stone all right all right, not bad at all, not bad at all. I would say thumbs up um and uh price wise, like i said, youre right there. Look at that no batteries, we got a rechargeable controller, um and really inexpensive batteries. Um and, like i said you can repair these things. If you need to easy setup easy to fly, i think i looked at my app twice uh to really to do what i needed to do. I probably could fine tune it um, but not today, all right for dad random. Yes, later bye holy stone, love them good quality, easy to fly, they stay in their lane, theyre gon na win in the toy market.