Now today we have another holy stone drone here for review uh. This is the hs series, hs 110d toy grade, quadcopter or drone. This does have a wide angle: 1080p, hd, wi, fi, camera included and, as you can see here on this diagram on the front has a field of view of uh 120 degrees. Here now. This also has um quite a few features we have. It has wi fi fpv, of course, altitude hold. We have headless mode. This has a six axis, gyro 1080p camera. It is a four channel uh drone, so four channel remote, so it has 360 flips, colorful leds and a 3.7 1s lipo. Actually, in fact, we get two lipos with this one, okay and on the back here it is age, 14 plus as well so great for teenagers or anyone that is learning to fly teenagers to adults uh. This would be a great one if youre a beginner to drone flying some information about the camera. It looks like the actual lipos are 1 000 milliamp hour in size, and i believe theyre good for about 10 minutes that theyre stating we also have the app qr codes on the back here as well for ios and android, and just a diagram here of the Actual transmitter here and all the functions as well as is showing that the phone is mounted on the top okay uh fpv distance, theres, some specs here, let me just tilt the box, it says its got 150 meter range or just under this inspects, the camera and It says the fpv distance is under 100 meters, so theres plenty enough distance to fly around.

You dont really want to fly it up to 150 meters, especially these toy grades. You want to keep them pretty close and just have fun flying them around in the park. So lets open the box and have a quick look at what we get and then ill take it for a test flight all right guys. So ive got everything out of the box and im pretty impressed with what you get actually with this drone theres. Quite a few actual spare parts as well so give you a quick run down what we get in the box here now, im not going to go through the user manual, but youve got to use a manual here holy stone, actually making some very good detailed user Manuals, so you definitely want to read this one. Here is the model that were looking at today, but it looks like they also cover the hs 200d within this user manual. Okay, so im not going to go through it, but you can read that if you purchase this drone i suggest you do. We also get a little uh flight log book here. Okay, so, as you can see here, weve got some sticky notes there. Some bookmark uh sticky note pads and um yeah. This uh got some qr codes here as well. Their facebook group and uh yeah just all notes. If you want to jot down some notes – or you know, pre flight check lists and so forth, you can put it in this little booklet, so thats, pretty neat ive seen that with some other holy stone drones as well.

We also have the phone clip here: okay and you can attach your phone now. I can see here on the actual remote itself. We do have this uh little hole here and on the lanyard mount so that little uh peg there will go into that hole and then you just screw it into the lanyard mount there. Okay, guys so have a look at the transmitter in a second so thats. The phone holder, like i said, weve, got a lot of spares here. We actually got spare landing gear. Okay, just in case you might break one of the original ones. Weve got that we have some prop guards: okay, so these are ideal for beginner flyers mainly indoors, though um id suggest use these indoors. So you can just bump into walls and youre not going to hurt. You know any furniture not going to damage anything or even if you accidentally bump into someone youre not going to cut them up with the little uh plastic props here, okay, we also have this bag here. Now, im not going to open this up, but, as you can see, we have a full set of props a and b props. We also have a screwdriver some screws for the propellers, as you can see, labeled there, and also i just noticed – weve got a couple of uh light cups here, like for the dome lights here, so got some dome lenses there for the light. So weve got two extra ones like this okay just case, maybe one will crack or something.

If you have, you know a little crash or something um youve got some spare ones. There thats really neat. Okay. We also have one usb to micro, usb charger cable. Now, even though this comes with two batteries, you only get one charging cable. That is because you dont actually charge the batteries uh separately outside of the drone. You actually have to have it within the drone and charge it from the underneath here with the micro usb plug here. So you have to have the battery within the actual drone itself, to charge up your batteries thats, why? I think they just give you one cable, because you can only charge up one battery at a time. Now. Here is the spare battery here. Okay, and, as i told you at the start of the video, its a 3.7 volt 1000 milliamp hour, lithium ion polymer battery. Okay, it says here warning only use holy stone, approved charges, never disassemble or anything like that. So, as you can see here, it does not have any usb port to plug into the charger thats. Why, like i just mentioned, you have to have it within the actual quadcopter itself to charge so thats. The spare battery weve got one in the quadcopter itself, so lets have a quick look. Try look at the actual quadcopter itself, the hs110d. We have a look at the control here. Okay, so, as you can see, weve got a little uh card here, showing you all the actual functions of the buttons here.

So weve got uh trimmers just here. Okay, weve got uh the headless mode key just down here and looks like we got our speed switches. Weve got the engine start and we also got a landing button, so thats going to control two different modes. So you press that to start the motors and then when youre ready to land, it will be an automatic uh landing function. Resync is basically rebinding button. We have our camera button, okay, so short pressed for snapshots and it says two seconds so hold it down. For two seconds for video and weve got our 3d flip button, just here just to have a bit of fun doing some flips. I like the little lcd screen here. It looks pretty cool, um, well ill, put some batteries and i believe this one uh has got a lot of different colored leds. So well have a look at that. Okay, so ive gone and put four double a batteries in here and, as you can see, it looks pretty cool uh. This transmitter with the actual uh different colored leds and beep functions to alert you with uh whats going on and what youve chosen. So, as you can see here, its actually got a four speed function here, so you press this to go up in the speeds and down to lower it with the minus key shows your roll got normal and headless mode. So if you click this were in headless mode, it shows you that you are and youre clicking it again, youre in normal mode, okay and the camera option as well.

So just up here you press the camera and it shows you when the camera is taking a photo. If i hold it down, it does the same thing all right, guys so yeah pretty decent little uh remote here and uh. I, like the different colored uh status buttons here as well. Okay, guys so before i fly, lets have a quick look at the hs 110d quadcopter here now, as you can see, it looks like a phantom style quadcopter here. All right and uh weve got the wi fi fpv unit on the bottom here with the 1080p camera 120 degree field of lens. Here it looks like it is a static camera by that you cant adjust it. So it is a fixed camera. Weve got the antenna out the back here all right now. You can remove this camera by unclipping it if you wish to do so, but this one actually has which is surprising, really uh. This has an sd card reader, okay, so you can put an sd card in it. Now i was skeptical at first. When i first looked at this, i thought that maybe the sd card slot was a blank one, but uh the listing does show that you can fit up to a 32 gigabyte sd card on this one. So thats what ill be doing. I might put a 16 gigabyte card in there. We have the battery in the back here, as you can see power button that i showed you before lets just turn it on lets have a look at the lights.

So weve got some red lights flashing. Okay, now uh lets see when i bind it, they do flash up down. Oh now, theyve gone solid and theyve yeah theyve got glowing a different color. Actually, theyre sort of glowing see that its a pretty nice light, so weve got uh blue on the back and then white on the front. But as you can see, when i first turned it on, they were all red, yeah, really nice lights here and obviously weve got brushed motors all around and the landing feed on the bottom, all right guys so uh lets take it out for a flight charge. These batteries up fully and ill have some fun with it, so ill catch these out at the feeling, guys im out here at the field, with the holy stone hs 110d. Now i just want to make a quick note of uh, just after ive done the unboxing overview section in this video, i did notice uh the user manual provided with my one, maybe because there was a review sample was all in chinese guys. So i just basically want to look up how to do the gyroscope reset how to do the stick, commands and uh. I actually couldnt find any diagrams in there um regarding that, but i did work it out. So what im going to show you quickly is how to do that just turn the quadcopter on turn the transmitter on up and down now, usually with toy grade drones.

You go two sticks down the left or the right, and that will work for a gyroscope. Okay. Let me just get out of the the actual light there. So you can see. The lights are flashing uh. There was no indication on the user manual, okay. So what i did was just play around with sticks that didnt work either down and out, but i did find out up and out is how you do the gyroscope reset. Okay, see the flashing up and out okay. That was not what i could see in the user manual itself. Theres another function that i noticed too for how to kill the motors uh in the user manual. It tells you to press these two simultaneously. It was just a diagram showing that so basically ive started the motors and then well press these two buttons up top the camera button and the flip button simultaneously at the same time – and that is your kill, switch button or your emergency stop button. Okay, guys so im going to set it up on the app and start a screen, recording and then well head out to the field. Its rather windy today, but well see how we go all right, guys, im in the holy stone app here going to click into device and, as you can see, we have wi fi, fpv. Okay, now hes rather windy at the moment its about midday uh. This has four speeds, so it should be.

Okay lets see how it goes anyway, so im gon na bump that up to speed four im, not gon na mess around with the other speeds gon na take a video recording. I do have an sd card in it and it is beeping, as you can hear, lets take it up for a flight. Now it does continuously beep okay, so here we are were flying around. Hopefully it is recording to the sd card. So just like another model of uh quadcopter uh, it does beep as youre recording lets, try flip. So it is rather windy out there guys, hopefully uh theres, not too much wind noise on my camera. If there is, i apologize, but it is a nice day to fly, weve been having a bit of rain, so this is my only opportunity. Does some nice flips send it out its a nice smooth flyer and the wi fi fpv connection looks pretty good just glimpsing down at my phone now and again its supposed to be a 1080p camera. Bring it down this way, bring it down a bit lower, get away from that wind wide angle lens here: do a flyby over the top of me. Try another flip barrel roll nice bring it back. This has got from some decent speed here, pretty decent flying quadcopter. All right now we meant to get about 10 minutes flight time. I dont know about that today. This fighting win im in the full rate, so that 10 minutes im guessing would be in ideal low to no wind conditions or indoor flying.

It is only a thousand milliamp hour lipo, but you do get two of them really, nice, okay. So what im gon na do im gon na stop that recording okay, it looks like the wi fi feed is showing me doing barrel rolls so ill hold that button down. Hopefully that recording stops it. The recording has stopped now its going to take some photos. So just let it sit there, quick snapshot. Youve done the camera snapshot sound on the app take it up a bit higher. Okay turn it around ill, bring it back a bit because its getting pushed by the wind just take a few snapshots of the field. Take one of that building and the grandstand there all right so its got great altitude hold. I mean hes getting its coping with the wind, but its staying at a pretty decent uh level of altitude. There take another photo over there and on the actual phone itself. It actually looks alright, like the camera looks pretty decent. I think this might be actually proper. 1080P footage well have to see about that, but uh, usually some quadcopters stay 1080p and then you put it into your computer files, have a look at them theyre. Actually, like 720 or theyre, not what theyre claimed, but this one does actually look very clear and its meant to have about 150 meter range which im not gon na push that and take some more video and we do get that beeping noise.

If you still do flips im not going to demonstrate headless mode guys because of the wind, but you got headless mode. If you like that, and also there are different functions uh on the app here which i might revisit on on another video im just going to go for the basic flight get a bit of a flight time for you and also im just interested in the camera. So we are fighting wind, thats, an understatement, actually and uh its doing rather well. Hes fishing, this fourth speed rate there. It is there hes, just getting taken away with this wind thats holding its own. Its got enough power to fly in this wind, not a problem like i said ill test. Some of the other app features in another video ill. Try my best to bring it out early in the morning next time and uh on a calmer day, its just very hard. Every time i uh even on the calmest of mornings. Every time i end up going to a field, the wind picks up anyway, thats just the weather here in perth, its uh. I live pretty close to the coast and its unavoidable. Most of the time anyway, check out the yaw. Try do some funnels here, bring it down a bit, get a good look at it again. So far, its a really nice fire, guys really nice and smooth nice and quiet too those brushed motors get a whole bunch of spare parts as well great little flyer.

This would make a great christmas gift, i think, for sure, a teenager or even for an adult starting out and get plenty of flight time out of those two batteries. So, im just going to end that recording too just so ive got some decent recording to put on the uh video here lets. Just uh fly it around have some fun see. If i can do some flips and barrel rolls still eh yes, and this is what i really like with these toy grade quads, where you can actually do it on the move. You see, i was full pitched forward and i could actually do a barrel roll or a front flip, as i am going now, its stopped doing it, so we must be in lvc. Yes, we are, i can see some lights flashing now, so that was the last flip. Let me get it above me here and youll see the lights on. The bottom are flashing just there. Hopefully, you can see that i know its hard to see in the daylight, but the lights are flashing on the bottom of the quad. Now on the hs 110d. Well, keep flying it out. Oh there we go there, we go thats the end of the uh of the flight time there guys okay, so that was a pretty decent flight time. Considering the amount of wind that i had here today this afternoon, um on a calmer day were going to get a bit better flight time for sure i was in speed rate four that whole time.

Otherwise, i think if i was any lower than that, maybe speed rate three would have been okay but anything lower than that two or one. This uh would have struggled, especially in this win, but uh overall im very happy with this uh little quadcopter. It flew really great nice and smooth reminds me of another quadcopter that i started learning to fly on, which is the old x5c. This has more of a phantom look to it. The camera looked great im glad its got an sd card recorder here, actual dvr, as you can see, ive got an sd card in there its a class 10 ive got in there verbatim uh or sandisk one of the two uh its a 32 gigabyte. Now this can take up to a 32 gigabyte card, so uh there you have it. That is the hs 110d from holy stone ill, definitely leave a link in the description guys. I do recommend this one. It uh flew rather well in this. These pretty high winds today and uh, i would say we had 20 kilometer an hour winds up to 20 kilometer an hour winds just now and uh. It seemed to handle it quite well. The controls on this uh transmitter are really nice as well, very responsive and smooth all the buttons work, as they should and uh yeah its a great uh, fpv flyer thats for sure you take some video with it great beginners drone, so uh check it out in The link below guys it is on amazon so anyway, guys thanks very much for watching my review on the hs110d from holy stone, great beginner squad and ill catch.