You know the review what it means, how quality the drone is, as you can see about taking off about taking off after calibration checking for the network splice, you can see the movement. The taking off is okay check the footage, how the footage is now what i’m getting through the footage. Very nice budget drone, very good footage to work on slow movement quality footage, no color grading. This is direct footage, no color grading shooting on 4; okay, not 1080p. You can see now watch while i fly to another side. You can see it look at people there. This picture i took now look at the people doing barrier on a burial ceremony getting all of them very nice and sweet footage to work on. You can check it it’s perfectly. Okay, it does not have any jello on it. Ain’T, no watermark, nothing! Nothing! It’S! Just that when you are flying, you cut the the the gimbal. A little bit is shaking it’s vibrating, small it’s vibrate. Sometimes you can. You can see it vibrating a little because it vibrating a little uh while i take pictures it’s, okay, the pictures are perfectly. Okay, now check this convoy that we’re passing while i was flying, you can check them. It is okay, not shaking just about. Sometimes the gimbal will shed due to the props of the uh bullish tone. 720E. The budget drone is a very nice drone. I am advising you if you can get if you can get a one thousand dollar.

Ninety nine nine dollar for big drones like dji products. If you’re a beginner, you can start with this. While you make your money, you save and buy bigger quality drones. This shoots on 4k. After 4k, you can shoot on 1080p. It gives you a quality, shooting, assay cinematography. You have to use it even if you have bigger drones like phantoms, mavix, uh, auto evo, all those ones uh. You need to have all these budget drones because sometimes when the big ones fail, you use these to do your work like i use all of the drones. I use them to do my work, my work. It goes smoothly because each one when i collaborate when i edit, i laugh all of them, they become one. It does not shift from one place to another. Now continue watching this. You will see a very nice footage. I got somewhere together when i was flying this drone. You can check it. Look at this. You can see this. What they were talking. The drone comes down facing them. Stability is okay, everything is okay. I float i flew here without network. It was an attitude hole. I removed i switched up gps, i was flying. That was why it was hovering lighting, something like this. It couldn’t lock automatically.