They breed like rats honestly, but this is the copis mini. Now i one of my favorite quads at the moment is the copis mini with the dji digital system in it, and i really wanted to do a comparison between the digital version and the analog version. This is the analog version of the copis mini and it is basically the frame same frame, same motors but different camera different fly, controller, different video transmitter, of course, because it doesn't have the dji digital system in there it's all analog, it's, all old school, and so I i was keen to get into this and i got this and i basically set it up and put a battery in and went to fly and it was crap absolutely totally crap the worst thing i've ever flown. I thought what what's going on here. Why is this such a crappy quad, when the digital version is so damn sweet and what it turns out is that it came with betaflight 4.0 4.0. Honestly, this has got a f7 flight control. The kakut f7 really good flight controller, but it came with butterfly 4 and beta flight 4. Really it wasn't that very good at all, and so it had the fly away. The first flight i set it up, i armed it. I opened the throttle and it wanted to go to jupiter and beyond. I had to disarm it to get it out of the sky i'm thinking what an earth, surely it can't come in such a seriously bad state of tune, but it did – and i tried messing around with the pids and the filtering in the chin.

No, it wasn't working wasn't working. So what did i do? Upgraded it to betaflight 4.2 and it flies like a dream, such chalk and cheese. So maybe they just threw an old if an old car could board in there and didn't actually check the firmware version or i don't know. But if you do buy one of these you want to make sure it's on better flight 4.2 and if, if it's, not upgraded before you even think of taking it out of the box, really it's, absolutely essential. So all the things i said about the digital version in terms of the motors and the frame and everything apply to this it's it's a grunty little motors, those little motors t motors – they are just so powerful, they're fantastic. The frame is rigid, it's it's well laid out. It seems to i've, got no problems with it. Um my complaint about this is the same as a complaint about the other one. They only give you one set of propellers seriously folks one set of propellers. Now you might think, oh that polycarb they're, pretty tough aren't. They well no look that's all that's left of one of the propellers after i had a little oopsie and it wasn't a big opsi here's. Some footage here, some dvr footage of that flight. The end of that flight look, all i did was hit a tree and boom. She was all over game over that. Just all three blades shoot off that that prop gone.

So if i just bought this thing – and maybe i hadn't updated the flight with software and it flew away and came down or if i'd banged into a tree on my first flight, i would be so annoyed that now i have to order some new props to Flight again so holy bro, please please! Whatever you do, i will give you much better review ratings. If you just include two or three sets of extra props, because people are going to want to fly these things so hard, because that's so much fun that they will break the props and the props are actually way weaker than i thought they'd be. I thought they would survive that with a few bent blades, but no absolutely smash the blades off that prop there's, no doubting that prop is not really much use for anything anymore, so yeah, holly bro, please please! I beg you. I implore you please please please now other thing i notice with this, which is not very good, is the position of the video transmitter antenna now normally you're going to be putting a battery. Let me find a battery i'm sure i've got a battery here. I was using the 650 milliamp four cells, the tron hobby line, which worked actually really well only 70c, but they seem to hold up damn well, i get good flight times and plenty of punch. Now, when you put a battery on here, let me just put a battery on because it's, the best way to show you is to do what i'm talking about put a battery on, and even though this battery is not charged, it won't make any difference because, for The purposes of the demo, you will see what i'm talking about here we go, here's the quad.

Now there you go you're flying around you're flying away. Oh it's, all good turn around to come back. Can you see that transmitter antenna? The video transmitter? You can't, you can't, see this. The battery is and the frame is going to block the signal heading forward. So you'll fly away happy as anything signals beaming out the back turn around and you've got all the stuff here blocking the signal. Your video will go snowy as hell, and you may have trouble getting back it's a small thing and obviously they put it there to keep it out of the way. It'S got a tpu 3d printed mount so it's not going to get bent or broken it's. A little thing for the wires to run for the battery, but even then see this is also close to the antennas it's compromising the performance of the antenna. You shouldn't have any conductive material within really a wavelength or two of the antenna and that's at least half a wavelength and a half wavelength is what about 24 millimeters or something i don't know, but it's. This is all way too close to the antenna. It'S ruining the radiation pattern of the antenna, which is already compromised enough by the fact you've got all this stuff in front of it so i'd say holy bro see if you can come up with a better idea than that that that's, you know it if you're Flying close proximity, you've got some 500 milliwatts you're not going to have a problem, but if you want to fly a bit further afield, if you want to do some and get behind some trees, where you're starting to lose a bit of signal, the efficiency of that Antenna is very, very important, so i don't know what you do, but you need to come up with a better solution than that, because this is just such a fun little quad you're going to want to fly it all the time and yeah.

So, as i say, once i put betaflight 4.2 on there totally different machine, it just flies like the digital but it's analog and, as i've said in a video on my extra channel i'm, a 50 50 guy i'm, not i'm, not partisan. I don't. You know some people are aligned with digital. Oh i've got to be digital, digital, so good and clear and fantastic it's, brilliant and other people say. Oh, i wouldn't touch digital with a badge bulb. Dj i want to you know: steal my babies and um. Analog is cheaper and it's it's, better it's. All i can afford, and i say i don't care. I fly whatever flies best and i i'm happy with whatever i'm flying at the time. I have so much fun with analog. It is just so much fun. I have so much fun with digital. It is so much fun it doesn't matter, doesn't matter. If you can't afford digital go analog. This is a really kick ass. Little quad. If i knew there were more props in the box, um it's hard to fault. It is hard to fault. Why would you go digital? Well, because if you want to get the only downside of this is it's got a really nice little camera there. I think it's a phoenix, i think it's a phoenix it's, really good picture excellent picture. Excellent quality from the camera, but obviously there's, no hd, recording capabilities and if you want to whack a gopro on there, well it's going to fly like a small windowless building because it's a hundred and something grams of extra weight on a quad.

This size, it just no, no, no, no, no, and so, even if you put a session or a run, chem 5 on there it's still going to be a bit porky. You know, especially because then you'll think i need a bigger battery and that adds extra weight and pretty soon, as i say, all you've got is a small windowless building that flies like crap, so the secret i found to these things is: keep them light. The lighter they are, the less power you need to use to to to do your maneuvers and therefore the less drain on the battery. So the battery doesn't last any less time when you use a small 650 versus a thousand milliamp on these things, so yeah that's. What i'd say, but this quad i like it – i love it every bit as much as the digital. One and i'll probably be flying it every bit as much as the digital one, because i just like the 50 50 blend, so holly bro excellent job, good specked equipment. I mean the everything is top spec in there and, aside from the fact that you use the crap version of butterfly – and you only give us one set of props and the video transmitter antenna is in the wrong place, i have very little to complain about with This quad and i'd say definitely if you want to if you're sticking with analog and you're looking for a a small, you know what is this.

I know one of these three inch props. If you're looking for a small three inch quad that you can have a blast with there, it is go for it buy one. Now, by the way i make no money, i don't shill for products um. I tell you everything, that's wrong with them and if i don't like them, i'll tell you there's, no affiliate link in the description of this video. There is a link to the holy bro site, but it's not a unique link, there's, no affiliate codes or anything. I don't make a bean. I don't care if you buy this or you don't, but i think if you buy it, you will be very happy like i am there. You go i'll leave you with some footage now, because everyone likes footage flight footage and having replaced the propeller, which is my last propeller. Hopefully, i won't hit anything and break there. You go guys thanks for watching no mid rolls in my videos. Thank you to my patreon supporters. I make that all possible and comments questions to the bit down there that youtube so carefully provides for your benefit and i'll do my best to answer the questions.