I don’t hear any oscillations or vibrations Applause it’s a little on the loose side. I think it’s, because it’s probably tuned for an 850. I have a 650 on here. I’M. Not going to be doing anything too crazy, i want to bust my uh naked gopro that’s on here. Basically, if i hit a tree branch or anything, this thing is gon na break. If i hit the ground it’s gon na break for sure, so nothing too crazy, plus the uh camera mount. This thing seems a bit on the loose side – i’m, not even sure. If the angle was held up or not Applause, all right there. I i need to adjust the rates on this it’s a little too high, yeah it’s a little too high Music, a little bit of wobble there in the power loop, Music yeah. You see that see a little wobble there there i think, it’s tuned for larger batteries. It seems and then uh, even though it has to give a range of 650 850, even if it’s off by you know 10 grams. These pituions are so precise, now really not much room for error. Music gon na get a pretty good flight time. I think on this: oh, this wind is pretty bad. Actually, so some of these wobbles are from the wind. I don’t know if you guys can hear that in the microphone or not – probably not there’s a nice wind muff on this microphone, but yeah it’s, pretty windy right now, oh and i’m, getting a red warning at 14.

8 volts, even though it’s a four cell Music. Okay, 14.7 interesting i’m, only at three and a half minutes of flight time. Maybe the Music warning is set pretty high on this one, usually on a four cell. Oh yeah, usually a four sided go down to like 14 volts or 13 and a half volts, no problem. So the uh out of the box setting must be sit pretty high on this one – hmm strange anyway. I think i’ll bring it in just in case about four minutes of flight, as you guys think all right, guys so i’m going to try a new format. For my videos here, because i been noticing that from the analytics that on average, my videos get watched about two and a half minutes, maybe three minutes if i’m lucky so i’m, going to try and make these videos a lot shorter and put the flight footage at The beginning, because you guys seem to skip over all the mumbo jumbo stuff and um, go right to the flight footage. So if you want to see all the specs on the holly bro freestyle 4 i’ll list them all here, you can read them off and pause. The video, if you want to know what those are or you can click the product link down in the description to get all the specifications i’m just going to give you my overall conclusion on this model and what i think of it, because i think that’s.

What mostly, which you guys, are interested in so obviously this is the dji version, there’s an analog version as well. This has the vista here in the back: a two board: 20 by 20 stack and 1404 t motor motors. Essentially, a modification of the four inch long range platform, but not for long range, but they’ve modified this for freestyle and optimizer. For that, so you’ve got the shorter antenna in the back here, no gps. They do have a gps module available. If you want to see a conversion to the m8 gps module, this is a hollywood product. It is a compass and gps combo and it can be installed on this one if you want to go long range in this one interested if you’re interested in a video on that leave me a comment down in the comment box and if there’s enough interest. I may consider doing that. Let’S go right to the weight of this thing, and that is, i think, the most important thing to i think about here in terms of this model. So this is the drone weight uh no battery, no gopro 189 uh with the this is what i flew with the 654s uh comes to 265 and then with the uh naked hero 7. Here now, we’re coming in at 298, you know 296.9. So this is the all of weight that i flew it. I think the pitune that’s on the um, the flight controller, is actually for a, i think, for an 850, a bigger battery a little bit heavier because it’d feel a little bit loose in the way it flew.

So i think the way the pins were are tuned for something probably about 25 grams. Heavier is my my guess, based on the way it felt in flight. They do have this interesting, uh naked gopro mount here with the the plug for the naked grouper already installed. I did not have to install this, and this is the one that will work with the beta fpv bc, but you see that i pulled the yellow, pin out that’s the signal pin for the turning is the remote recording capability which doesn’t work on my uh. My uh vc board, for whatever reason on this particular model, i’ve, never gone to work on anything, so i just pulled the pin out, which is why i see it like this. If you can’t get it to work, um, just pull the pin out and it’ll work. Normally just power it up, and then you can use the power up and record buttons like normal on your naked gopro, but it is nice that the plug is pre installed in this model. There are also instructions on the manual at the very end of the manual to explain how to set up this remote record feature um. I would recommend going through that. It works the same as another model and betaflight just that. I found that um i’ve never really gotten to work reliably on any of my models. So not exactly sure why best way it is, but this particular mount works with naked gopros like this one here or with the beta fpv v2 case, or also with the smoke 4k camera, and you have to remove this little extra piece here that it uses up A little space because the smooth working camera is a little bit thicker, so this pops out it’s um yeah.

I think i’m going to be able to show that here, it’s pretty it’s, pretty tight in there if it’s a little. This extra piece right here. If you pull that out, then the small 4k camera will fit in here. So if you want to fly with that um, i think if you have the snow 4k, you can do that. I think an adapter for this plug is also included for the smoke 4k. Camera in the box, a couple things i think they could change here is this mount is a little bit too loose. You can see just it’s hard to maintain that angle and also it doesn’t. Have it can’t go far far enough back if you want to go like super fast, because the battery gets in the way and then they should extend while they extended the carbon plate for the bat for batteries being longer going backwards, they didn’t include a silicone pad For the battery, so i would recommend adding something like that and then i think an extra battery shop is included. You should probably use that here in the back and use two battery straps for your battery uh, especially if you’re using a bigger one. If you crash this one, if you just use one like, i did here, it’s probably going to get injected. So keep that in mind. Now um back to the weight it’s a bit on the heavier side and i think it’s tuned for heavier battery as well.

But it still has you know, i think plenty of power pretty decent freestyle. I didn’t feel like it was underpowered. I just didn’t feel like it had extra power available um. You know if that’s what you’re looking for. I think that a bigger motor might be better for this weight uh, given the fact that you know has removable arms and all this extra weight here and it’s going to carry a gopro and full size, booster, crossfire, etc. So you know it’s not ultra light it’s, not meant for ultralight. So i think if the 1404 motor is a little bit undersized for this class, if they’re going for a freeze dial, you know you probably want to you know looking for super long flight times, you’re. Looking for more performance, so i’m thinking like a 1504 1505 1606 motor, might be better suited for this. If you’re looking for four inch sort of um freestyle quad, you know so it’s. Just you know feedback to holly bro. If you guys are listening that’s what i would recommend um, but overall you know: it’s nice it’s not like blowing your mind or anything like that, but you know it’s not a slouch either it, as you saw in the foot. Footage it’s got some pretty decent power. Anyways my conclusion, this model uh link down in the description, if you want to check it out, let me know if you like this format, better or worse down in the comments below.

Let me know in the comments, because i’m thinking i’m, going to make this permanent, put the flight footage at the beginning and shorten down the talking, so that is way shorter than it is. It usually is anyway, that’s going to do it.