They asked me if I would like to demo their hockey rx 5808 Pro diversity receiver for my fat short goggles, and I said absolutely. I would love to see these. These are nice because they do come with a 1.3 inch screen and it has a little push button navigation, joystick. You can go up and down in the menus. You can also do Auto scan on here, search mode, save everything you can save channels for your favorites. Just like LaForge have on those, and the forge has a lot of the same features as this does. This also includes race, band and setup menu in here. You also have our SSI information in there. If you want to do our SSI calibration, you can do that. You can also do obviously manual mode is included with these what's. The cool thing about these is that they're around the sixty to sixty five dollar price range, which is way cheaper than will Forge also Trudy, is going to be more expensive than these as well. So it comes with two parts that go right into your Fatshark goggles. This first part is the O LED display and your little navigation button right here and spring a little closer for you, as you can see that, but so far, looking like pretty nice quality, you have your antenna. We see report right there. Little heatsink on the back depends and over on this side is where your cables going to plug in it's, going to run across this part right here to the diversity receiver on the other side.

So this looks pretty slick it's, probably going to fit on my goggles. A little better than these 3d printed parts that I had to get third party 3d printed parts for my LaForge setup right here, so I've got well over a hundred dollars into this LaForge setup. I really like diversity, because it cleans up the image signal coming back from the quad a lot and takes out a lot of noise so I'm interested to demo these, for you guys also, if you're looking for these 3d printed parts, I'll try to put a link Down below so you can get this little faceplate cable part right here. This will make that cable, nice and snug, as it goes across in front of my fat sharks – I'm, not going to open these up and try to recess this cable, but you can, if you want to so I've, got everything laid out here and I have my Cables plugged in this one just simply plugged into this port right here and runs over to your diversity receiver right here. This is where you're going to put your patch antenna on this side, get a right hand turn there and you'll want to have that RP SMA connected there with a male piece sticking out, so you can screw that in also you want your 5.8 cloverleaf on the Other side, so that you have a nice, clear, video signal and the patch antenna will pick up what the cloverleaf is missing and clean up the video a lot that's why these diversity, module setups, are so popular just going to give you a little better penetration.

Also, when you go behind things, so you don't get too much static in your video when I did move over to a diversity setup like this, it just dramatically improve my overall experience for fpv, so just it's, just a lot better. It'S like night and day now, one big difference I see right away is LaForge screen is a lot smaller. The Holley bro Hachiya is quite a bit taller and wider, so you're going to be able to navigate these menus. A little easier I feel like them affords is a little bit small, but at the time when these came out, I didn't have any type of display. So I was happy to have this display, but you know it's middle of 2017 now and upgrades are coming. So this is pretty nice that these have a larger screen. Now these will install on the HD version to dominators by Fatshark they'll, also install on the HD 3s, the newest version that came out and they should install on some of the previous versions. So you might have to check with Fatshark or maybe check out some other videos on youtube. But this might be one of the first and early videos on the Hucky. But let's go ahead and show you how easy they are to install just going to move that stuff out of the way. Now the first part I'm going to put in is the main port over here, and this just plugs in these little pins have to plug.

In on this side, now they don't fit totally perfect on the HD 2's. You can see this little side is sticking out over here and that's that's going to be okay, but you need to make sure that all these pins make contact and plug in and this won't really snap into place. So what you'll need to do is take some sort of VHB or something like that on the backside of this just a little tiny piece to hold this in place, and once you do that, it's not going to move it's going to fit in there. Nice and snug now run this across the front. Here I have a little piece of BHP in the middle here and I'm just going to put the wires on top of and then on this side. You don't have to plug anything in, but you do have to have these little clips snap into place. So that's going to be the trick on this pair of goggles, so I'm just going to put that behind there and it seems like the bottom port of the dominator. Hd2 is a little bit in the way to get the module in there. So what I might have to do is actually loosen this nut up a little bit and slide this board in first behind this port right here now, once I get this side snapped down, and the board is flush behind that port right, there that's that's, going to Be the trick of getting them into the HD 2s and then you're going to snap this side down and it kind of snaps into place kind of nicely on here.

So it's nice and flush on the side of the goggles it's, not sticking out as much as that 3d printed, LaForge module that I had on here. So looked a little nicer on my goggles. In my opinion, and if these run like the true DS and the same type of software – and they look a little better than the forge I'll – be pretty excited about that, so let's go ahead and up the fat, sharks and I'll show you the menus. Okay. So I got this module installed and the other one on the other side, the diversity receiver. So what we want to do first, before t power, one is make sure that you put your antennas on they're very important because they could maybe possibly burn them up. You don't want to plug this in without doing that, so here's the startup screen looks very similar to Trudy. Again it also have that call name. You can change that from Holley bro to whatever your pilot name is inside the setup menu. Now this little this little joystick of your here on the right mine doesn't seem to go down. It does go up, but it doesn't want to go down – maybe I'm just pushing it wrong, but just to let you guys know mine doesn't want to seem to go down. So you have Auto Siegel here, which is super cool. This first menu right here shows you your a and B antennas or book hooked up, and you have your callsign here, and it has auto already on that channel 5695 on Bansi channel two right there.

So a nice big display. I like the fact that it is a nice large display now, if you press the button one time, it'll take you to the internal menus here and you have auto search up at the top. You have band scanner and if you don't press anything it automatically goes out so we're going to press down there's a setup menu. You have your diversity set up, you can go in there and turn off or on diversity if you'd like to or you can leave it on auto I'm just going to leave it on auto so I'm going to go back up, we can go to manual mode. You can manually scan through all of your different bands and channels if you just push up and it will just race through all of the bands one channel at a time, one through eight on each band, so that's that's, pretty cool. So I can go back to the menu as well again and you can do band scanner, so it's going to look for the best available band, well, that's kind of cool it's going to search through the entire band range. Looking for my what my quad is showing right now, I have a baby baby Hawk sitting over here to my right plugged in so I can also do that. Auto seek press that on a search one again and pretty quickly. It found the image right from the quad so pretty fast on the search function and that's that's important, if you're out and flying by yourself, it's kind of nice.

If you don't have anyone else around and that's plugged in at the same time, you can use the auto search and it usually finds your quad pretty quickly. I do like that feature a lot now. One thing that doesn't work on fat sharks with this particular Holley, Braille module – is the channel buttons up here on the fat sharks. What I liked about LaForge is that I can still scan through my channels or do it manually from the goggles on the LaForge ones, but with the holley bro and the Trudy you can't do that that's. The only drawback that I can think of for this particular module, but hey for 65 or 70 for a diversity set up I'm – not complaining about that, because I can just use this little joystick right here to do anything I want now we go into the setup Menu you have order channel. You can change that to frequency here. You also can turn your beeper on and off here. If you would like to not hear the beeper, but the beeper is kind of nice, because when your goggles get low it's going to beat for you and let you know that the voltage on your battery power and your goggles is low. So go back in there and we can also change the sign there. I can just press them at once and I can run through a through Z here. You go all the way across if I'd, like to add my pilot name, and I think we're going to leave Holley bro on there for now, and we can also, which is really nice.

We can calibrate the RSSI as well and that's, going to be nice for the best possible signal. Now we can save and exit and go back to the main menu here and it'll, just flip back. So, if you're on any of the modes inside the setup screen the mode selection when you're in manual mode in any of these screens, if you don't, touch anything for a couple seconds, it goes back to the main screen and that's kind of cool. Because you don't want to accidentally press something while you're flying and mess something up mid flight, but it's really nice to see that someone else out. There is making a competitive diversity module set up for fat sharks because the the ones that have been out they've been the neck and neck competitors for quite a while now there's a lot of people that religiously love, Trudy and there's. A lot of people that religiously love LaForge, I particularly like the forge but I'm going to give some of these other systems a chance. If serious FPV was send me a set of the Trudy's, I would definitely check those out and showcase those for you guys, but for now I'm going to be using this huh kiya 5808 setup here. Oh, my god rolls and I'm going to test them a bit further. If I find out that they're, not so great in the field, I would definitely let you guys know in the weeks to come, because I will have these on my fat sharks and out the field while I'm doing some demos for you guys so so far.

I think they look pretty darn good and they're actually pretty easy to navigate through the menus and that's a nice nice price for diversity setup in my opinion, but maybe not quite as high quality as the LaForge, but there's a lot. I like about this better than LaForge, and mainly is that larger screen I like that easier to navigate. This seems a little bit hard to see, especially for someone who needs glasses now. The second thing that I mostly like about the Holly bra version versus the LaForge is the fact that this menu button works a lot better than the mini navigation buttons. Here I get excited because this one has three buttons, but with this 3d printed piece they they're really hard to press it. Honestly, it pissed me off a lot because I could remember which button was which on here sometimes when I go back to change things. I press the wrong button and exit the menu on accident, so they get a thumbs up and a win for ease of navigation and also a nice fast, auto scan on these works really well, and you also have auto scan on this one too, but overall button Setup much easier to use the Holyrood joystick setup, even though mine doesn't seem to want to go down working a lot easier and easier to navigate than this dude over here. So congratulations: Holi bro! You guys made a nice little navigation menu. Very, very easy.

So thanks for watching this little demo and check these out, if you want to in the link below definitely going to be a big competitor this year to the other diversity modules out there. I think that it's, finally time that someone came out with a cheaper version of diversity for fat, shark, goggles I'm – actually pretty excited about it, because a lot of my friends need to switch over and start flying diversity. Some of them have fat sharks and just haven't made the switch yet. So this is going to be nice for that 65 point and later me or who knows maybe they'll come down even lower in price and end up like 50, so diversity is definitely coming to everybody's goggles this year and I'm. Pretty happy about that. So, anyway, guys thanks again for watching this little demo.