Its holy stoned, smallest drone, yet so stay tuned were gon na go into previews, and i shall be right, Music, all right, folks, welcome back and sorry if there was a little bit of a glare there now you guys can see a little bit better. So this is the hs 190 holy stone drone, which is the smallest they have yet to put out. So how much did this cost around 40 dollars? I do believe you can get other versions. I got the version without the camera, because the version with the camera cost like 44 dollars. It was like double the money just to get it with the camera that i didnt hear really good reviews on the camera. So this is the version without the camera, its just the drone, and i got this from ebay which got it from new egg and the ships really fast. I was impressed with that, and so let me tell you a little bit about this. Drone ive had previous ones uh. It has its one key, take off one key landing altitude hole, flip, uh, three speed modes and high speed rotation. The high speed rotation just makes the jump ill. Show you what it does later, but lets go ahead and get this thing out of the box. Music off dont mess this up, because i cant really re shoot taking the wrapping off again: okay, Music. How do i get this out of here? Man its been a while well, i think it could come out here.

It is take it out like this that and there you go instructions on top and then drone in there. So im going to give you guys a closer look up and review this entire thing. So i will be right back all right, so welcome back now lets see whats inside the box paul we got the user manual right here. Oh paxilla gel always need that. Your charger, your blade remover your screwdriver and some extra screws, blade guards and extra blades in this packet and whoa theres. Something in here, oh cautions about the battery, just needed to know that, yes over there, oh, my goodness, once a new released product – oh my goodness, thats, amazing, okay, setting that over there now here comes the exciting part setting the box over there. Oh wait! Yes, Music Applause, im being very careful non destructive over here, okay ta da here it is wow wow wow every time. I look at this. It just amazes me about how small it could be so heres the drone underneath the careful cover and the controller, and oh it just amazes me about how small they can make drones. Man thats, impressive, and here is the controller. This also can be charged in the controller using this plugin right here. So lets get right on to the details, starting with the holy stone, hs190 mini drone. So how does it work? Oh positive clicking? I dont know if the other one half that yeah yep and its folded out, my goodness its tiny.

Oh sorry, i didnt move. Let me move you guys. I like it. I like it a lot. So right here is the charging, and right here is the power on switch. Youve got a white light which, if i would have got the camera version thats where the camera would have been and flashing blue lights. I assume that means its either out of battery or its not connected. So let me turn this off. Oh, and what voltage is this? I think this is 3.7 volts with 220 mega amp hours or milliamp hours, or something like that got your nice holy stone symbol here and i think the blades yeah the blades just pop on enough. I dont really want to take those out setting the drone there. Moving on to the amazing looking controller, so here is your left joystick. This controls the altitude and the rotation. This is your direction, boards backward left and right. Your speed button, your high speed rotation, which that is a really cool function, a lot of the other holy stone drones or just drones in general, do not have that. Your one key take off one key landing: your power button, your return home ill explain how that works later. Your headless mode, which i dont use that much honestly and your forwards backwards, left and right trimmers and i think, thats all the buttons that are on this, and this thing will take four aaa batteries for some reason: theres two separate compartments where each of two and Two go in there.

I dont know, if ones, for the charging to charge it and whats that blast im. Just gon na set you back in there. That must be a protective cover or something uh. So yeah im gon na go ahead and get this drone charging ill. Tell you how long it took, and i shall be right back Music all right. So the battery is fully charged. It took about 29 minutes to charge it um. I think it was already halfway or quarter way or partway charged before they sent it. So i didnt it wasnt, you know as long as its good, but the charging time they say takes about 30 to 45 minutes um. Oh, i forgot that i dont know what this means. You have to activate 12 month replacement warranty now with a barcode scanner there. Oh yes and i dont think i mentioned that it does come with blade guards, although i probably will not be using them. Uh the lights on the charger. This thing right here will be solid red when charging and itll turn off once none once its done charging. This thing uh will turn blue when you turn it on to charge. If you want to plug it in through there. Well, turn blue and when its done itll turn red dont ask me why they reversed it, but for some reason they did so uh. I guess that is pretty much. It lets get right on to the test flight.

So welcome to the test flight section of this video now this has rubber landing gear or some sort of yeah rubber landing here see here, rubber, which is not bad, in my opinion, just really bouncy and cushions the land when youre landing it and can sometimes. Maybe you know flip it over or hit the ground and yeah, never mind, but anyway so number one. We flip the on switch nice light and uh. I guess that is bright, that is one bright led wow anyway, it starts flashing like this, with the red and the red front and blue and back backwards, uh your power button. It makes that deep, it means its connected and the drone lights are solid. Now to calibrate the gyro, you need both joysticks sorry, i kind of have a squeaky chair uh, both joysticks down to this corner as flash for a minute and then solid and to unlock it because you cant just take off you bring both these joysticks down to This corner and itll flash the motors will come on and itll just hover there. Now you have two choices: you can either take off with the ones you take off or you can manually take it up manually. Take it off with this joystick lets, try joystick and were up in the air were airborne Music and its actually hovering there pretty nicely sorry im blinding you guys, probably ill try to fly. Oh Music, that was pretty cool most other holy stone guns that i know, or just drones in general, cannot do that.

This is really fun to fly, guys super easily controlled Music, nice, okay, okay, lets kind of flip button, and i dont know if you guys saw that right now: Music, whoa, that was close all right, so lets go ahead and land. It lets see how gently i can land this, probably not very gently – oh very gently, in my opinion, so i guess this wraps it up for the review on the holy stone hs190 and if you want to see more videos like this one uh be sure to Comment like and hit that subscribe button, so you dont miss out on any more of my videos uh.