This drone is for you. Their service is also excellent, no gimbal video to shaky flying time shorter than stated Music. I have holy stones hs700d drone and it is a blast to fly now that i have two extra batteries. I can have even more fun more flying time equals more fun, Music it’s that simple. Why waste time waiting for a battery to recharge, when you can have two extras waiting in the wings? No pun intended by the way. These are the same high quality batteries that match the original one. That came with your drone, so you know they will fit and the price is right. My recent purchase of the hs700d has sparked a passion in me to take amazing aerial photos and share them. The battery provides about 20 minutes of flying time. If you just hover and take snapshots, if you maneuver around quite a bit, then the battery lasts about 15 minutes it’s. A good idea to have multiple batteries available for extended flights for optimal recharging use the battery until it’s almost completely discharged.