Anyways back sonicrafter678 martinez is back. I would like to review something for you. The holy stone series s one s, eight, no, no h s, holly stone one 10 d, it’s a drone, so let’s get to our unboxing. Oh yeah. This is the charger i still have there’s the charger got the cool drone. I heard i charged it last night. I always have to carry around the box here’s the controller and we also have modes. I don’t know what these buttons do. I just keep forgetting anyways. This is the status one key engine. I don’t know what this does this for the phone. I hooked it up. I’M filming from the phone, so i don’t have a camera. I also have here’s the shields from the propellers extra propellers and i found other shields and a second battery. We also have new landing things landon. I don’t know what these are called, but they’re, pretty cool let’s, take a look at the back of the box. First got ta get everything out, so i don’t flip it. So i don’t lose them okay, so it looks like okay. So it looks like drone. Has a camera equipped with 120 degrees, wide angle, camera wi, fi camera aircraft battery? I have the app right now and we also have a short press photo. Flips short press, oh no. That is never mind. So this is from holly stone. I got from amazon one day, amazon’s best sellers and this range 14 and up one of the best sellers now let’s look at the front of the packaging wait.

No. We also have a lot more obligatory product shots. No pacman. I mean no sad pack, no nevermind altitude hold headless mode. I don’t know what that is. They got a lot of things for the drone, so i’m, not really gon na fly it because it’d be hard to see through the camera. So this is the controller let’s. Take a look at the drone, though there’s the camera, the propellers, the lights, everything you need for the drone, even the propellers, i think, that’ll be it for now. I’M. Sorry, this has been a kind of a short video. I apologize for a short video. I just you see, i don’t really next time.