This is what we see. We see a game style controller, uh that’s becoming a bit more common, they’ve, actually kind of perfected, a game style controller where it’s longer here and a little bit wider up top kind of like the tea light um from maker fire and jumper foldable drone. Clearly again from potensic um over here, we have our charger. We’Ll, get everything out, let’s get everything out of the box by the power of youtube and platins. Oh once you pull everything out of the box, we have our controller, which obviously will hold the cell phone. This is going to be app enabled we have our drone here, which is uh foldable. We will unfold. It we’ll show you that over here we had a screwdriver. We also had a charger and we have the instruction manual. So let’s take a look at the controller. The controller has a little bit of grippage on the back or yeah a little little grippage. I guess that’s kind of rubberized a little bit um there that’s decent um it’s, not a super small gamer style control like we’ve, seen with the zero elevens and we’ve seen, which other type of controllers it’s, actually a little bit better fit formed they’re getting better. With these gamer style controllers, all the buttons seem to be accessible just like a game style controller, so that’s cool uh. Your left stick is centered, so this is definitely going to be altitude hold.

We have headless mode, we have a picture over there and video over here and then we also have your speed button right. There. Obviously you’re going to have uh one key: take off and landing emergency. Stop your trim buttons and uh power button over there unsure what that button is going to do right there, but let’s go ahead and get this bad boy open. First thing i would like to look at is this camera? As you can see, it is not just a pinhole camera, it says hd camera, i believe, it’s 720p, but we actually have a lens on the edge of that camera. Underneath the drone we can see uh. There is a sensor right there with a little itty bitty eye, that’s, probably going to be optical flow, to maintain position and bamzo there’s. A little look at the profile uh from potentic um a little little bit of look at the profile, it’s, not a super large drone. It does fold down really nicely. It does open up pretty big for how well it folds down so that’s. Definitely impressive! Uh white! On top black on bottom, i don’t think there’s much more to look at here. We have a little sorry about that. We have little nubbies here uh. These are going to be what it looks like direct feed, brushed motors, which is good. I, like direct feed gear to gear. Not so much i mean they work, okay, but direct feed.

Brush motors is definitely the way to go guys. I’M. J drone. If you haven’t, subscribed, smash the subscribe button and one more time, one more time, part time.