Take a look at this, the best holy stone drone on the market. Today this is the holy stone. Hs 360.. It has a two axis gimbal with a 2.5 k camera and it has brushless motors and its a foldable quadcopter. This thing seems to be pretty stable in the air, as you can see its not doing all that toilet bowling around like some holy stone. Drones have been known to do in the past, but uh. This thing, doesnt have any type of optical flow or obstacle avoidance, but it definitely seems to hold its altitude pretty well in the air, as you can see right here, im holding the controller up in the air to show you that im not moving the controller as Well as to show you that the drone is pretty steady, standing between the antennas on my controller Music, all right here it is most motorcyclists – are looking for a nice drone that they can capture awesome videos as well as great photos when they out traveling on a Motorcycle well, i tested out this holy stone, hs360 and im highly impressed with this 2.5 k. Camera, and this drone does have intelligent flight modes where you can do the gps. Follow the circle me as well as the waypoints. All of this footage was recorded directly to the drone on the micro sd card right now, im gon na try to use the return to home feature, so we can see how close it gets to the takeoff point side note when youre flying around trees.

You definitely want to set your return to home height as high as possible. So when you hit the return to home itll raise up above the trees, then it will return home and descend to the takeoff point. This video is being recorded at 2.5 k at 30 frames per second right now. The drone is still returning to the home point and youll see in just a second its about to start descending to where it took off from this drone weighs 276 grams. So you will have to register it with faa. I am highly impressed with this 2.5 k camera on this two axis gimbal. Let me know in the comments below what you think about this camera quality. Of course, now its descending im scrambling trying to grab my other camera instead of letting the gimbal down. So you can see the ground im trying to grab my other camera, then im gon na let the gimbal down. So you guys can see whats going on ima record the landing from the ground, as well as from the air. This 2.5 k camera and this 2 axis gimbal on this budget drone is out of this world thats. The reason i had to purchase this drone just looking back at this footage. I definitely want to do a distance test, so i can see how far itll fly before to disconnect from the app or the controller okay. So i just activated the return to home, and the drone is right above head, its always best to calibrate your gps on your drone, as well as your gyros before you take off.

So you can return to home now lets see how close this thing is. Actually gon na get to the takeoff point its coming down its not gon na hit my uh its coming down, but its not gon na hit be landing. The spot that i took off when i land took off from its not gon na hit my actual landing pad, but im using my case im using my case as my landing pad and as you can see, the drone is here and thats where i took off From so you looking at about three to five feet about three to five feet and, of course, flying around trees. You have to be careful so im using the circle me mode at five meters, so it doesnt hit any of these trees that around me right now. So were testing out the circle, remote and im, trying to adjust the gimbal to keep myself inside of the shot overall im highly impressed with this 2.5 k camera and i dont plan on using too many of these intelligent flight modes. For what im going to be doing, im going to be doing mostly aerial photography and i think its going to work great for what im going to be using it for, and this drone operates on 5g wi fi, so its best to fly it away from wi. Fi interference, like i said, its a fun little flyer, guys nice little beginner, drone, beginner camera drone.

It has brushless motors 2xs, gimbal, 2.5 k, camera video camera with 4k photos and its a nice, its an excellent little flyer, guys excellent. It doesnt have any type of optical flow or obstacle avoidance, and i do recommend this little drone. If youre looking for a drone like this, the links will be listed in the description box below those are amazon affiliate links. We do get a minor kickback when you purchase through those links. It doesnt cost you a thing, but it does help out. The channel now lets take a look at what it comes with. Okay heres the case the drone comes in, has a leather handle on the top, has two zippers, and it comes in this nice carrying case okay lets open it up. Lets check it out. I like that they have this little foam in here to protect it on transportation. Okay, this is everything the drone comes with comes with two batteries, one inside of the drone one store inside of the case, the nice controller, as well as the drone, but lets check out this controller on the left. You have your gimbal wheel on the right. You have your shutter button on the right in front of that. You have your high low speed button. Then you have your antennas, you have your control sticks, you have your return to home button. You have your power button, you have your calibration button and then you have your automatic takeoff and lan button, and of course, after that, you have your spot to put your phone here.

It is a brushless foldable quadcopter that weighs 276 grams. It operates on 5g wifi and by being over the limit of 250 grams, it will have to be registered with the faa. It has red lights in the front arms, it has green lights in the back arms and it has a micro sd slot on the side. Well, thats pretty much all i got for yall until next time keep the rubber side down get out.