This is the hs 340 model. You are getting a lot for your money with this one. This is really meant for beginners. I know it says kids, but im not a kid. This was really good for me to start learning. This was my first time flying a drone and let me tell you its hard. It is not easy. It gets beat up pretty good when you are learning. So this is perfect for that, because drones can be very, very expensive, and this one right here gives you the ability to learn a lot about flight patterns. It came with this remote too, and you are able to control it with an app, but i do like the fact that you have a physical remote to hold on to its really comfortable, like a video game controller. This is to take off. This is to control the speed. This is to do the flip tricks, and this right here kill switch again. This is just a starter drone and it includes a 720p camera and look at the footage, its pretty clear. This is it outdoors. It does get a little tricky to fly when there is wind ill. Let you know im just gon na, let it take off by throwing it so once you start to understand flight patterns, you can start to do tricks here. Im trying to fly through the ring of fire and we made it.