Hs 720 g. If you saw part one, i go in depth in the app and semester different aspects of the drone, but today were going to go over the flight characteristics of the drone. How the follow me works, how far will it go? How long will it fly and how long of a flight time you get and how does it fly so its an upgrade of the 720e that was very popular and a lot of drone youtubers said it was the best value at 299. i like when they upgraded The 700d to the 700e in two years guys this one is a way better improvement over this one. This was my first holy stone drone and i reviewed over 20 holy stone drones. I still think this one might be my favorite. I think thatll have to be my next video, comparing the 700 e to the 720 g, even though this one doesnt have a multiple like this gimbal. This is a really solid flyer. Guys one years are like dog years two years can be a big difference. I heard someone the other day: they go thats, so 20, 20.. So, two years later they came out with this one, and this was a major improvement, so thats kind of how theyve done from the e to the g model. When you first look at them. The first noticeable difference is the camera. This is a multiple axis gimbal, the 720e. It is a one access gimbal and it goes up and down and it does have image stabilization.

But when you tilt it, your horizon is going to tilt. So it doesnt really give you a really good cinematic shot with this one when it rolls the camera stays still. It doesnt have the pan axis, but it goes up and down and it roll left and right which really gives you a much better cinematic shot. But thats not even the major difference. The major difference between these two drones is this: one went on a major diet. This one weighs 478 grams and this ones 361 grams and look at the size of the motors. You may say this ones a lot slower. No, this ones 23 miles an hour, and this ones 20 miles an hour because i tested it on my last video. The only thing thats missing is the light. If youre going on a diet, sometimes you got to make sacrifices, which i never really use the light. Anyway, how often do you fly at night and if you look at the batteries, look how tiny this battery is compared to the other one, but this ones a 2800 milliwatt amp battery and this ones a 2950. look at the weight savings of this one. This ones 153 grams and this ones 110., so you may be thinking well, it doesnt fly as long youll see at the end, youll be surprised how long this thing flies its thats. One thing i got ta really give it to this drone. It can stay in the air a really long time.

I was amazed matter of fact. I got bored sitting there, trying to wait for it to land. Ive always said that holy stone makes the best beginner drone, which is the hs210 uh theres one out there. I like a little bit more but guys the best value out there right now is holy stones latest, throw drone the hs430 and, with my 25 off discount code, ill put it below, and i mentioned that in the review of this drone. But this thing has a 1080p camera really good flight time flies fantastic and for 40., if youre wanting your first drone. This should be your first drone to learn the orientation of a drone so guys holy stone does send me, nice, hats and shirts and theyve all these drones, but they have no input on what i say. So all of this is what i really believe in matter of fact. They didnt like some of my videos. They asked me to take them down, but i said no dont sell that drone. No more just sell these good ones. First of all, were gon na. Do follow me and see how it tracks me and then well see how far it flies and then well see how long the battery lasts and how long the flight time you get and the overall flight characteristics of the drone so lets go put her up in The air all right guys, girls, so first were gon na first of all, lets do return to home.

Um ive got my little landing pad here. Thatll give it a pretty good target is actually for my inspires, so lets see if we can send her out. Maybe you know across the pond and fly around a little bit and see if she returns to home and can hit this pad. Its really really windy out here so were gon na. Take her off lets see how she does in the wind. One thing i always like to do as soon as i take like take a drone off is send it up about 15 20 feet, give it a couple seconds and that lets the satellites really lock in and it locks into its return to home. Also, its really important to have some type of landing pad so for the camera and the sensors to have something to look at versus just looking at all green or all brown or wherever youre at its fighting. That wind, really good all right lets send her out. Weve got uh 15 satellites, so this is really all right, so we are at how far away are we? We are at uh only 94 feet so so here we go, were gon na hit return to home and see how she does. Hopefully i have the return to home uh settings correct for the height, so i have the height. It says: 56 49, its coming down a little bit its doing fantastic. What you want to do is make sure you have your return to home, set higher than all the trees around you, because if youve got it below the trees, then you could be in big trouble.

All right, so shes coming down lets see how she does. I think shes gon na miss it hey thats, pretty close, all right thats within like three feet, all right, so theres return to home its really windy guys and it flew. It flies fantastic. Okay, so now were going to do a point of interest all right. So lets lets put her back up in the were air back. Her up move her away from the tree, go a little bit higher im gon na hit record on the. I want to record this. So this is what you see in your phone. The video from the drone is much better ill. Show that to you in a minute. But if you look at my height im at 13 meters, but my distance is only i think, set at five when i hit a point of interest. So what you need to do is go into settings and change that into a wider prospect like a 15, even a 30 40 millimeter. Also, i dont have the camera pointed down so here ill point the camera down and then its doing point of interest. Look how windy it is so this is the best cinematic shot. I got the other day because look at that pond theres, absolutely no wind, so the horizon stays completely flat with that multiple access gimbal. But when you try to turn it youre going to get a little bit of a shakiness, but the color saturation is really good on this drone.

That little bit of jerkiness is probably me with the sticks going forward too fast. Also, there was no waypoints or uh tap to fly on the app i deleted it and reinstalled it and it just wasnt there, but i dont know who would want to use that on a drone that doesnt have obstacle. Avoidance and doesnt have very long range youre. Just asking for trouble its better just to fly line of sight and be safe, im really impressed with the camera and especially how long the battery lasts ill. Show you that in a minute, but lets try to follow me now all right. So as soon as you get the wi fi and everything working on the app you hit, the four little boxes and itll pull up to follow me and you swipe it and itll start following your device. Some drones follow the remote, not this one, its a wi fi drone, so its going to follow what its hooked up to the wi fi to, which is your phone and, of course, wi. Fis dont have very long range, so you got to kind of keep it close to you uh point it down to you like i do here. If you want to see what youre doing or you can have, it pointed straight ahead, its really windy. Look at that tree, but does a really good job at a walking pace or something like that later. I tried my motorcycle and tried going like 15 and it kind of kept losing me so it at a good, slow pace or even a bicycle.

I think it would follow you, but again this does not have obstacle avoidance, so be really careful when its following you that it doesnt run into something i dont, even trust, any obstacle avoidance on any drone, except for the skydio and that things amazing, but thats. A couple grand so with any functions on this drone. If you want it to stop um open the four boxes again and just hit uh follow me button. You dont have to swipe it. Itll, just itll stop or just hit return to home or just push on one of the sticks um. Here i push return to home and it lands right in the middle. I mean look at this. You can see by the camera that it lands right in the middle, so i do get on my motorcycle and try to get it to follow me, but um right after i take it off. It almost hits a mailbox and im thinking. This is not a good idea, ill just stick to flying it. So in part one i go over all the aspects of the drone in the app so but real quick. If you look up the green light means you have plenty of satellites, itll go red. If you dont, if you look next to the satellite symbol, i have 17 satellites, it tells you the battery on the drone, the battery on the remote if youre, connected uh, if youre, recording the settings and everything the return to home and the take off is on Your left, along with those four little things, but go back to part one.

If you want to see that and then the little slider on the right is for moving the gimbal up and down all right. So next man william get together and we actually have walking talkies and he goes way far away. Thinking, im, im thinking, im going to put this thing out: a thousand meters and thats what its supposed to do. But before i start, let me say: i live in dallas fort worth texas, which is one of the most congested airspaces uh in the nation, so theres all kinds of signal interference. I mean theres seven and a half million people that live here so theres all kinds of interference, im sure if youre out in the country, youre probably going to get twice as far range as i do. But again, this is a wi fi drone, its connected to your wi fi, so your device and how good its connected to it is going to have a lot to do with it also. But i also want to point out the united states. We have beyond visual line of sight loss, so you can only fly your drone as far as you can see it. So you know if im buying the inspire 2 thats about a mile mile and a half, but on these little smaller drones, i have really three or 400 meters and you cant see them. So if you get caught by the faa, you could be also, if youre part 107, and you get caught breaking the rules by the faa.

They can take your license and, if thats, what you do for a living youre in big trouble, so always check your maps to make sure before you push a drone to the edge of beyond visual line of sight to make sure the maps are working. Because if you lose connection and you lose a camera, you need to use those maps to bring the drone back. Another thing to do is if you ever lose line of sight and the maps arent working, look down at your meters uh. I had that happen before and just push forward and if the numbers getting bigger, that means its going away from you. I see the distance meters and so just make sure that those numbers start getting smaller if you ever become disconnected and return to home, doesnt work. So, look, i only go out about 250 meters, 260 meters and it starts jamming on me and im in a highly populated area. I dont want to lose connection, ive done it before and had a drone fly away and i live close to a highway. You know what, if you lose your drone and it goes down in the middle of a highway, thatd be really dangerous. So really all i got out of this. One was about 250 meters, so next were doing the battery test. So this is the one that blew me away, so the camera is really good. I love the multiple access gimbal, but the main thing thats really impressive, with this drone – is the diet so im not going to sit there and make you watch the whole time im watching flying this thing, but i was blown away at about the 20 minute mark.

It still had four bars, so finally, it went down to three bars and the only problem i have with it is that when it dropped to two bars, it dropped to one within 15 seconds and it landed like another 15 seconds, so thats not good. It doesnt have a battery meter on it, but i got an amazing 23 and a half minutes out of this drone. We did put the 720e up on and test it, and it got about 18 and a half minutes and for being two years old. That means it hasnt really lost very much battery life for being two years old because thats about what i was getting from the 720e about two years ago, but this one got a full 23 and a half minutes um. Of course, im not you know flying it hard, im, just kind of making it hover, but i just want to keep my eyes on the ipad to see the timer and see how its doing so, i think im going to go. Do a youtube live because if i hadnt seen this, i wouldnt have believed it. Usually when a manufacturer says the drone gets about 23 minutes or 24 minutes, it really gets about 18.. So let me say too, that all drones kind of have their quirkiness. Even the really expensive ones, they all fly a little bit different. But if youve been flying really cheap drones – and you fly this youre going to love it because it just is rock solid, is it the best 300 drone out there? No theres, probably better ones, but i got to give it to holy stone for really improving the craft every single time, its a great value for 300 for what it does, but holy stone really makes the best 40 to 100 drones bar none, but they keep improving.

So let me say too, that all drones kind of have their quirkiness, even the really expensive ones. They all fly a little bit different, but if youve been flying really cheap drones and you fly this youre gon na love, it hey guys thanks so much for watching part two of my review of the holy stone hs720g in part one i did if you missed It i go over the app and everything and how to get the wi fi done and how to get it calibrated and how to get the remote connected to the drone. The compass calibrated, the wi, fi working and all the aspects of the app. But today we went over the flight characteristics, so one thing i didnt like about this drone again was, and i mentioned it was it took forever for to go down to two bars and as soon as it went down to one bar, it landed. So if youve been flying, this thing for 20 minutes its time to bring it back because it doesnt give you a battery percentage so its hard to go by the the lights in the back. So when it starts getting down, if it ever gets to two bars its time to bring it back, dont wait till it gets down to one bar um. It flies really solid. You saw it theres, no toilet bowling. It was rock solid compared to this one. I had a lovely relationship with this one.

Sometimes this was rock solid and sometimes it just kind of gave me a few issues. I never crashed it or anything like that and it always performed, but this ones rock solid is it is i mean, could you make a living out of this drone? No, its still a budget beginner drone at 300, but you can have a lot of fun with this drone and you can get some take it on vacation and get some really cool shots with the multiple access gimbal. Now the 4k camera it gives. You really nice pictures and video now well. This one would just give you really nice pictures this.