I really do appreciate it something else. I would really appreciate hit that subscribe like and that notify button for me. So you dont miss any of my upcoming videos. I got a special treat for you guys today. I am super excited about this drone and ive been waiting a long time for this one. Today we are going to check out holy stones newest drone, its their new, improved, totally redesigned upgraded version of the hs720e yep. You heard me right finally got an upgrade on the hs720e. I give you holy stones hs720g. This little dude is awesome. You guys it has. Four tiny brushless motors on it, but super powerful brushless motors 5g video transmission, the gps module in this dude now has anti interference capabilities, so that should give it a much more stable flight. All the fail, safe features. So if youre a beginner, you could absolutely get this drone, put it up in the air and learn to fly it with ease the biggest upgrade to me, though, check it out the camera. A 4k uhd camera still has the eis built into it like the 720e, but now it sits on a two axis self stabilizing gimbal that is going to make for some pretty impressive video and pictures the camera. Now it has a bunch of different settings that you can change the ios, the lighting filters, all that good stuff and you can record in 1080p and 4k, but the price awesome price on this drone.

You guys 299 on amazon right now, but you know im gon na take care of you and i did i reached out to holy stone. They gave me a 10 off coupon code to give to you guys. That means you can get this dude for right. Around 270 bucks, in my opinion, that is an absolute steal for this drone. You guys definitely go down. There click the link grab, the coupon go get one of these. You wont be sorry, but right now were gon na unbox. It im gon na show you how to set it all up then were gon na put this dude in the air and were gon na check him out and see what he can do. Im excited so lets go, get started. Oh wait check this out. First, Music. Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, okay, guys here we go hub city drones, official unboxing, of holy stones, brand new hs720g. This is the major upgraded version of the hs720e. This is the beautiful box it comes in. I am so excited about this drone. 4K. 3840 by 2160. At 30 frames per second super cool lets, get this dude out of the box, so we can check it out here we go here. We go get this box. Out of our way were gon na need some room here as usual, everything is packaged nice and perfectly. Oh wow, oh this is a cool ass case. You guys hard sided almost like a a faux leather leather handle on the top, its oblong, which is really cool, so this is definitely an upgraded case as well.

Oh you smell that that new drone scent. I love it, but were gon na get inside here and were gon na check it all out all right here we go ready very cool pouch on the top. Its the entire top is a storage compartment which is pretty cool but were gon na get yes. The manual lets just go this way because were gon na need some room, this things long wow impressive case. I really like it all right so heres our manual youve got your caution of battery and your caution dont charge battery in the drone, because it could melt cause fire whatever all that other good stuff cant charge it in the drone anyway, because the charger port is Covered, i think, maybe not on this one. No, i think it is anyway dont ever charge your batteries inside your drone heres, the manual holy stone always always prints out a great manual for their drones. I dont care if its a mini drone or their newest gps. Drone, which is what we have here, but theyre, always well detailed. Every bit of information you need to know is in this manual, you guys read it live, it know it go online. I actually just go to my description and ill put a link where you can go and print this manual off now and you can read all about the drone, while youre waiting for it to get delivered because im hoping after you see this youre going to order.

One because this is a badass drone im just going to tell you that right now always read your manual dont charge. The batteries put it up in the air before you know what it can and cant do its just not safe for you or the drone, but dont be a drone dummy all right time for the good stuff. All right were going to go for our goodie box. First, so what do we got in here? So im going to just turn this around here a little bit, because we need some room hey there. We go look at that all right, our goodie box. What do we got? Oh, what do we got all right? So looks like in here is our full set of spare propellers with a set of screws as well cool and then oh, its a its a box within a box kind of, like i wrap my christmas gifts for my grandkids, one usb charging cable, its a usb Just trust me its a type c its in there. I dont want to rip this open and take it all out and one handy dandy, phillips, head screwdriver, propeller removal tool lets see what the box in the box is all about. Here, oh im, guessing this is our battery yep, because right here on the side, it says hs710, hs720 and its checked. So i wonder if you can use the hs710 batteries in this drone as well possibility, i dont have an hs710, so i dont know.

But oh, what do we got here? Come out? Oh my lord whoa its in there really good jeez all right, oh well, holy stone, always packages their stuff, great im, telling you a bunch of bumpers, a little sleeve here cool. So this is our 2950 mah, 7.7 volt lipo drone engine very cool you can see here. It almost looks like the original hs 720 ease battery just a whole lot smaller. So you can charge this with a 5 volt 2 amp charger the ports right here. So i guess, if its in the yeah, i guess you could charge it if its in the drone, but dont do that. Thats, not a good idea at all. Anyway, 5 volt 2 amp charger box with the usb type c cable it came with. It takes five hours to charge this dude five whole hours and thats a dead battery, and you get 26 minutes of flight time, thats, actually pretty damn good. I have another battery on the way ill, actually put a link in the description where you can get extra batteries as well. Make it super simple on you to get everything you need get this dude up and flying so very cool. The power button ill show you that in a minute, imma keep you in suspense. Oh our controller Music, two joystick bumper guards, one screen protector covered up, it comes controller. Does it look familiar if you have an hs720, it sure, as hell should look familiar its the exact same controller, which is fine by me, because i absolutely love this controller.

This is one of my favorite controllers. Out of all my drones, i just love this controller, so very cool. It is a 2.4 gigahertz controller. Your video feed is five gigahertz, so 5g video transmission thats the fpv in your video. It takes two double a batteries. Now it does have one which one is it. I think its this one yeah theres the wire in here. So it has one working antenna. It is a 16 dbm antenna, pretty cool. Then we have our cell phone holder on the top, this cell phone holder. You got to pull it out and give it a pretty good yank like so then you just click it forward. Put your little bumper here down your phone will rest on there and go into oh. Maybe if i can keep it open there, it goes all right. So thats the stretch right there. I believe i want to say its like a four to six inch phone that will fit in here. I use the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra, and it fits perfectly in here without the otterbox case on it. So you probably have to take it out of the case, but not a problem on the top. We have our camera gimbal adjustment or our camera adjustment anyway up and down negative 90 degrees to zero degrees. This wheel over here wont pay attention now, because this is a very, very important wheel on this controller. It does nothing at all its just there for show some vents on the back.

Your camera video button uh, naturally same as all of them. One click picture, long press it. It will start recording video your speed button. This is a two speed. Drone high and low hold it in. It will beep twice for speed, two hold it in again. It will be once for speed one on the front. We have this: is your auto? Take off and land um push it the drone after you unlock the motors, push it and the drone will lift up in the air. It goes up about five feet, ill show it to you when we test fly it and then, if youre close to the landing pad or for whatever reason you want to land it, you can hit this and the drones going to land wherever its hovering at the Joysticks feel really good on here, its just like the hs728 controller, but i just love these joysticks theyre, really responsive and um, not too, i dont know hairy. I guess you could say, but i like the way they feel this little lock button right here. This is our emergency stop button. You have to long press it and hold it in for the emergency stop to kick in when you do that. Your drone is going to absolutely explode in a million pieces in the air and youre going to have to get a new drone. So dont ever use this button. Unless you absolutely have to use it im kidding, the drone will fall out of the sky.

Like a brick, though, this is also your motor unlock button press. It once unlocks the motors joystick or the button here, and the drone lifts up well also use this to pair the controller to the drone for the first time after that, you dont have to do it ill show you that in the setup part of the video, Our power button right here – oh we got power, check it out right here. This is our return to home button great button to have return to home if youre new to drones, gps, drones, 99.9 of them anyway, have fail. Safe features built into them fail safe, meaning you cannot fail while youre flying it nearly impossible unless you crash it into something because youre not paying attention or or doing something reckless, but if it loses the connection to the transmitter, it will automatically come home in six Seconds it will start the return to home process low battery if it gets to a certain point. The drone is going to come home and land and, if its too far away, you can barely see it out there and you dont know which way its facing you cant, get it home, push that button and the drone will come back and land from where it Took off super cool, okay on the side, this is your gps on and gps off mode. It tells you here on the front when you click it up right. There you see on gps, push it up.

Your gps is off, so you can fly this out of gps mode, very cool and would probably for indoor i dont fly in gps indoor, because youre going to lose your signal constantly. If you get one at all so thats cool on the controller, we have your distance in meters, your height and meters, your drone battery level. This is your controller battery level. You have your speed mode here over here. You have your number of satellites that zero. Well, whatever 17 10 11 thats, how many satellites your drone is connected to the drone controller, the drone controller, the controller defaults to mode two, you can turn it to mode one, and i believe what you do is you have to hold the camera button and the Lock button turn the controller on and then long press your return to home button, and it will switch it to mode one all that does is it just switches these joysticks around. So instead of this side here your left being your ascend and decent. This would be your forward backwards and youre all left and right. This would be your ascend and descend and turn left turn right. All that does when you turn the controller off, it will default back to mode two. So keep that in mind your speeds right here, low long press shows you were in high speed and it beeps twice to let you know youre in speed two. This is cool. All right were good, were gon na close it.

It does. Click really loud, dont think youre gon na break this, but you really have to click it back to get it to shut, put your little flap up down. It goes your antennas, they just fold up like so, and they actually lock you that little click they lock. Oh, i forgot to show you guys damn i cant believe i forgot that grip sticks thats. Why i love this controller? It has the most comfortable grip sticks. I have ever used on a controller. I love this controller. I know ive said it a million times, but i really do one of my favorite controllers, but thats it pretty cool right back in the box. All right were gon na get the drone out. Okay. Here we go. Oh look at this dude. Look at this dude. I dont need any of this were gon na get out of the way were gon na get him all the attention. Ladies and gentlemen, holy stones brand new hs, 720 g, as in good golly, miss molly. This is cool. You can see. It has pretty much the same design as the hs720 series, no power button on the top, though that is now on the battery super cool, but lets unfold this dude, oh, these arms are really tight. I like that they lock right into place nice pop. If you cant, remember, which way they go, there is instructions on the side of the arm. That tells you which way to go first, your rear first and your front second, and then just do it in the reverse order, when you close it.

Oh, i love that lock thats, the hs720g guys check it out. So the weight of this little dude is 377 grams or 13.30 ounces. So you do have to register it with the faa its a really simple process. It costs you five bucks, you get a registration number if youre, not a part 107 pilot, you can smack it on every single drone. You own doesnt matter how many it is um. I actually use a company that theyre not affiliated with the fba, but they make registration stickers for your drone. You get a set of six, i believe it is, and you get uh, i think its four, this size sticker and two smaller ones that have a qr code on it. So if you want that bay to check your number, they have to scan the qr code. Anyway, great company ive been using them for a while. They get your stickers to you really quick ill put the link in the description for them. I think its like, like 11 bucks for the set, but theyve redesigned their stickers. Now they have been all a bunch of different colors and designs. Get your number on here. You can put your name phone number email, um hows, my flying, you can put on one of them, um anything just all kinds of information here. If you lose the drone. Hopefully, someone sees this, they will call you or email you if the faa is checking up on you.

Your number already on the drone very cool feature, also remember guys, as of now the new year. I think it was this year. No, it was last year all recreational drone. Pilots have to take the trust test. That is the recreational s uas safety test, trust, so its a very, very easy test to take. You cannot, it is absolutely fail proof kind of like failsafes on the drone. Cant fail. Yeah, you just keep taking it until you pass it. If you get an answer wrong, it wont. Let you go to the next section. You just go back figure out what you guessed wrong, go back! Guess it right that time and itll. Let you progress all the way to the end of the test. Until you pass free, doesnt cost anything got ta. Take it keep yourself. Legal, go take that test, so the range on this dude 3277 feet or 99 meters. Now the fpv range is half that its 1 640 feet or 500 meters still pretty damn good range for this type of drone um with the 5g connection, thats thats pretty far. I know some of them go up further than that, but youre supposed to keep it in your visual line of sight anyway, and i really dont think youre gon na be able to see this dude if its 3277 feet away so great all around distance. Even you know for beginner or expert honestly thats, the range very cool, so it does have four powerful brushless motors.

These are little tiny motors, but theyre really cool and really powerful, because this dude has a level seven wind reason, no level, seven yeah level, six or seven im, not a big believer in the wind resistance levels on the drones, because if you look up whats, it Called the beaufont uh scale for wind like a level, seven is like damn near 40 mile, an hour winds and i just cant see any drone being able to handle that. But anyway, this dude will handle some pretty good. Wind hinge, propellers that is going to make it to be super quiet hinge. Propellers are always quieter than the single blade propellers. On the bottom check this out, we have an actual working vision, positioning system – these are little cameras per se sensors and they pick up the terrain on the ground, more used for indoor flying when youre in attitude mode. They can be affected by a lot of things. So read the manual it tells you in there what can affect that before you fly it indoors, great that it has these on. Here, though, got some power vents here in the back, you got a big hole for your big drone engine. It goes right in here like so, and it just pops in, i usually grip. The legs here. Both fingers make sure its in all the way, click its in then you long press the button check it out and voila. Oh, i love that sound.

You have power, so each led light represents 25 power thats pretty much. What im guessing you have an led light here, its the only one on the entire drone kind of like the hs720e. It will change colors when youre calibrating it when youre connected to the satellite. Returning home low battery all that good stuff, these will fade as your battery drops every 25, so cool, but the biggest baddest upgrade on this dude is the camera you guys, i was so excited to see what they did to the camera. Now lets get this off of here, but you have a gimbal cover now so its giving it away, but it kind of lift up here its a little tricky to get it off, but it it does come off come on there we go so kind of squeeze It push down a little practice, youll get used to it, ive only taken it off once so. Then you kind of push back and then off. You go check that out guys. The hs720g has a two axis gimbal, that is a 4k uhd camera. Not only does it have oh look, it just straightened itself up too. Look at that. Look at that. Oh im, so happy they put this on a gimbal, very, very cool, but it gets better than that. Not only is it on a two axis gimbal, but it still has the eis in it as well, like the hs720e. Has the eis, the electronic image stabilization program thing in here with the gimbal.

This thing is absolutely going to take some phenomenal pictures and videos. I cannot wait to try it out the field of view on this camera 120 degrees, thats, really good thats about the max on most drones, unless youre getting up into the real higher dollar ones, then im sure it will become more than that. So again, your fpv video transmission is in 5g, your fpv resolution, which is really cool 1080p crystal clear, fpv im going to show it to you guys when we get it up in the air. The fpv clarity blew me away, so your picks are saved as jpeg and they are at 3840 by 2160 thats to the sd card or to your phone. So your pictures youre not going to lose your 4k. Whatever you do. Your videos theyre saved as avi and mp4, but to get the true 4k hd video from this drone. You have to save the video to an sd card. If you dont have a card in it, you can still record video but its going to save it. To your phone in 720p, so you are absolutely losing a whole lot of clarity and resolution in your picture. Without the sd card, i would recommend a class 10 u3 or higher sd card that does Music keep up with the speed of the 4k. Your sd card slot right here on the side of this little dude its right here. You just push it in your gold or copper.

Connectors, go down slide it in and youre good to go up to 128 gigabyte sd card. Remember you got to format the sd card in a fat32. If you dont have a computer or you can do that simply put the new sd card in the drone ill show you where to go. When we do the setup in the app you can tap on it and the drone will actually format the sd card for you to me just a lot easier that way, but you guys check it out, it is the hs720g. I say we go get this dude set up, so we can get him up in the air and see how great this camera is and how this little dude handles lets go. Okay, guys here we go, lets get this dude set up. I cannot wait to get him outside and put him up in the air super excited about this drone. You guys, i know you probably already probably tell but anyway lets pair the controller and the drone. Remember you only have to do this. The first time you start the drone in the controller, after that it will pair itself turn your drone on four lights. There you go theyre on blinking, yellow its looking for the controller youre going to take your lock button, hold it in while turning on the the controller. So here we go double beep. You can see here green red, yellow thats, going to go to yellow when its done there.

It goes were paired everythings good to go. We have our drone battery level on here. We have our signal: strength, distance height, satellite, 0 mode 2. Speed low were good next thing: weve got to do is do a compass calibration on the drone. I know a lot of beginners that dont have drillers, are looking for a drone, really kind of get intimidated or scared off when they hear you have to calibrate the drone to fly it honestly, you guys its super super simple to do so. Youre gon na compass calibration first thats. What were doing now, youre going to take both your joysticks and youre, going to slide them down and to the right? And when you do that this lights going to blink, it should beep and there should be a little like drone star, looking symbol here on your controller, so go down and then to the right, oh to the right duh. There you go, you can see that little drone symbol with the arrows coming out of it. Oh geez, i almost hit the emergency, stop our lights, blinking, yellow! It is in the first stage of the compass calibration, which is the horizontal calibration. Now on this drone, you have to do three two to three complete turns. I ive noticed it actually does take about the full three turns when you do that. This light here on the back will actually turn to a blinking green light. That means your horizontal part of your compass calibration was successful.

Here we go half a turn, hold turn so im just kidding all right. Here we go so we should go. Two full turns look at that were green blinking. Green horizontal calibration is complete. Now we have to do the vertical part of the calibration what i found now it doesnt matter. If you hold the camera up down per se, i do the camera down on this drone, because it only has one led and its easier to see when your calibration is done so ill. Show you if you hold it downward with the camera facing up. You wont be able to see that light anyway. Vertical calibration same thing hold the drone. This way, this time and youre going to rotate it doesnt matter, which way you go two full turns, and then that light should go back to a solid, green and then yellow there. We are solid, yellow all right. There we go so solid, yellow is a weak gps signal or no gps signal when it turns solid green, you have a really its a good uh gps signal or satellite connection um. I believe its got to be six or more, maybe seven or more. This will turn green and its safe to take the drone up in gps mode. Remember the weaker! Your signals are the less chance you have of the fail safes working properly. You want to make sure you have a at least six or more satellites were inside, and this dude actually found satellite signals very cool.

All right, real, quick were going to do the gyro calibration part of this now really simple to do you dont have to do anything but make sure this drone is on a flat level surface when you do the gyro calibration or it wont calibrate right and it May not calibrate at all! So if youre having a problem getting this part of the calibration to work, you might want to try to level the drone out. Some more really easy to do on this one youre going to take both joysticks and youre, going to push them down and then to the left. Our led light is going to blink really fast and stop, and it should go back to green. If we still have the satellite signal you can see here, we have eight gps satellite signals right now. Thats, actually really good for indoors. Im really surprised all right anyway. Gyro calibration, i know, im really excited about this. Damn drone down and to the left right. Is that what i said down into the left exact here we go down to the left. All right, i dont know if you can see that in the camera, because its a really light faded kind of blink, the controller does not beep. When you do that part of it Music in the app it will pop a screen up and let you know that youre doing it or whatever else. But if you just watch the led light, youll see that youre doing it again its down into the left there.

It goes, i hope you guys can see that its really faint, but anyway our drone is oh, my gosh. Our drone is completely calibrated and indoors and we have 10 satellite signals thats, pretty damn impressive. Okay, nine! I lied. No im kidding thats still really good. So what im going to do? Oh, we lost them all. Damn i was going to unlock the motors and show you what it sounds like lets. Just put it in attitude mode. Oh, were back to nine all right guys. I am going to try to unlock the motors here without hitting anything, so you guys can hear what these motors sound like. They are absolutely awesome. Super quiet. I love them unlock here we go. Oh all right hold on Applause. Did you guys hear how that thing? Revved up the hs720e does the exact same thing. I think that is just so freaking cool watch. This. The motors are like cool to stop the motors press down on the left, joystick or it will shut off. I think it only stays on, for maybe oh ill, say 15 to 20 seconds. It doesnt stay on very long, but its a battery save feature. If you dont do anything theyre going to shut back off. That is really super. Cool now were going to go ahead and were going to connect the drone to the wi, fi and im going to show you some settings in the app one of the settings.

Totally freaked me out. Ive never seen this setting in any of my drones before and im going to show it to you guys so lets go ahead and get the app and ill put it up on the screen for you after we connect to the wi fi. All right so were going to put our cell phone in the controller um. I can show you guys what it looks like when its in the controller, its really easy to do and itll give you a better sense of how this uh cell phone holder up here works so were going to pull it out. Remember again, give it a good yank click forward and the instructions are on here too. If you forget how to do it or whatever else but then were going to take our phone were going to put our phone in here, got ta watch the buttons, so they dont get smashed, so it does kind of sit off to the left a little. I guess that would depend on where the buttons on your phone are but perfect, open up your grip sticks, and this controller just feels absolutely awesome. This way i love it. 11 satellites we have now were doing good all right. Now we got to connect to the drones wi fi. It is emitting a wi fi signal, its not internet, so you dont need internet to fly. The drone i have had quite a few people ask me if they need internet to connect to the drone and fly it absolutely.

Not you dont. All you need is a device tablet phone that can connect to a wi, fi signal and youre good to go so were going to open our wi fi settings up wherever they are on your phone and give it a couple seconds and it should refresh – and you Can see there holy stone, gim holy stone with a gimbal tap on it now, the first time you do this, did it do it? Hey whered it go. Oh there we go. I hit the wrong, damn one that figures all right. So now, the first time you do this, you may get a pop up telling you youre connected with no internet. Again perfectly okay or you may get a pop up where its asking you, if you want to keep the wi fi connection or switch to cellular data, got ta keep the wi fi connection. Okay now were connected to the wi fi, and if we are connected successfully, we should have video when we open our app im going to put that box right over here. Thatll make a good backdrop: huh, okay, anywho were going to open the app its the ophelio up. I almost said a feel: youll go thats the hs720e whole new app for this drone ophelia fly. Think im saying that right, ophelia so were going to open the app and im going to put the app on the screen. So we can check out the app alright so theres what it looks like when you first open it now ive already gone through this.

When you first get the app you have to register its, not a big deal, it doesnt cost anything either. They just want you to put in your email address and a password ive done this on other apps. I havent got any spam or junk email from them. So its not a big deal, but anyway at the bottom here you got enter device this little like chat box. Next, to that, if you open that that will take you to, you can click. Ok, it will take you to their customer service. If you have any problems with any of your holy stone, drones, guys dont hesitate to reach out to their customer service because they are just top notch, all right. So all the way at the bottom. Here you have home. You have guidance if you tap on that. What it does is, it opens up just a picture tutorial of the app it tells you what everything is where it is, what it does. You know stuff, like that, your gallery, if you open that up thats, where your photos are that the drone has taken and pictures it has taken, there will be an option there to connect to the sd card as well thats, where you can download your videos, you Can download your videos while the sd card is in the drone you just have to connect to the drone dont have to calibrate it just connect your phone to the drones. Wi fi go to the album open it up pick whatever picture it is you want to download start downloading it only catch to that is the drone.

Has a battery save thing in it, so i think its after about five or six minutes. The drone will just shut off is to save the battery, keep your controller on and connected to the drone, put it in attitude mode and then about every two or three minutes just unlock the motors, and it will pull the controller and the drone and theyll keep And theyll stay on until your video is downloaded, takes a little longer its a little tedious. But i have had people reaching out not just on this drone but other drones, where theyve had problems getting their video and stuff off their sd card when they put it in their computer. Do it this way it downloads to your phone and it downloads to your phone in the 4k awesome? Okay anyway, next to thats your account. If you open it up right here, you can see it tells you how many minutes youve flown, how many flights youve flown you can change your password. You can put in personal info like a nickname, your phone number, all that good stuff, the novus guide. If you click on that and open it, it says the instruction video that it will take you to your flight record open this up. It shows you every flight youve done with the drone. If you click on one, i wonder if itll do it, let me see you click on one. It will open up its probably because im inside and my phones not getting a great gps signal, but when you do this, usually a map pops up, and it shows you where you flew the drone at that particular flight and theres, usually like a little play button Down there and a multiplier where you can um speed up the anyway, you can press play and it will show you the entire route.

Your drone flew. It has the speed the height, the ah, the the yaw, all that stuff, its just really super cool, and then you can hit that x button and it will. You can speed it up. I think, like four or eight times faster anyway, really cool feature. All right. Out of there now were gon na go back hit home were gon na go into the device. Here we go boom and there you go. We have picture im gon na show you real, quick im. Gon na show you outside, because its even better when this dude is in the air. This camera has such a smooth rotation or transition up and down. I absolutely love it not much to see, but look at that that i mean just absolutely impressive. The hs720e. The camera was the same way whatever holy stone. Does this transition makes for great video its not choppy its instant from the wheel to responding to it? So theres no delay in it just freaking cool all right anyway, real quick over to the left, those four little boxes. If you tap on them, this opens up your intelligent features. You have follow me ill. Show you guys all these when we get outside your point of interest, and yes, this drone has headless mode super cool, close that tap it again now this drone does have the point of or the waypoints or trace the fly. They call it because this one has both, you wont, see it in your intelligent features, and this could be a little confusing for people that want to use that feature tap on the little google map on the lower left corner here now, all the way down on The lower right youll see a little finger with a little swirly arrow by it.

If you tap on that Music, okay, the drone has to be in the air. But anyway, if you tap on this two little circles will pop up. One will have a waypoint option. The other ones the trace to fly, so you can put up to 16 waypoints on the map and the drone will go to each one. Oh there, he goes thats our shutoff warning. So when the drone starts to do this thats, when you need to unlock the motors, if youre downloading a video perfect, i did not realize it did that thats, pretty cool, look at each blade kind of gets a hit too. Oh thats cool all right anyway. Im gon na shut him off, so we dont have to listen to it. Do that yeah yeah! I hear you Music all right come on Music there. He goes all right, but anyway, this is your! Oh now the controller is yelling at me, geez all right anyway. Thats, your waypoints and your trace to fly up to 16 waypoints or you can draw a pattern on the map and the drone will follow the pattern you drew. Remember. All the intelligent features guys make sure its in a well opened area, because there is no uh obstacle avoidance on this dude you dont want to run into something anyway. I wanted to show you that so were going to tap a little map in the lower left. Again back to our main screen, we dont have video because were not connected, but i want to go to the settings real, quick things, so the little wheel up here in the top right hand corner tap on it.

This is your security settings as they call it. This is where you can change your parameters up at the top. You have the metric in english, which is super cool, because you can change the metric to feet instead of meters per second or how many meters high. You are all that stuff. So you can see a true how many feet you are away and high. The drone will default to beginner mode when you first get it, and you will be limited to 49 meters, high and 49 meters away when youre comfortable enough just tap that a little slider right there. It will take you out of beginner mode. You can set the uh circle diameter of your point of interest. Then you can bring your sliders all the way up, so really quick. This is a feature right here that i have never seen before on any drone like this. This is a lift height limit settings. If you turn this on, you can take your drone. Where is it i know its on here somewhere maximum light yep there we go all right if you turn that on your max height, as you see here, shaded, where you cant do anything with it. I dont know why this options on here and to me its really kind of dangerous to have it. But if you have that option turned on this, drone can reach an altitude of one thousand three hundred and twelve feet high.

That is absolutely insane and absolutely illegal. Dont hit this option guys unless you have some sort of special clearance from the faa. If they catch you going that high trust me the amount of the fine, you could probably bought a brand new car theyre. Just the fines are outrageous. Keep this option off! That is why your max height is limited to ‘3 feet, so you do not break the 400 foot legal limit. Okay, so anyway, all thats done that feature. Just kind of freaked me out when i saw it next is the status sensor. This is where you can calibrate the drone uh through the app all you can do. Is the compass calibration. It will not. Let you do the gyro calibration through this. So if you want to do it through the app, so you can see that ill show you a little screen will pop up. You can see here. The arrows are not telling you to rotate him horizontally and were going to rotate them around here. Real quick and ill show you guys and the picture of the drone will switch to the vertical and thats all it does. And then you just do your vertical calibration and then that picture will go away or back to the regular thing when youre done, i havent done it yet so yeah it goes away, so it goes away but Music. I do believe thats everything i wanted to show you on the app.

Oh, no camera settings check this out. This thing has a bunch of different camera settings. Now too, this is just awesome. You can change your daylight shadow, cloudy infrared, all this other stuff, not infrared, but your ios sensitivity, your brightness, your saturation, uh different effects, and then this other one down here is your video. You can actually record in 1080p or 4k, absolutely cool. You can cache your junk stuff in here down here. It tells you how much memory youve used on your sd card, and you see the little blue format right there. If you tap on it prompt comes up, it says: youll lose everything on the card, determine it formats your sd card and now its clean or if its brand new its formatted for the drone, and it will work, awesome features thats it guys. I just wanted to show you those few things lets go get this dude outside, because i really want to get this thing in the air and check it out guys. Here we go, we are finally gon na get holy stones. Hs720 g up in the air were gon na check them out. We got a little bit of a gust coming in, so i dont know how much ill get done, but at least want to get them up well check out the responsiveness from the controller to the drone ill show you, the different speeds, theres only two, and then You guys can take a look at this new camera, its really cool, all right, im, gon na press, the unlock button on the controller and lock the motors and were gon na hit the one key takeoff on the controller and see how that launch is so here We go wow nice, slow, smooth liftoff, so it looks like right now.

We do have a good calibration hes, not doing the toilet bowl, very cool, wow, hes, really responsive Music awesome, so im gon na get him out here and ill show you the speeds, real quick on this dude, take him down the street and then ill come back Toward me so thats speed, one, not bad Applause, hes, really responsive get him turned around here all right speed, one from the camera on the drone, and he stops on a dime. I mean its like: hes got a freaking emergency brake in there, thats cool all right. So he is fighting this wind, pretty good guys so ill get him down here, a little bit more ill hit the speed button on the controller, long press it all right now were in speed, two sport mode and im just gon na shoot him down the street And then ill come back and show you what it looks like from the camera lets. Let this car go by. First, all right: speed, two wow thats a pretty decent speed too. Oh, look at him how he just stops. Thats awesome: oh im, going to bring them down a little bit. This is going to be speed 2 from the app or from the camera ill show you what it looks like on the app here. We go. Speed. 2. Whoa Music. I love the way he just tilts backward and stops like hes got a break in there or something all right.

Im gon na get him out of sport mode here. So the response from the controller, the drone is actually really great. I mean look at that. Thats cool, let me get him out here in the yard, a little bit guys and were gon na. Actually, you know what let me show you guys, this camera im going to show you what it looks like from the app im not going to take him up too high guys, because we do have a lot of wind right now. I can see him fighting it. Big time but ill bring him up a little well check out the uh. What it looks like on the app and then ill show you what it looks like on the sd card. We can probably go a little higher now what the hell get him up there. All right, im gon na bring this camera up a little there. We go all right, so this is from the app and im just gon na turn him around nice and slow wow. He spins great. I cant believe the clarity on the app you guys. This is great, so far, im liking this drone and you can go faster im not going fast, but thats pretty much as fast as he will go. Lets see if we can find my water tower, not my water tower, but the citys water tower should be coming up here. Where is it i dont see it. I think i passed it im not up high enough well there.

It is look at that. I was right: okay, so now, im gon na go back the other way, and this is actually from the 4k video recorded on the sd card Music. That is just great great video. You guys very impressive camera on this dude back to the water tower. All right lets get them down here and i think well go ahead and try a couple of the intelligent features just to show them to you. Im not going to do the waypoint, because i really dont have the room, but lets get him over here and well. Go ahead and do the point of interest real, quick and ill show you guys that one you can see him fighting the breeze. This gust is coming in every few minutes and but hes staying there hes doing really good super powerful, brushless motors for as small as they are all right were gon na open up our intelligent features all right point of interest. Now this is what you set the radius in that settings that i showed you in the setup. So here we go were gon na, confirm it and im going to try to walk out here and ill get in the middle of him. You can see there, you can adjust the camera up and down. Hopefully a car doesnt come and smack into me, but am i in the middle no im im, not in the middle of a circle? Where is he at? There goes my camera man there.

He is so the camera down camera up and you can actually raise him up and down as well and he is staying the same radius hes, not getting bigger, not getting smaller, very cool. All right so were going to cancel that now you got to go into the settings and tap it again. You can see there. He stopped whoa this wind. Can you guys hear the motors thats awesome for real guys? These are some great motors on this dude wow. All right, im gon na bring them down im gon na, adjust the camera and im gon na. Try the follow me there. We go hes gon na follow me now: im gon na walk and watch hell just follow right along there. He goes here. He comes see how close he gets to me. Ill, stop very cool and you can adjust the camera up and down very cool, so you do have to have him probably about 15 feet or so away from you, where the follow me wont work. I just figured that out the hard way, but you can see hes keeping up with me hes. Turning got a great follow me mode on this drone i like it all right were gon na get out of there done all right. Take him for a quick lap. Here, im actually going to go up above my cameraman. I want you guys to just hear these motors theyre just awesome, Music and maybe well get augusta when you guys can hear it fighting that wind because he fights it hard.

Look at him! Look at him. He just twitches to the left goes to the right, but right back to where i left him out. That is really really cool, pretty cool, guys all right im going to take him down the street and we are going to attempt to do the return to home and well see how close he gets to the landing pad. So, im just going to take him down a little bit. I really like the responsiveness. He is really easy to fly its cool all right, good, there cant see him anymore, bring him up a little bit. Dont want him to hit anything whoa and look at that. He just stays right there, im gon na turn him toward us. I got ta tell you guys. This is a freaking, really good camera on this drone. You guys all right, im gon na hit return to home. I dont know if i have him high enough, where hes gon na go up but were gon na check it out and were gon na see what happens im going to hit the return to home on the controller. Oh there he goes. I hit the wrong damn button, so hes going up. You can see the warning here telling me to pay attention to the wind speed to ensure a safe return. So when he gets close to hear you guys, im gon na cancel this uh return to home, because i dont want him to take off or or crash on me.

Thats cool ive never seen that warning come up all right! Im gon na get this camera all the way down, hes figuring out where he wants to go, and there goes the app says landing and now hes coming down, and, oh, my god, is he going to hit this tree nope hes actually going to be really close To you guys, look at that thats awesome and im gon na cancel him right there. We got back control, bring him up a little Music thats, the hs720g. You guys this dude is badass well done holy stone, great camera, great motors on it were gon na go ahead, im gon na land him. I may fly him a little bit more, but im gon na go give you my final thoughts on this little dude, guys. Okay, guys time for my final thoughts on holy stones, hs 720 g wow, absolutely another five star drone from holy stone. This little dude was super impressive out there. You guys, i love how powerful these little brushless motors are its pretty damn quiet as well, and it maneuvered with ease. I was really impressed how easy it was to fly this thing in the air. Definitely a drone. A beginner could put up in the air and learn to fly no problem at all this camera, pretty damn impressive too having the eis and a 2 axis, gimbal now game changer on this drone, the video 4k, but even at 30 frames per second only.

It was crystal clear: it captured everything, speed, one perfect for taking video. I was really impressed with how great the video came out on speed one. The app everythings laid out great brand new app the intelligent features. They all worked, the failsafes they all worked. Absolutely all around great drone from hollystone i cant wait to see what they come out with next ill. Put the link for it down in the description. Remember only 270 with that coupon code, so go grab it while its still good thats going to do it.