This has so many features its absolutely crazy. So this is a gps drone, which means it basically will hover and stay in its spot. As a follow me feature, a point of interest, which means a little circle point of interest: um electronic stabilization 4k. On the video i mean this thing does like so much its absolutely crazy. Its got a 2.4 gigahertz radio signal on it, so i mean its its packed its packed so lets open up and see what everything in size and nice and sealed and plastic now lets open up on the side: okay and then thats, basically the box. So you can kind of like see all sides and you can tell how compact boxes its not gon na, be like a super big drone. Okay, so it comes in a plastic sealed case okay, so it comes in its own storage case, which is great because it makes it ultra portable and the other reason why i love this already. It feels almost kind of like a uh like a suede, but all right, so that is everything that you get in this little uh little box here. So its got some strap travel foam on here and in here in this pocket. You get your your typical caution. Your instruction manual so its a little on a thick side, but its got different languages in there. Its got your caution battery and i think that was it and then on this side we have looks like this little plastic cover for the uh.

The lens came off. Doing shipping but looks like that popped back in so that is your remote and your antennas, so thats pretty cool. Then this has a box of accessories. Lets see what comes in here. So this looks like its probably going to be the battery. I presume yeah, so that is your battery a little foam protectant on there take that off, and then it has your little usb a screwdriver to replace the propellers in case we have any problems and as the usb charger and it doesnt come with a charging block, They can use anything you have for, like your cell phone, your laptop your desktop, so let me get this basically unwound. They got this type really tight on here and were going to get this battery charging. While we go everything over everything else, my goodness, okay. So then, the battery charge is right here so were going to plug that in it looks like its a usbc if im correct and then were just going to plug into one of our handy dandy charging blocks we have over here. Okay, so thats pretty neat. It gives you a kind of like a progress bar of how its uh, how its charging so well leave that off on the side. And then this is the drone itself, which is ultra compact, and i love how the wings fold in on this wings yeah the propellers so lets get this get the bottom one pulled out.

First, on both sides ill pull this one out ill, pull this one out. So that is your whole drone and then it has a little cover for your lets see how this comes out ill press and then then it pops out okay. So if you watch how i took that off and put it back on, you basically are stabilizing the gimbal, the camera into this lens, so youre kind of putting on this way and youre going to be tilting it forward. So it catches up underneath and then youre going to press it to hold it there. So again, the reverse of this is kind of like press and then kind of like gently pull down on this and thats going to remove the protective cover. And then that is your gimbal, so you get basically almost a full range of motion from your gimbal. So basically the camera will go up and down and it will turn with the drone so and then, with the it has an automatic gimbal. So its going to help stabilize it as well as the video stabilization, so youre going to get a nice smooth picture and then on the opposite side is going to be where you are going to be plugging in your uh. Your battery so were gon na put that down and were gon na read through the manual and see what everything we need. Oh lets go over to remote a little bit really quick.

So you have your basic. Your joy stick functions here. Um, you have your lock power on uh thats, your obviously your screen up here. I dont think that opens, but well take a look at that later. Um, you have your high speed, you have a camera function and then you have these two little uh motion buttons on the side, probably for your uh for your gimbal and your camera um, and then you have your little handles there to make that controller. A little bit easier to control and to handle – and you have your battery compartment back here – and it takes two double a batteries – so were gon na go, get those review the manual. Let this battery charge up a little bit more and uh well, be right! Back! Okay were outside with the hs720, and this is the carrying case. Like i said, everything goes in here, nice and compact um make sure you read the instruction manual from cover to cover just to make sure that you know all the functions of this. This drone. It does a lot so just keep that in mind. Okay, so this is your drone and what were gon na do is were gon na and place the s the sd card, which you wan na, make sure that you use a high class gps card. I like using this, the sand disk and its basically going to go in this way and youll know you have the orientation right when it clicks in pretty good, and let me just uh scoop that card out so give you an idea of how, where that notch Is and then it goes in here and then just pushes in okay and then lets get the other control arm out and then on this side.

Well, do the same lets get this arm out first in this one. Second, okay, then this is your camera guard, so you basically just kind of like squeezing down on it tilting forward and then that will protect your gimbal or your camera, so it has stabilization, has a little lens cover on there. So i think well peel, that off, if i can get my fingers in there, okay, so that is free and then make sure your battery is completely charged, especially for first use, and then your battery goes in this way and it clicks in and then to release It you would go like that so and then ill give you a quick indication of what your battery is sitting at then this is your remote control and on the back, it has a battery compartment, so youre opening that and takes two double a i like using The amazon basics, so that goes in thats kind of like your handles and then these are your antennas and these are going to be your controls and that is going to that button. Basically, is your auto return home button um? This is your power switch, and then you have your camera button. Then youre high in your low speed – and i believe this button here is whats going to control the the angle of your camera. Well, get that going here in a second and then this right here top is going to be what holds your phone in place.

So put the two antennas back there and well be able to mount the phone. So what youre looking for um to hook it up to your phone? You want to go through your manual and we are going to be looking for this page here and thats, basically going to download your um your app, but its a ophelia flight app in the google play store for android phones, so were gon na basically bring this Open and we are gon na look for ophelia affiliate fly, i think, is what i was looking for. So were going to be looking for that one right there affiliate fly for holy stone were gon na hit, install thats gon na install that app okay initializing were gon na open the app so its gon na be looking to calibrate um. I agree sign in or sign up, so let me sign up well be right! Back, okay! So after the sign up, first uh sign up process, you enter device um ill hit while using this device, so im saying its not connected. So what were going to do is we are going to turn on your drone. The power button is back here, okay, so that means its ready to go. So let that sit there and then on your phone, drag your window down and youre gon na be looking for the the wi fi and were just going to do a quick refresh here and were going to be looking for the holy stone.

Gim so were going to click on that its going to be connecting and then its gon na be looking for an internet connection on your phone. Obviously youre not gon na have one so uh connects always connect so and then that is your! Your camera, give. You kind of an idea and then next we are going to connect the remote so were going to turn on the remote, so its basically its connected and its going to start calibrating and looking for all your gps connectors on that, then, on this place, the drone Horizontal and rotate 360 for about three circles so basically its going to want you to rotate the the drone around so thats two and thats three and thats just to help calibrate its position. So its saying geo magnetic calibration so its like. Looking for all the satellite connectors, all the satellite connections, rather, i think, were gon na – do one more spin, okay, just to help it along Music. Now it doesnt take a quick manifold to find all the gps satellites all right so on the screen. I already did the the calibration because it took a little bit of a learning curve, but basically on the screen, its going to tell you to rotate your drone. So basically, what youre doing is youre spinning it this way three times and then on the screen. Itll change into a different mode, telling you to calibrate it this way so youre turning the head basically facing up and youre rotating it.

This way, three times so a little weird but thats how the calibration process goes and then basically um its saying thats connected and its showing its connected to 10 satellites up there, so youre basically ready to go and to unlock your motors. You basically youre hitting this. Let me get these pieces out of the way hitting this unlock button and then thats going to unlock your motors and then uh. You are basically ready for flight and on your camera mode. You got a couple different settings on here, so this basically will take a basically a photo of whatever youre filming. If you turn this, you can rotate it, and then you can start recording uh your flight, so were gon na see how okay, so that guys different camera recording modes. Is you have uh Music? So when you have a little camera ill take pictures when you hit that button, so thatll take a picture for you hit into camera mode that will start recording for you and ill show that saving to the sd card thats on board. And then this switch here. Activates, your camera, so you can have your tilt and your run up so well, just put it like slightly down for takeoff and then this locks and unlocks your your drone and youre going to be ready for takeoff. So basically, this will take off on landing, and then this is going to be your home button. In case it gets out of sight out of control.

You hit that and ill bring it back to your location, so a quick hit. This will rotate your motors, so thats ready to go, and then you basically hit this button and goes up and then theres your drone, and you can see the camera in motion and were going to record Music and then well. Uh well include this in the video Music thing really goes up pretty far and then well tilt the camera down and up thats looking down and ill put the footage in the video. But you can see how absolutely stable that is once its hooked up to the Music ill gps it up higher, and then you can see how high we are in the video ill, bring it back over the house, so thats right over the house and well bring It back and well bring it down Music and well step back a little bit out of the way Music and well bring in for a landing on the deck Music. All right there, you go brian from garage, mall hall, uh super easy to use. Gps drone and, like i said once you read through the manual once you go through the calibration, which is a little tricky, but again as long as you get that rotation and follow exactly what its saying on the screen.