Now i am so excited to be here and i have to say thank you to holy stone for providing this drone for me to test so that i am here very first minute. It goes public so that you can see if this is something you want to get or dont want to get im gon na give you the doug score from one to five, just to be clear. This was provided for me to test for you, but with no rules whatsoever i can say whatever i want this could suck or this could be amazing. I will absolutely tell you what my experience is. Lets talk a little bit about this video. I am going to take this cool new drone. Put it up in the air share with you, some images and video footage. While i tell you about the features of this drone and then im going to come back on the other side and do an unboxing, so you can see what comes with it. What you need to get what you dont need to get because its all included, and then finally, i will give you that doug score of one to four rotors and let you know how well this one worked out for me: lets go put it up in the Air and see how it goes Music. I hope you enjoyed that quick overview. Lets. Look at one of the key features. Follow me. Music. 720 g is actually rotating im going to walk a little further because i dont want it to go into the woods because it has no obstacle avoidance there.

We go so its turning its kind of following me sideways, which is really cool, very cool. You have to like that that is so awesome and so cool, so i just walked down the street turned around and walked the other way and it slowly panned and followed me all right. Music lets try. Some of the other features here is the longest distance flight. I was able to get the drone to do. There was nothing in between me and the drone. It was pure line of sight and i could really only get it out to a thousand feet now. I honestly thought that the drone would have more range, but at the same time a thousand feet is way further than you can see the drone and what youre really allowed to fly according to the faa, so its a little irrelevant. But i really kind of felt like i wanted it just to go, go go go but anyway, this is what i got actually more important in all of this. Is you see the return home feature worked perfectly the moment it lost contact with me. It stopped waited a moment and flew home without an issue. How about we try the point of interest feature where it circles around a single point Music. So i wanted to share some really beautiful scenic shots, and then this one in particular. I left this in here because if you look at the fronds on these trees, the wind was blowing crazy and the drone was still super stable.

I was really impressed. I also wanted to include a couple quick photos, so you can see them Music. How about we take this inside and well talk about the actual review Music. All right so lets do that unboxing and see what it comes with. So i knew this would be the case. Holy stone always comes with really nice cases, which is something that i really love because nikki and i travel a lot and wow. Look at this one oh check this out. This is like its like a faux alcontra or something like that or leathery kind of this thing is so cool. They really raised their game, which they were on top of to begin with, because this is great, so you can travel around with it comfortably, not have to worry about it getting broken or losing things lets see whats inside this magic box. Oh look at the drone. Oh okay, so should we take the drone out first or the controller or the accessories im gon na make you wait for the drone lets. Look at the accessories lets see what comes in here, and here we have yep extra battery now, typically ive found with holy stone. Their flight times tend to be really good. They tend to be like uh, 20, 25 minutes that kind of stuff ill. Let you know what i found: these are extra blades, which hopefully i will not need, and these are wires for charging uh lets.

Take a look. Oh i really like this too. This is usbc compliant for charging, so all you need to do is plug that, in with the usbc lets, see what we have here in the world of remote controls wow. This is nice. This is a solid, remote control. I really like this a lot. It has their conventional; they they have these fold out handles there, so you can hold the controller and work with it. That way. I always appreciate that um lets see what we need for batteries to run it two double a batteries to run it okay. So one of my issues that ive had with holy stone stuff in the past is their mounts, are really big and solid, but somehow i find they always press the buttons on my telephones. So this one is nice and sleek. It will fit a large phone without pressing all the buttons. I really appreciate that and then finally, here it is here, is the drone itself, so heres the drone itself. I will say in a little bit of a departure, a couple things that i noticed right away. It only comes with one battery, and typically i found holy stone tends to come with. Two could be because this is a pre production model that thats, why its packaged like that. But it only comes with one battery um and ive never had a holy stone which has that a camera guard which is really good, im kind of used to seeing those on my dji equipment, but lets see what we got here.

Oh look at that there we go 2 axis gimbal on the front. This is really nice size, just visually. Looking at it, you can tell how holy stone continues to raise their game. It just looks more engineered, more finished, more thought through. It just looks like the obvious development of years and years of experience. I really like it. I think its a great looking drone wow. That was fun. I hope you enjoyed the video. It took me a good month to put all that together. So i wanted to come back quickly, give you my overview, but overall this thing is freaking awesome. I have had a great time for the last month flying it. The image quality is excellent, although its a two axis gimbal theres, no third axis, it is still awesome. The stability is great, which im sure you saw in the video. It has lots of cool features. The follow me feature was every bit as good as the dji, maybe even a little better. I really liked it a lot. The circle thing was ill. Give that a so so i mean it works, but it kind of veers off in a little bit of a weird angle, but nonetheless it was reliable. It was consistent and it just basically was a ton of fun to use. It was really fast. This thing, just cooks along plenty of power not really loud. The battery life is great. It was like a solid 20 minutes easily.

The only other complaint that i would have about this is for me. I couldnt really get past like a thousand foot as a range like that was, as far as i could get under the best circumstances, which obviously is far enough. Youve already violated the faa rules, because you can no longer see it, but nonetheless, as things are, as things are expected to be thats a little bit on the lower end of what i expected range wise, although it is still more than you could possibly reasonably use.