Now, if youre subscribed to my channel, you probably saw i just posted the day before here the unboxing overview for this drone. So if you stumble across this video – and you didnt see that then be sure to check back to that video ill try to put a card up here to that as well. So if you want to see everything that comes with it, including the really nice carrying case, that it comes with and be sure to check out that video now, this drone goes on sale on amazon on march 30th. So this video may be posted a bit prior to that. So if youre interested in this drone ill put a purchase link to that in the video description and probably a pinned comment as soon as it becomes available on amazon and be sure that you use the code im going to have a five percent off code. That will drop this drone, probably in the 285 range im guessing which will make it one of the cheaper gimbal drones you can buy out there. So lets really hope that this thing does well today, so that we can justify that price so were going to get it up in the air fly it around test it out and well film. In 4k, at 30, though, i did notice an app and ill show. You guys in a moment it does have a 1080p, its 60 frames per second option, which is really nice.

If you want that really smooth playback, so im going to pause the video power it up, well bind it to the app and then do the compass calibration and get this thrown up in the air, so ill be right! Back, hey guys! I wanted to cut into the video here real quick, give you guys an update. Obviously i was able to review the footage on the drone and a few things i just want to. Let you guys know so. You itll better explain whats going on during the actual flight review thats coming up here. Um youll notice that theres a few times during this review that i completely lose the wi fi connection to the from the drone to my phone. It just completely does its not that the app uh disconnects what some of those drones would do. The wi fi just disappears its gone from the wi fi list on my phone. I have to restart the drone, so it happens two times in the video and when that happens, the absence is disconnected. When absence is disconnected, then you dont really have the controls to like tell it to stop to start or stop recording and im recording video. Now theres a few instances where that happens, and i say okay well, maybe i might lose the footage that im saving to the sd card because i cant tell it to stop and then it corrupts. But then, in the final clip that i recorded the drone im flying at the time – and i tell the app to stop recording just to be safe, so that i know that the footage is actually saved to the sd card.

And then i go. Take a few photos after that, and none of what im going to get into is. None of that footage is on the sd card, nothing, so even whenever i told it to stop recording, then i know that the wi fi didnt disconnect theres no footage on the car theres, just one five second clip, while its sitting on the helipad to record it At some point and ill put that up here right now, so you guys can see what that looks like that is actually 4k at 30 frames per second, it looks really really good but thats all i got to record so the two big issues of this drone, The wi fi disconnects randomly, and then i couldnt get any you know only one five second clip to actually save to the sd card. So moving forward when we get back outside to the to the actual flight review, again is im going to have the screen recording going and then off to the other side. Ill. Have some footage this supposed to be the onboard footage, but its actually footage that was saved to the camera so instead of 4k at 30, its like 720p at, like 24 frames per second thats, the only on board foot to actually have. I also have the photos. I took which are also saved to the phone, but again thats all saved over wi fi, so keep in mind that the actual footage that we would have from the sd card is gon na be far superior, but it didnt say so.

At the end of this video, i said that i give this drone a passing grade, but it wasnt perfect its a little harder to say that at this point, because i dont know, if thats going to happen to you, if the sd card stays fine and you Have no wi fi issues, then this is a wonderful drone, because the camera, the gimbal works. Great, i mean the gimbal is great from what i could tell for a drone of this class. I should say its great might be a little bit over the top, but its really good thats what im getting at. But i cant say for certain that this is going to be a worthwhile purchase for you, because i dont know if youre going to have the wi fi issues and even if you dont, is your sd card. Gon na work, ive used a 32 gig sandisk extreme card, and that should be a really good card. It will be on class 10 and again i just had a five second clip that you guys just saw so thats all. I can really tell you guys. I just wanted to interject this in before we get out there and actually fly so to better explain, whats going to happen, because i all that stuff i didnt actually know when i was flying uh, i didnt, i knew the wi fi disconnect. I obviously did not know that the sd card was not having any footage safe.

All right, guys lets get on outside now and wrap up the actual flight review so ill be right back all right guys. So i have it connected to the app that app again is ophelia fly app ill put a screenshot up here, so you guys can see that app that you need to use with this, and i have it connected with the controller. So the first thing you do is a compass calibration theres, a little symbol looks like a quadcopter flashing here. If it doesnt initiate that it, the instruction manager doesnt, say that itll do it every time, but so far for me it has so it may force you to do a compass calibration every time which is fine, but if you need to redo it and say its Toilet bowling or something itd be both sticks down to the right will actually start that at manually. You can also do it from with the apps lets go ahead, and do that then well, go quickly through the app stuff here and then well get it up in the air. So lets go ahead and set this down, and what all you need were going to do is were just going to spin the the drone like this three times. I dont think its going to beep. Then we need to go your nose up our nose down a few times and then we did get a beep confirmation that we were finished and hopefully the gimbal will calibrate itself now lets make sure that we have some gimbal tilt now.

Here we go so the gimbal. Now it kind of sort of deactivates itself during the compass calibration. So you dont mess the gyro up by wobbling around as youre spinning it all right and lets look at the app real, quick and then lets get it up in the air. So up in the gear icon. Here you can go between metric and british im. Gon na go with the imperial just a little more familiar with it. Beginner mode is actually off. Usually that comes on uh orbit is the orbit or radius for the circle mode or point of interest mode? Well, just leave it at the default 16 feet. Youve got um your maximum distance. I have sort of set to infinity its only going to go. A few hundred meters anyway. Watch that im using the metric and then maximum height is set to ‘3. That keeps us, under the 400 feet ceiling that im youre restricted to here in the united states, and then youve got lift height. I guess you can im not sure i have to look and see. I have a hard time reading that in the glare that could be something to do with the height on takeoff, and we had 49 feet for our return to home altitude. Im going to set that up a little bit more well like lets. Go up to lets. Go like 78 is fine, then youve got another sensor status. This is where you can do your geomagnetic or your compass calibration lets.

Get out of that. Excuse me. The tournament is telling it sending the those updated parameters to the drone. Then over here you have some camera options and you can see brightness some different effects. Your iso will have an auto your white balance. You can set that to different presets ill leave it on auto. Then you click this one down here and theres, where you can change between 4k at 30 and 1080p at 60. were gon na do 4k at 30, since im filming with my osmo and 4k to keep everything the same resolution, though im filming this at 60, and This will be a 30, but thatll. Look fine, but 1080p at 60 will give you a much smoother playback. If thats important to you, especially for fast movement, some cash frame number im, not sure what that is there. You can format the sd card and then you can do a gimbal calibration, not thats, not the drone thats actually for the gimbal. If you need to calibrate, i already did that inside on my table where it was level, and you can also do a gimbal roll adjust for like making some offsets if the gimbal would be off. We dont know that yet, since we have not actually filmed this drone, so lets start recording some video with the long press and it wants to make sure we have access to the internal storage im going to stop it again. I think we see a recording button, so it was working so lets go ahead and start it up again and now were recording and lets go ahead and get this drone up in the air and see how it does so lets go ahead and do the unlock There we go not sure what was up there lets.

Try it again. There we go. I was pressing it, it wasnt going lets go and do all the takeoff that was kind of strange. I kept pressing it. It was just beeping at me. I dont know hard to say, but its working now, maybe i was being impatient its a little breeze today, but thats super steady. Now there is an optical flow camera on the bottom of this, but that shouldnt be used right now, because its probably not using that along with the gps, it only uses if it loses it now. This is a low rate. We can do a lets see if the yaw changes when i go and hold this to the high rate. Yes, the yaw gets quicker. Its not super windy today, so im gon na go back to the low rate thats going to help with filming. Well thats. Really, nice and stable lets hope that gimbal looked pretty good to me inside, but that can be tricky lets yall that around at me and lets lower lets, see if i bring this down, you guys should be able to see me here. Lets go, lets go up here and lets try to tilt the gimbal down looks like that. We got. We got a fro right now i can see were not connected, so lets go over here and land it. I dont know whats going on now: thats, not a good sign whenever we get that kind of stuff lets go ahead and land it.

I was the glare was kind of throwing me off so lets go ahead and go back in the app try entering it again. It says we were not connected. I didnt pay attention. Of course the drone was looking the wrong way. There lets go ahead and go back in and it still says that we are not connected so lets go back and lets go back in to make sure that we are connected to the wi fi and make sure for some reason, didnt disconnect on us. It says yeah were connected back to my home internet. That is not good. Lets make sure it pops back up here and im, not seeing it so lets. Try refreshing again all right! Well, you guys im just going to pause the video and get this reconnected, but that is not a good start to the video all right guys. I have it reconnected now. Lets get it back up in the air im im worried because when something like that happens, lots of times it becomes symptomatic and you end up with over and over and over, and then you end up with an unusable wi. Fi feed lets go ahead and try unlocking it again. There we go and lets lets make sure we start some video again. I didnt, i was sure we should be recording lets go ahead and do an auto takeoff. I know i doubt we had any video there at the beginning well see because the video froze were in low speed, lets, go ahead and turn it around now so far, so good lets go ahead now and thats.

Why i was having trouble while ago. I couldnt see me because i was looking at the wrong way and im so focused on talking im, not even paying attention. I was looking at the wrong direction in the app okay lets. Go ahead and do like a manuel dronie here like marcus, always does lets. Go ahead and a little bit too much elevation there there we go. Okay lets just slide around a little bit again. Im just in low rate lets just make sure this. I just hope this fpv feed stays good thats. My biggest concern now just going to ease it around im, just trying to do some cinematic flying here, keeping it close here to make sure that we have a good feed again. Think of it, according to the sd card, i want to go up in the rates, because here we go thats a little sportier, because, even though this is slowest rate ideal for for um filming its really slow to turn and stuff, okay lets uh. So far the gimbal looks pretty good now its not always easy for me to tell, while im flying here, um outside with a glare, if theres, actually any issues with the gimbal. But again we have eis working on top of this lets. Just take this out of ways way up over the cemetery were out at 128 30 feet were not going to go too far. This is not a range test and we have to keep it within line of sight.

Guys here in the u.s go out a little ways. I have a nice feed so far. Lets hope that that wi fi issue wasnt, it was just a glitch – were going to get it out about right around 500 feet there, its getting a little harder for me to see. I can still see it my eyes arent, the greatest so lets just go ahead. Thats, where i usually call these drones back the feeds really good im, not seeing a bunch of lag lets, go ahead and call it back home lets see. Is it gon na come back or maybe maybe i need to do a long? Well, i think its raising up now, so i think its doing it if not all along press it yeah. So please pay attention to the wind speed yeah its coming back. I think i had it set at whats 78 feet or something like that. I always like to do this. While we have good battery power – and here it comes just to see how close it is to landing on the pad were not going to be perfect and thats fine, but we want to get reasonable within a reasonable. You know a few feet is ideal. The sun im not gon na look up guys. The sun is right up high, now its just gon na blow out the camera, so once it gets down low enough here here we go lets see how this does its going to be awful little, but this is about what youd expect.

You know a few feet and thats perfectly fine, yeah thats thats a good return along that return to home, and this is a very a very small, um helipad. So its you know, this is smaller than some of the other ones too. So i may throw it off lets, go ahead and unlock it and get it back up in the air again lets just do a manual take off it really darts that when you give it full throttle, oh and then did it freeze yep all right after we Landed there look the video feed froze. I dont know if im going to be able to stop, recording now lets that did that did stop recording and then it said not connected lets just bring it back over here. This is not good. I worked really well there but im a little concerned. I mean the fact that were losing this wi fi and why did it do it after it landed like that lets go ahead and try to manually land it and, as you guys can see in screen, recording weve got a frozen video, so all right guys. So i got it connected again. This is like, i said unfortunate, because even though it worked really well, there thats the second time its dropped off and when it drops off, i cant just open close the app reopen it. Its the wi fi feed is completely dropping out. For me now is. Can i say for certain that this is going to happen to you? No, it could just be some fluke thing with me, but i can only tell you my experience.

Otherwise i love the drone. The fly is great and from what i can tell the video looked really good. I cant say for certain until i get it inside and view it. You know if theres, some real obvious problems ill put some text overlay pointing it out, but as what i, what i saw looked good. So it could come down to the fact that the wi fi issues could be the only problem with this drone, which is a pretty big problem. So lets go ahead now and start recording some video again um if it ends up that theres no on board video on my screen, recording thats, because both instances where the wi fi dropped out, i may have lost the recordings, even though it did seem to stop The last time, even though the feed was frozen, it seemed like there was some connection to the app possibly, but i dont know if thats possible. If the wi fi was gone, it wouldnt be so lets, go ahead and unlock the props and do an auto takeoff. Again so we are recording video. What i want to do now is just test out that follow me mode and the uh point of interest before we wrap up this video. But overall this thing flies well and the gimbal seems pretty good. I dont see lets look it off this way here. Take it up a little ways: um theres, some natural slope. There lets look off this way, im looking for any kind of slope in the gimbal, and there may be a little bit looks to me like it.

May be leaning a little to the left, but now that way it looks pretty good now sometimes thats the gimbal straightening out, but it doesnt look bad thats pretty good again, i think theres, maybe a little slope, as you guys may see, and theres that gimbal roll Adjustment, if it always does that we can fix that in the app and also i was you know, this is not the most level ground. Even i did a gimbal calibration its possible that uh, you know when it started up that it didnt get a good level because of the surface lets go to the higher rate. All right, maybe i was already in the high rate, lets yeah there we go. We already were in it as far as it kept that since i had powered it off now. Lets lets aim that gimbal down at me a little bit here. They say you need to be back a little ways. I dont remember the exact distance, but you cant do to follow me up. Super close lets lets park. It thats, probably a little too close, lets hope this feed stays good. That was weird that it landed and did that, but then the first time i was in the air and it dropped out. Okay lets go into the smart features. Lets just do follow me slide that little lever how the little slider over should say and there its sort of moving itself and finding me lets just see.

If it follows me first, it ought to just yall. I would think and im its backing up, but look at this lets lets correct it. If i can no its not letting me so instead of yawling over here. I am lets lets see if i theres floating over, but it should yaw on its axis while it locates me and then it should move and at first there it didnt lets see it may get better and it is following me now. So it seems to be working. Okay, though, as you guys saw it didnt. Let me move out of the uh field of view there, the first time yeah it is it is, it is moving and it is working. So not bad, not perfect, but not bad, and this followed me pretty nice, its its not doing a bunch of rocking its a little bit, but that gimbal is going to help smooth that out there we go its following me now: im getting close to the edge Lets turn this way and see is that yall are hes gon na. Let me walk out of range and theres. Some walking out of lets see if it turns around and turns at me, because right now you guys can see its out im out of the field of view now its turning, so maybe it could also be. I was a bit close now. Its found me so like i said it does work a little bit of a quick movement there as you can see the sudden adjustments, its not super smooth, but it does work ive seen much worse.

Okay lets go ahead and press that mode and exit out of it so yeah it works its not perfect, ive seen worse, but ive also seen better. Of course, if you were to get something like a dji mavic, a mini sc, i should say dont call it mavic anymore, its not going its going to be perfect. So keep that in mind the thing is, is not everybody is going to use following mode. In fact, ive only used it a few times on my good drones ever i just dont have a reason to use it, but if you do obviously this is not perfect. Lets take it up now and back it up im going to tilt the gimbal down a little bit here at us here, theres a little bit of delay lag with the gimbal, but its relatively smooth and lets go into that point of interest were just going to Slide it and i think, its just going to start going from there you dont, really. This is a simple kind. You just take it up over the object and its just going to start. Circling that point using that preset radius inside the settings of the app thats. A thats, a nice circle mirror point of interest. Thats perfect. I actually prefer this kind, some of the ones that are more specific. You have to fly them up on some drones mark the center move, it out, thats fine, but we can get difficult and sometimes they dont always want to work really well.

This is much more basic, but i like this and then of course, we had the headless mode in there which im not going to test that because thats a stupid mode to put on a gps drone yeah were still going good. So you know we got a good wi fi feed again. I just dont know why weve lost that feed twice lets go ahead and tilt the gimbal up a little bit. We dont want to look all the way down. Overall. This is a nice drone. Again, though, two problems is that wi fi dropping out im kind of worried here. I think what im gon na do here is im going to stop recording the video here. So i know ive got some saved that way. I know the apps told the drone to save it to the sd card, because i want to make sure i get some footage. What i do now is now that weve got it up in the air. I can take. Lets take a couple photos now that we stopped recording so guys if we i dont, know if i got three video clips or just one, but we should have definitely one now the the that i was able to actually confirm that i stopped the video its possible When i powered off the drone that those video clips did save – and you saw them – but they didnt its because they corrupted – because it was never given a proper uh notification to stop recording lets, go ahead and just do a quick press and well take a photo.

There we go, it says: tf photo. That means that its saving it to the sd card, all right. Another thing lets do here. While we have it looks like we have, it shows that we have three force power on the drone, so were getting a really good flight time they rated it 27 minutes. I was saying that im hoping for maybe 20. Who knows i mean this is really good, but sometimes these batteries will show three forces and all of a sudden theyll drop real quick. So we have to keep that in mind. Lets raise the gimbal up a little bit. What i want to do now is just do some gimbal testing lets just take the drone rock it back and forth and see how well does this gimbal perform. So this is a good test, a really you know, hard 40 to 45 degree movements to really test that drone. That gimbal should say on screen that looks great. Now they had holy stone does have an hs 360 that has a i had that drone. I cant remember thats, two or three axis that gimbal was not perfect um, it was okay, but that gimbal looked different. It looked more like the gimbals that you see on the uh uh uh sjrc. This gimbal looks different, so im hopeful that maybe this one performs better, even though the sjrc gimbals usually work really well, but on that drone i had some shakes at times this one looks really good in fpv feed thats.

What i really want to test again, i saw a little there might have been a bit of crooked horizon, but boy it was very small. It wouldnt be enough for me to be hugely disappointed because, like i said it looked like it was always in the same direction. It could have been just natural elevation change. If not, you can adjust that in the gimbal roll adjustment, all right – and this is 4k at 30 frames per second thats – really important – that were not getting that bogus 15 fps or something like some of these do because 15 50. You know some of those drones to do that, because its really difficult to get to save that frame rate it requires more processing power on the drone. This drones obviously got some muscle with the 30 fps and eis on board. Well, we got a good. Why i have you know: im probably gon na jinx myself, weve got 15 satellites and ive got no issues, though with the wi fi here, just like i didnt on the first return to home, but boy it does some. I say if it drops out its not the app losing connection which im of these wi fi apps will lose connection and youre not actually disconnected from the the drone. Maybe the feed gets weak, but its just um and there we are frozen. No, no! No. I thought we were, but it was just the gimbal so good.

I thought we were frozen when it does that the wi fi actually drops out completely. I saw like a broken rocker. I know i repeat myself: im trying to get the point across all right lets. Go ahead and do a uh, auto landing here over the helipad lets turn the drone around i like to have the drone the butt of the drone. I call it facing me its pretty stable. It does get a little wobbly at times, but its very small. You can see it does some if i could spit out corrections as the drone is breaking and thats common with these drones in this price point, but its certainly nothing like someone ive seen. This is actually a really nice gps flyer and theres some wind today too. So that wind is doing that lets do the auto landing kind of it slowed and braked itself. That was nice. Thats me correcting it. Of course, this is not a return to home all right, so hopefully we got some on board footage. There saved, at least at the very end, and, of course the screen recording is only going to be at 1080p and its not going the stream recording is just going to be your wi fi feed, so im crossing my fingers. We got some decent footage. There save the sd card to show you guys what this camera can do, boy that gimbal seemed pretty good. I hope im not miss speaking here and it actually wasnt but boy.

It looked really good. So, overall guys id have to give this a passing grade, but i cant give it an a because of the wi fi issues. Otherwise i could give it. You know i probably give it a b and who knows you may not have those problems bb minus only on the wi fi. I will change that score here. At the end, if i noticed a bunch of issues with the gimbal that i overlooked, but for now im going to give it like a a decent grade again, this drone will be available on march 30th. I will have a purchase link down here in the description to it as soon as it becomes available on amazon, but ill include that code. So if you run across this video and youre thinking about this drone make sure you grab that code. Itll, probably only be good for a few weeks to a month, but that should drop it in the 280s range thats going to make it cheaper than the mini sc. If youre on a tight budget, this might be a decent option for you, assuming that that gimbal does work well, so consider the coupon as well. If you use this purchase link that does help support my channel, so please do consider using the purchase link.