This is a brand new drone from holy stone. This is the 720 g. Now, if you are a subscriber to my channel, you probably recall about a year or so ago, i reviewed the hs720e now that drone had just eis or electronic image stabilization. This drone does also have that, as you can see right here, but the g stands for gimbal. This is a two axis gimbal, so the gimbal ought to do all the work, but if theres any slight movements, the eis is going to smooth that out. So the combination of a gimbal and eis should give us really smooth video. Just like you know, a dji drone thats. What? Ideally, we would expect out of this now thats pretty high expectations, but you never know im going to set them that high, because we want something thats really really good like that. So this drone is brand new uh holy stone, sent this out to me about a month ago. They said ill hold off its not available, yet so its going to go on sale on march 30th. Now this is sunday night march 27th, im filming this unboxing video from a flight review in a separate video im going to film that tomorrow i hope if the weather permits so its not available to purchases. Yet if you watch this video, but it will be in about three days its gon na be listed for, i believe 299 dollars so similar to uh mavic uh.

Excuse me a mini se, so hopefully this drone can compete with that at that price range. So again, itll be available thursday, and if youre subscribed to my channel im going to have um, you guys always get the incentives of some coupon codes is what im getting at so theres going to be down the purchase link. I will add that on wednesday, whenever it comes available, so right now, if youre watching this video, its not going to be you cant, buy it yet, but itll be a five percent off code, so it should be somewhere in the 285 range. If you use my discount code here with this video that again i had on wednesday, so just keep that in mind. So lets look over the box just some of the specs on here and then well take a look at the drone. Now it mentions it has a 4k and 30 frames per second camera, thats, really good thats. What we want to see we dont want these 15 frames per second or even 24. 25 30 is what you really want: thats sort of my minimum acceptable frame rate. So this ought to give us a nice playback and as mentions here, youve got your two axis gimbal on the side. Here it says independent escs. Of course, this is a brushless drone with 1506 2200 kv motors, and it mentioned just 2.4 gigahertz on the controller, and then you have a few other things im going to mention the eis and it also mentions the 4k camera make sure were focused in there and The two axis mechanical gimbal, so again those two should work together and provide us really good footage now, ideally a gimbal.

If the gimbal really does its job, you shouldnt need the eis. The eas is sort of a backup. In case there is a slight jitter or jetta, because you sort of have that, with these lower cost lesser known brand drones that do have gimbals and has follow me in a point of interest, which is also your circle me mode lets, get it out of the Way there and get to the actual drone itself now it comes in this really fantastic carrying case. This almost feels, like a leather im, sure its not, but it has a you know a faux leather, probably you know its sort of a fake, a leather case, but its just really nice. This is probably the best carrying case ive seen for any of these drones. So its going to open it up it does you cant, obviously carry it does have a handle, so you can carry this around with you if you want to carry it out into the field and lets turn the drone. I want to turn it sideways here to actually show you guys. The drone has a little foam insert there to protect everything. You got your instructions off to the side which ill take a look at in a moment. Heres the drone, of course, your controller and this actually ive taken it out so ive already opened. This has the battery and the prop so ill. Show you guys that here in a moment as well, actually ill show it to you right now.

Youve got youve, got your extra propellers in case youd. Have an accident youd break any of them. You got your charging cable here. This will use a usbc cable. You dont have to use one provided any usb cable work, because the battery itself regulates the charging and turning off the charging. You have a phillips screwdriver, which i always give you guys that stuff comes in this box, which is inserted inside of here, and here is the battery. This is, let me get it closed here and get it focused in this is a 2s lipo 7.7 volt. That means its a a lipo high voltage has a little more kick to it and its a pretty good capacity of 29 50 milliamp hour the runtime. This is advertised well over 20 minutes ill. Try to show you that in instruction manager, i dont remember the exact flight time off hand, so i dont want to tell you the wrong flight time on this guy and its got some green lights here. You press that itll light up and you can see its three force it away charge. I was charging it before. I started this video, so i need to put it on the charger and were going to turn it back off to actually get the battery fully charged before that flight review. So lets go ahead and take a look at the drone. Now the drone again has this gimbal in front theres a gimbal guard on this.

So lets go ahead and well take that off. So you guys can see once we fold the drone out now. This drone does weigh more than the 250 gram limit, which is so crucial in many countries and including the united states, but its some countries thats very, very important. So unfortunately, the united states just has to be have your faa registration number on it. If youre in some other countries, this is going to be a lot harder to fly just because of the weight, but being this is an amazon drone. This is going to be primarily so the united states, so most people im talking to in this video. You just need to know you. You do need to have your faa number on this, so your battery, of course slides in the back and snaps in here and lets go ahead and show you guys that gimbal and be careful taking this gimbal guard off and there it is again its two axis That means its stabilized on, like the x y axis, so youve got stabilization, your pitch and your roll theres, no yaw stabilization on this drone, which would be a three axis gimbal light you see on some of the other ones like the dji mini sc and all Those all have three axis gimbals, so a little better advantage there. It does use an sd, a micro, sd card, so thats really good. So it means your footage is not saved over wi fi and it goes right in here and this could save up to 128 gigabytes.

So massive sd card and massive macro sd cards are going there, so theres no limitations like 32 or 64. Like you see on some other drones that are more inexpensive, heres those brushless motors on the bottom, you have a very small pinhole camera. Let me get this a little closer, and this guy is your optical flow. That means, if you lose gps or youre flying inside, you can look at the ground and sort of hold position and like a poor, mans gps, it will, it will do his best job. It cant look in the ground. I dont know these look like leds. Excuse me like infrareds or something, but they dont light up. Of course, if theyre infrared you wouldnt see them, but im not sure if theyre just fake or what, because they dont say on anything in the packaging, what those actually do so, maybe theres something that works with low light. You know to help out the the optical flow camera or the visual positioning system as they call it, but i cant say for certain yeah, so it looks like a pretty decent drone now that the original 720 drone, if you saw the 720e video of mine and Some of the other people, some people, had no issues. Some people had some issues that drone. I had one instance where it just got a mind of its own and flew off to the side. The other video the follow up. I did it was perfect.

Um, hopefully well, have any issues well see when we get to the flight review. This drone, of course, is pretty similar, but i would imagine if there was any issues. Hopefully, those are resolved and im looking forward to this drone, because this could be a really good, viable sub 300 option. Just looking at the specs and, most importantly, the fact that its got 30 frames per second video and not some goofy, really low fps. So, im pretty excited about this. I think this could be a really. This has a potential to be a really fantastic uh budget, gps drone option in that sub 300 dollar class, which doesnt have a whole lot of good camera drone options. Understandably, at that price range, and then the controller looks just like the 720 es and like many of the of the other controllers, that holy stone, uses, sort of a mjx uses this controller as well. You have the fold out little hand hold you know for the your hands here on the bottom, this isnt rechargeable, so you have to put in two double a batteries in the rear and the uh. The antennas are not real. They tell you the instruction to fold them out, but i, as far as i can tell theres no wire in here, usually you get a wire on one side, and that would be for your extending your you know, get better range and the other one would usually Be fake, but they both look unfortunate to be fake on this.

Your phone clip holder here pulls out, and this would fold down and your phone goes in there thats, of course, for you running the app, so you can see what youre doing on this. I believe the app was called the go. Ophelia go app ill confirm that once we get into the instruction manual and thats what youd use to uh work with this drone and then youve got your controls on the side. Here you have a gps switch um. When you dont want, if you want to turn it off and fly in just altitude hold mode you can you can do that by flipping the switch down, and it could be that sometimes they use these hand, gesture modes and stuff in the app, and that may Be lots of times you have to turn gp off gps off to use those and then youve got your your power switch here. Your motor unlock youll press that the motors will fire up and then at that point you can press the auto, take off and take off and it will go up a little ways and hover or you can just give it throttle at that point. But you do have to unlock the motors, usually whenever you with these drones, the first time you use them, you need to do like a binding sequence, so it doesnt always sometimes ive had ones that didnt need it, but you hold down the unlock and the power And then you pop and once you do, that it starts blinking, it goes into binding mode.

You power up the drone and then it will immediately be you know its binded and once you do, that, youll have to do it ever again unless it would lose bind. But you do need to do that usually the first time and then over here is your gps return to home. You press this, its just a short press and it will fly back and then land itself within reason of where it took off its going to be off by a few feet and well test that in a flight review, i always test the accuracy of those return To home accuracy test, and then here you got your photo video short press for photo a long press will start the video it will save. It says it has avi or mp4 format, so well check that in the app there are some camera settings, so i dont know exactly all the camera settings and they dont show you in the manual, but they will probably will have that in there. If that option is one you can switch between which they state that you can and want to see if its got, you know it might have some minor camera adjustments. I dont know if theres an option to switch to like 1080p or something probably not they dont mention it, but well check that when we get into the flight review and get the app bound up connected, then you got a high and low rate you do have To long press it says and itll go between high and then itll show low on the screen, so well try to test those out this dial over here is fake.

It just its locked, i should say not necessarily fake it. Doesnt do anything, but this one here is your: it kind of springs back. But this is your dial to change your pitch or the angle of your camera and be able to go down to 90 degrees. So you can look straight down or you can look straight forward so thats. What lets you adjust the camera as youre flying around? I think that is all the controls on this guy, so that should cover the the controller lets go ahead and lets get the instruction manual out here and well. Take a quick look at that and then well wrap this up and then well have that follow up video with the um, the actual flight, which you guys really want to see. This will kind of get this out of the way. So we dont have to worry about, including this all in one video theres. It shows the vision positioning there, just your basic controls and everything that we were all just discussing here just a moment ago and of course on with this being a gps drone on low voltage. It will return home when it gets critically low and it will land itself if its within, like 50 feet, itll just land itself, if youre beyond 50 feet whenever its really low, i believe it will then fly back and land. Something like that. It tells you in here shows it up with instructions and replace the propellers the tf card, the gimbal cover.

How to put the phone in here is the link to the app and is that ophelia fly. As i mentioned, this is your google play store and this is ios for your iphones and then it shows you what to connect to the holy stone, gim and some different numbers so its unique to that specific drone. Then it gives you some initializations and stuff for the lights. The first flight is a little different than any other, and then you need to calibrate the compass now thats going to be both sticks down ill show you here, both sticks down to the right will enter and there should be a little quadcopter. Symbol will appear on here. Let you know youre in the compass calibration mode. Now you need to do that before your first flight and they recommend you do it before every flight, but you dont have to. I dont think its going to force you to do it. Like some of the toy grade, gps drones do but if youre flying the same area or even with 100 kilometers or so you shouldnt have to calibrate it again, but it takes only a moment. Its safe itd be best to do that in case. The magnetic environment youre in changes, because thats the best way to get a fly away is, if you get a bad compass calibration or at the very least, youre going to get really bad toilet bowling with where the drone goes in big circles.

If it does that, you know you need to land it and recalibrate the compass, it just tells you that were going to do a horizontal, uh threes turns and then the lights will change and it could beep at you. It doesnt say it, but sometimes they do anyway, then youre gon na switch it to vertical do three more and then the light should all go. Green lean, youre, ready to go and its gon na. Of course me looking for the satellites as well, so its not gon na, let you take off until it gets unless you switch out a gps mode, you think you want at least seven satellites it mentions, but if you are, if you switched it into just altitude, Hold mode i would think youd be it would still let you take off even without a good satellite. Lock just tells you how to unlock the motors and get going one key take off adjusting the gimbal and then theres mentioning the smart takeoff and landing within 98 feet here for low voltage. What it does and then again, whenever its down below 50 feet at 49 feet there, it mentions that optical flow positioning camera on the bottom and, if youre flying it indoors or some spot, where you just have no a very you know no gps lock. You know very weak signal, and then here it mentions that app and how you use it. The app is basically just going to let you give your fpv feed all the other options in here outside the smart features are going to be able to be done with the controller, but the apps going to let you do of course see your camera feed and Its also going to let you do your follow me mode point of interest interest and if you want to enter into headless mode which to me, is a useless feature for a gps drum, because you dont need to know orientation, because the drone is going to hold Its position, you can call it back, so you dont ever dont dont fly headless mode.

Headless mode is where your controls dont get reversed. Whenever you change the direction and put the nose that are drawn towards you, then your your controls, reverse. You dont need to know that you dont need to worry about the gps thats for a non gps. Drone following mode is going to follow the gps signal of your phone, so it knows the location between the gps module and the drone and the gps in your phone, and it can follow. You point to interest is like circle mode, its just going to turn around and circle the spot where you initiated it and its going to it may have some presets in the app on how wide the range of the the radius is. Well have to look at that and then, of course, when we get it up in air theres its going to be in beginner mode. So if youre a beginner that may be fine. But someone like myself whos experienced its probably a good idea to turn that off and when you do, you can then slide the meters up to set the max range and max height. And then it looks here, it says: uh orbit, yeah theres the orbit one, so that will let us set the radius for the orbit on the top dial. Well see all that when we get to the flight review and the separate video, i will use the screen. Recording so we can go into the app because, as soon as i take off, i always go in and change that, because, when im testing return to home, if im out of ways its going to hit the uh that geofence its not going to want to go Past it because its on that beginners mode, which usually limit to a very restricted distance and height, and then it explains that follow me mode, we just talked about point of interest headless mode, and it does call tap fly tap.

Fly is just your waypoints, where you can go into the map. Tell the drone to fly from here to here to here to here, and then you can tell it to go ahead and submit it and initiate it and itll go fly that route and then return back to its starting point or if it just told to hover, Where it ends, i dont test that, because a lot of times you just dont have enough battery to test waypoint missions in my reviews, especially with just one battery, so i dont ever test those, but you feel free to use it. They usually work just fine and it might be really good if youre going to investigate some locations, you might tell the drone to go. Fly this route, tell you how to record a video and take photos using the app and then heres the specifications. Now i mentioned it was over the 250 gram limit. I got around 370 something thats. What this says 377 – and here is that flight time it says 26 minutes thats going to be hovering in a gymnasium with no wind. You might get that lets figure somewhere in the 20 minute range would be great, were not going to get 26 minutes. All these drones are exaggerating on that and yeah just every other stuff. Here it mentions 5g on the uh wi fi signal to your phone, so make sure your phone is 802.11 ac or 5g compatible if it is just 2.

4 youre not going to be able to connect to the app and theres at 30 frames per second and your Range on this drone for the fpv feed is going to be about 500 meters. It says since youre connecting to 5g wi fi dont expect to get 500 even unobstructed. They say that you get 500 youre, probably going to get 150 200, maybe depending on the environment. Youre in how much other wi fi there is in your neighborhood, but it can actually rate it can actually fly by the controller one kilometer. But if youre going out a couple hundred meters and you lose the feed youre flying blind so its pointless so yeah a couple hundred meters – they rated at 500 youre not going to get that anywhere. Maybe flying off the side of a mountain. I dont know all right guys. I think that covers all the unboxing of this exciting new drone again, if youre interested in this drone youre checking this out now, hopefully by this point, ive got the flight review up as well, but if it happens before march 30th, i dont have a sales link. Yet, but as soon as i do, im included with the videos assuming these are posted before the 30th and ill include that coupon. So if youre watching this and youre checking that drone out on amazon, you say im gon na go check, reviews out. First, you came here well, go down in the in the video description and grab that coupon the very least and if youre feel kind enough click.

The link and use the link to purchase thatll help. Give me a little bit to support my channel, but it wont cost you a cent more in fact, youre saving money with that code, all right guys that wraps up the unboxing of the new holy stone, hs 720 g.