Hey ive got my drone seeker shirt on a shout out to all my friends at the drone seekers. I do have a drone review for you today. I have the holy stone hs 720e. Now this is one of those brands thats widely available on amazon and in fact they may just exclusively sell on amazon im, not 100 sure or maybe through their own website as well. But you see them primarily on amazon and they did send me this drone for review uh. So yeah were going to were going to take this guy out of the box, its a its a gps camera drone. That does not have a gimbal, but it does have electronic image. Stabilization uh, supposed to take 4k video uh, looks like an interesting product to me. One of the things that i want to comment on is uh. Is you can take a look at this box? It? Let me tell you its got some weight to it and uh its. You know very well packaged so thats, always a good sign uh if they theyre taking care in that that it very more likely more often than not as a quality product, so uh yeah lets uh. Lets. Take this thing, uh out of the box here and see what we got in there. So all right here it is uh the holy stone hs720e and i, the e, i believe, stands for electronic image. Stabilization theyre saying 16 plus, and i would probably agree with that – got a pretty good picture of the drone here.

You can see that it does. Uh have brushless motors theres that 4k camera right there and it is a folding drone, as you can see so lets. Take a look: we can look at the sides of the box here: uh independent esc, yeah, brushless motors. It tells us 2204, 1700 kv motors and 2.4 gigahertz communication uh. So that is probably good. That would uh pretend for a pretty good uh range. I would think so, but well well find out. Then it lists some of the features: electronic image, stabilization, 4k, camera adjustable camera angle, so yeah thats worth talking about you can with the remote control you can adjust that camera up and down again it does not have a gimbal on it. Its relying on electronic image. Stabilization does have a follow me mode and a point of interest mode and by point of interest you would call that an orbit or a circle mode, so lets quit messing around lets, get this guy out of the box and see what we got so they uh Thoughtfully provided a little uh spot on the plastic here that i should be able to rip this guy open. So i notice here it says, scan with the transparency app. So i dont know if that is the qr code for the app to fly. The drone or not – but i just wanted to point it out – okay, lets open her up and lets see whats inside.

I always appreciate it when you get a good carrying case with the drone, its important it allows you to keep everything together. Okay, so i see a double pull zipper here, which is kind of good. In other words, you can unzip it from either direction, although its zipped all the way around to this side right now, uh, but – and i should point out the carry handle. I mean this is a quality case with this thing, so lets open it up and uh and see what we really want to see and thats the drone. So there you go yeah ubiquitous piece of foam right there and uh theres the drone itself and the controller. So uh, i can tell you right off the bat uh. This controller reminds me of the uh, the type of controller you get with another brand of drone, but so yeah heres, the drone itself and all the battery just came out the back as i as i open it up, and i believe it does come with two Batteries and it is a 2 800 milliamp, 7.4 volt uh lithium polymer battery. So the reason that thats loose is obviously they dont want the thing coming on, while its well its being transported, and in fact, if you look here, you have a little piece of foam that will keep it from fully engaging and youll have to remove that before You can put it fully installed in a drone, but were going to do that right now, just to have it in there and uh.

So you do have. I can just looking at the features you got the lights on there thatll tell you how much charge there is on the drone were going to do one quick press here and see if theres a charge on it at all, and i dont see anything lit up. So youre going to have to charge that that battery first and uh, so we can take a quick look at the bottom. Here too, i see two led landing lamps. What are those for? Those are if youre, in low light situations that will let the drone see where the ground is – and this is an optical flow camera right here, and that tells the drone how close it is to the ground. Well, not necessarily how close, but it tells it if its moving or not. I do not see any time of flight sensors on there, but but that optical flow sensor will definitely help it to be more stable at low altitudes, and these are just vent holes right here, uh and then uh. Taking a look at the camera itself. It seems to be it. I guess i can appreciate the fact that its uh, you can see it kind of move around a little bit there. It looks like its got on rubber dampers on silicone dampers. I should say, and that helps thats a huge thing. You dont know how important that is, that keeps jello out of your video and keeps the camera isolated from the vibrations that the drone does so thats a good sign and and im not going to force this thing up and down.

But it is adjustable on the remote control uh, the pitch of the camera up and down so which is handy thats how you keep whatever youre looking at in frame. So it says yeah to unfold the uh, the rear arms first. So lets just do that theres. The rear, arms and then the front arms next and you know really smooth uh on these uh wireless motors. I noticed that you know some drones uh. When i said wireless motors, i meant to say brushless motors, i noticed some drones. You youll feel some friction in the motors. These are very, very smooth, uh props are held on individually by screws, so in other words, each blade is held on there individually, theyre already installed on here, im sure theres, some spare props in there and spare screws. In case you need them; hopefully you dont need them so yeah power button on the drone is right here on the top. Well, give you a good look here and there on the side, that is the sd card slot, and so typically on a drone, like this im sure itll take probably up to 128 gig card im telling you you dont need that on a drone like this, i Typically put a 32 gigabyte card, they typically dont shoot at a really high bit rate, so theyre not going to take up that much space and im just going to tell you a 32 gigabyte card is typically plenty for this kind of drone.

But you know what im the other thing im going to tell you is this: has a feeling of quality to it. Now, obviously, we havent flown it yet, but it feels real, solid and feels like a nice piece. So setting that drone aside lets take a look at the at the remote and yeah so im familiar with this style of remote. So now this down here, these are just handles to help. You hang on to the uh the controller, and we want to look right here and i am very encouraged uh. We have a wire inside this antenna, so that means that is a functional antenna. This one i dont, see a wire in so yeah. You dont need to worry about it. You could leave that one folded up and it wouldnt hurt anything and and when you position your antennas, i think on this guy youre going to have to position them down, because here is where your your phone goes right there. Your your mobile phone gets placed in the top of this. This pulls out and and pulls up and there you go and that this pulls up and thats where your mobile phone is and you can adjust it up like that so uh and then push that back down fold it back in and obviously you got to take This off of the uh led screen, but it should have full featured information on the led screen and yeah so the button on the side.

Here i am familiar with this controller. This one is: this is how you put it in gps. So for my money, youd always want gps on uh. If, if you want to fly an addie mode, you can but understand if you have any wind its really going to blow the drone around, so my recommendation is to leave it in gps mode all the time. This button is to unlock the motors uh take off and land. This is the on off switch for the uh remote controller itself. Lets see if it has any power, yeah nothing there. So maybe this is a well look at the other side. I cant remember if you have to put batteries in this or not, and this is the return to home button right here, uh and then on the back here: uh yeah, speed control and turning on the lights of the on the bottom of the drone right there. This button right here is to control the camera. I i one press to take a picture two presses to to to start video now. I believe yeah this button right here or this scroll wheel right here is going to control the camera up and down, and this one is just locked yeah, its locked in place. Like i said, ive seen this controller ive used it before yeah and it is a couple of double a batteries. I should have remembered that so two double a batteries on the controller again uh.

I guess what i appreciate uh is that you do you have that led screen on the front here that gives you your telemetry from your drone and the fact that uh, that you know when it when you, when you have functional antennas uh, it makes a difference. A lot of the a lot of drones, a lot of the lower price drones im going to say: if you look at their antenna, they wont have a wire in them, and that means that theyre, just there for looks only they really dont uh help. But that tells us that well get a little bit better range with this guy, so lets take a look and see what else is in here. So this is heavy enough. I suspect its another battery and im correct. Second battery is in there im not going to pull that out, because weve already looked at a battery. Well, maybe we might to see everything else thats in here boy, theres, a bunch of stuff in this box, so yeah so theres. The second battery uh extra props right here and im not gon na pull those out youve seen props before uh, oh yeah. So this is the charger sure uh. So youve got usbc and im not even going to pull that out. You guys have seen chargers before, but thatll tell you charge status lights right there on the back, so lets see whats in the top of the case here and if i know holy stone, therell be a really nice set of instructions which i always appreciate so uh Yeah – and this is just a little uh gel desiccant gel so well – leave that in there and yeah again so uh yeah telling you about the battery the usual uh cautions do not charge in the carrying case.

Okay and uh, just as i suspected a really high quality instruction manual. So i appreciate that and it looks like it goes through the app and everything and in this and it looks like theres several languages, but in here we should find yeah, english, german and spanish. We should be able to find the qr code for the uh, the app that runs the drone. So here it is on page 18, so youre going to find the the qr code for ios and the android app code, so youre going to want to install that on whatever mobile device you use to fly the drone: hey: okay, the holy stone, hs 720e theres. Only one thing left to do and yeah ill peel off all the stickers before we do it, but we need to get this bird in the air, so it probably wont be today because it is a really windy day today, uh, but in the next couple of Days, im going to take this guy out and fly it and im going to be honest with you. This is uh. This is one that im really anxious to get in the air uh because it just like. I said it feels pretty good and feels like they. They did some decent uh engineering on this guy, so yeah well see out the field. Hey everybody, marcus crawford here with the idaho quadcopter channel, hey uh, holy stone, sent me a drone here. This is the hs 720e youve already seen the unboxing that we did uh with this drone.

This is a product thats been out for probably about a year now uh, but uh yeah. So i mean its its an interesting product in that it has a 4k 30 frames per second. Camera has electronics image stabilization and we talked about this previously uh, the the brushless motors and yeah. Its got some features that i think should be interesting. So lets quit. Messing around lets get this bird in the air, and what we want to look at primarily is we want stable, jello, free video out of this thing, thats, what you buy a camera drone for is nice, stable, video, so lets get it in the air lets check That out, so the first thing that we have to do with this drone is put the transmitter into pairing mode so that we can hook it up to the drone. So to do that were going to hold down the lock button and turn it on. At the same time and yeah, it is in pairing mode, and you can tell that i dont know if you can see on the lcd screen those two bars going up and now were going to turn on the drone and uh. I turned on the drone there and i dont know if you could hear that it paired almost instantly and you can see that those bars are completely solid now and we can see the battery power of the drone and i see its showing the drone battery power.

Not quite full – and i charge that up so i dont know whats going on there, but it is. We can see the little blinking drone up in the corner, so its asking for a compass calibration. Otherwise, you could do that by taking the sticks and going down and to the right, but since its already asking for it were just going to do it right now and thats, three complete circles, horizontal and three complete circles vertical should calibrate it. And now i didnt hear any beeps or anything at the time, but but the little the the the little drone up in the corner icon is gone, so we should be good. So now we need to get the app going so im going to tap on the aphilia go app uh im just going to enter device. I dont see anything thats asking me which drone i have here so were just going to enter device and yeah. We are going to allow, while using app and of course, its the first thing – and this is great – its prompting us to hook up to wi fi, so were going to do that real quick. So the drone is on so were going to go to my wi fi settings: yeah theres the holy stone right there. So im going to click on that and were connected that fast, so so thats perfect, so uh, okay! So really at this point i dont see why we cant take off lets but lets look at our settings.

Real, quick and its walking us through uh through the app here which we dont need to do that. Its telling me were not connected, so i dont know what thats about why we wouldnt be connected to the drone. So im showing we have 14 satellites were in low speed mode im, looking at the at the controller here, but not connected. So what im going to do is im going to get out of the app and start it over again. Here you know this is the kind of stuff thats so frustrating for people that the first time theyve flown a drone when things dont work like they should now. I have no problem working through this stuff, but i understand the frustration of new folks. So give me a second here im just going to reboot everything and cycle everything well start over again and and see if we can make this happen: okay, uh! So for some reason there what happened was uh the i dont its weird. I went and looked at the wi fi connection. It wasnt the drones fault at all. The wi fi connection on my or the wi fi on my phone was turned off, but we connected once there so im, not sure what happened but uh, but were good to go now. Okay, so we had a couple of issues there to start getting connected to wi fi, but weve got it going now and weve got fpv on the screen, so lets go into settings and take a look uh and – and we need to set that orbit right now.

We want to turn beginner mode off and were going to set the the orbit because were going to try that we want to move that up. I dont know 15 meters thats plenty and then return to home altitude im going to move that up to about 30 meters, yeah theres, theres, 30 meters right there uh so lets uh sensor status, weve already done a calibration camera 4k 30 frames per second and uh Lets format the sd card, thats thats in there i do have a uh and actually a u3 card, theyre saying an s10 card, but ive got a little sandisk extreme in there. So it should be plenty for what were trying to do so uh any prompt. If update the data im going to say, update okay, so thats uh to set the geo fencing on the drone uh, which uh by that im sure they mean the return to home and the what we were talking about for circle mode. So this particular drone in order to take off uh and by the way we better start recording first, so i can do that either with a double press on the controller here or i can do it on. The app in this case were going to do it on the app and you can see. Weve got a countdown at the top, so it started recording. So, in order to to start the motors on this drone, you have to hold down this lock button or give it a quick push.

I believe yeah quick, push started the motors and, if i hit take off here now, the drone will auto take off and there we go hey that doesnt. Look too bad to me, nice and steady its moving around a little bit and, as you guys saw, i would have already put it up with its a fairly cold day today, but not much wind. We have a chance of a little bit of precip so im beyond the drone down and were in low speed mode, and i can its kind of moving around a little bit as i yaw there. So its starting a little bit of a circular motion which uh sometimes can tell you that you need a compass calibration, but it seems like its settled down there so lets bring it in yeah. So its weird im, uh yeah, the controls are not working like you. Would expect i pushed forward to bring it in and it moved sideways, so there may be some other calibration we need here yeah. I was re that was kind of a strange one, so im going to push up on the right, sick and see if we can bring it towards us and there we are okay. It seemed to settle down a little bit, but it uh, but i it i had kind of a weird movement there at first so lets just mess around with it close in here for a second im gon na try and bring it into us pick it up.

A little bit to give you a look at the drone and again this is in low speed mode, so im im that you know it seems to be uh. I dont know what the issue was. I had there initially, but it seems to be working well now. So im going to pull down on the stick, reverse and its okay. So now were going to move forward. It was interesting. It seemed like initially there when i, when i moved the stick up, the drone moved sideways, so that was a little weird. Okay, so uh lets uh were going to do our usual droney and again. I dont expect this to be very fast im going to point it off towards the corner of the park here and and were gon na were in low speed mode. So i dont think its gon na be very fast and thats me moving the drone around so uh lets go and look at that, its its getting some kind of weird, with the mo its jerking a little bit so thats a little strange. I dont like that, but uh anyway, we are going to do reversing up now, reverse and up. So the up is a lot faster than the reverse here, yeah its uh, the the controls. I am not real happy with, i feel like i i dont feel like. I have uh really solid control with the drone, its not terribly responsive, particularly in the bank movements now up and down im pulling down on it now now up pretty good, especially up it moves up quickly, uh, okay, so uh, so im gon na bring it in Again and were gon na try that dronie one more time, but it just uh it like.

I said it just felt a little strange there and and its its moving around a lot. I let off the sticks and it it kind of wanders around so im going to say not the most precise, so uh thats, not confidence, inspiring ill, say that and – and you know i have to tell you – i dont expect this. This is a lower price drone. So i dont expect it to be as precision as as what you would have on a higher priced product. Let me drop the camera down. That was me and i kind of overshot. Okay lets lets, do our droning again, so were going to go, reverse and its fairly slow and boy ill. Tell you what, like, i said, its uh movement wise and youre, seeing because its not its theres, no gimbal on there, you saw the camera drop there. When i stopped uh yeah, this is kind of interesting. I uh. I am not really thrilled with uh with how this thing controls a fair amount of uh of movement uh. You know when you try and go straight back the drone doesnt move straight back. It moves a little to the side and thats me picking up altitude there and the drone while ive got the ive got the uh the stick straight down. The drone was moving to my right and there you can see me letting off, and so that is because theres no, there is no gimbal on this drone, so its all electronic image, stabilization uh.

But honestly i dont, you know the the image that i see. That was me picking up the camera doesnt look too bad im gon na try yawing to uh the drones right and well see if we can go out into the corner of the field here, and i just checked my uh, my uh antenna to make sure that Theyre uh correct and pointed at the drone, and it is and again uh yeah. This is kind of wild. This thing is uh. You know im getting some break up a little bit of stuttering on fpv yeah ill. Tell you what its uh, its, not terribly confidence, inspiring im going to im going to try a return to home and lets see. I want to make sure that this drone knows its way home Music. Okay, so all i can tell an indicator on the screen. Is that the return to home icon turned blue, and i did it on the app and its coming back uh backwards and its weird, it started slow and now its moving faster. Now it slows down again and its moving a little faster and i have got the. I am pointing the the antenna straight up at the drone, its just about right above us now im going to try and point that camera down. As far as i can so, you can see us there and lets see how close it gets to uh to our home point here. It looks like its gon na be fairly close, actually im gon na pick that camera back up, so you guys can see it here.

Im gon na lower the cam, the gopro just a little, so we mowed a little bit of grass and its bouncing around a little im just going to let it stop on its own to see if itll do it and it did okay lets uh lets. Uh pick it back up, i am going to uh manually. Do another compass calibration just for the fun of it just to see if thats our issue with the controls, it does have 17 satellites, so weve got good gps lock, but lets uh lets put it into a compass calibration again: okay, we did another calibration and the Light went out, uh and oh, i see i was recording that whole time so, but thats all right, uh lets go ahead and uh lets try taking off again. We got 18 satellites, so satellites arent the issue and lets see how were going. How were doing and and it kicks those uh props right on – were gon na – do a manual takeoff im gon na. Do it with the controller here, and you know what looks pretty good. Maybe i did need a compass calibration, although its its drifting a little bit. Okay lets uh make sure my antenna are correct. Lets go ahead and send it straight out here and again. This is in low speed mode and again, you know im pushing the thing straight up and its man. It is really moving around and its going to hit the ground here.

Almost it is uh. Let me tell you: this thing is really moving around and its going into that uh yeah im gon na im pulling down on the stick im gon na land – it it uh, it definitely uh was and in fact its not even shut down yet im pulling straight Down on the stick, and it was uh, it was really really really starting to toilet bowl there really strange! Okay, let me go pick up. The drone okay were still recording, so we might as well use uh the recording off of the drone and its interesting im. Looking at my phone, i can see the lag, but at any rate ill be honest with you. I am uh im, almost half afraid to uh to take off again uh, okay, im gon na im gon na stop. Recording lets see if i can do that on the button here on the controller, and it took a picture. Maybe i need to hold it down, lets uh! No, that took another picture. Okay im going to do it on the on the app. Maybe there i stopped recording on the app okay heres, what im gon na do im gon na im gon na put another battery in it and im gon na cycle everything and see if we have a little bit better luck, the the problem that i had just Then is it is concerning uh when you, when you dont, feel like you, have full control of the drone uh when it was when you, when it was doing some unintended movements there uh, particularly when we were trying to move straight forward, and it was moving to My left the drones right and then and i had the same issue when i was trying to do a droney and then and then just now when i was moving it forward.

It really started that circular motion that toilet bowl motion, which is usually indicative of a compass issue. We got plenty of satellites so its odd, but in any case let me im going to shut everything down im going to go, get another battery and and well try. This again, okay, i did a replace the battery uh fired. Everything up again went through the calibration process. Again got it all fired up. So so lets try this one more time and, as you can see you know initially, the drone looks pretty good on on startup and thats me rotating it around and its dropping a little in altitude moving around a little bit again, you know the controls are just So vague on this guy, okay im going to start recording now starting recording doing the old hat, so i can synchronize everything. Okay, so lets see, lets try again lets do another manual, drony, reversing up reverse and up, and it does seem to be better now. Im not getting uh so yeah i mean i dont, you know i dont know what happened. Let me uh drop the camera, and now you know now im getting a little bit of cross coupling, but not too bad and a little bit of stuttering on the uh on the fpv. Here that we see here and then he knows when i let off uh you, you know, you see the camera drop there again, thats, because theres no gimbal lets grab some altitude and im going to point it out towards the other corner of the park and lets Uh lets see how far out there we go so were about 123 meters out right now and lets head out to the top out to the corner out here and yeah.

You know it seems to be doing a little bit better and the video looks good and were were just in low speed mode here. Yeah no signal so yeah its uh. So this is not gon na, be a drone that youre gon na probably wan na fly very far. Ive got my eyes on the drone and its not out there very far im pointed directly at it. Im gon na try and move forward again and see what i can get here and again were in low speed mode uh, and i am not seeing the speed on the app here anywhere, but its uh. You know its not moving very fast, so so it seems, like i dont know what what the issue was. We had there just a second ago, but whatever it is, it seems to have recovered somewhat uh yeah not connected. So there it came back so im not going to im not going to uh uh push. My luck here were going to uh were going to turn it around and its taking that uh that that uh uh command so and actually its working pretty good. So that was a pretty good little yaw there. It was very controllable lets, go towards the other corner here and again were in low speed mode. Let me uh, let me kick the drone into a high speed mode here, and that should be just one push of the button on the on the left or the right side of the controller here.

No, that probably just turned on the lights on the bottom. So maybe i hold it yeah holding it down, did it and i can tell im in high speed mode because it shows right here on the led screen on the controller, so im going to kick it forward and yeah yeah. You can see the drone really its moving a lot faster and the drone tips forward. A lot more. You can see that because again, theres no gimbal on the drone and im going to come to a stop there and yeah watch as it puts out it breaks its breaks. It looks at the sky and takes it a little bit to to stabilize there. So uh lets uh lets uh kind of take a moment here and what i, what i realized is that i dont have to stop recording to take a picture with this guy. So im gon na take a picture of the of the costco off in the distance. There and so well have that photo that we can, that we can look at uh and and check out, and so what that kind of tells me is that i suspect that the uh that what this drone does is it just takes a screenshot off of video. So let me turn it around here and uh, and you know what i you know the pro any problems that i was having earlier im: its just doing a lot better right now, thats, what im whats? What im trying to tell you uh! I is that you know i feel a lot more in control of the drone now than i was earlier.

So i dont know if that was a calibration thing or what so im going to go back into low speed mode, so that put us in low speed mode im going to drop the camera here. A little and lets see if we can get out to the flag here and maybe do a quick uh orbit of the flag lets see if we can do that, and it is theres a big difference between low speed and high speed on this drone im going To tell you, okay and boy as i as i let off of the of the controls there so im going to try and do a manual orbit here of the flag, yeah boy, its tough yeah, doing doing doing these kind of moves. Yeah im telling you its just uh its really tough to do these kind of moves with this drone lets. Try it still. I got it moving sideways and then i grabbed a little bit too much yaw there, oh im, trying folks yeah and then i get. I got stutter on fpv and im pointed right at the drone. Oh were doing a little better now, so it can be done, but im telling you uh. It is not the kind of precision controls that we may be used to with some other drones. So let me pick that camera back up here and uh lets bring it back out into the field, looks like we got some people setting up doing something out there so were gon na have to be a little more careful moving the drone slowly forward here and Its barely moving and im at full throttle and im in low speed mode but low speed mode is where youre going to get the most stable.

Uh video with this guy well im going to put it in high speed because thats thats just going too slow – and i dont know why its so much slower there but lets go high, speed mode and youre going to see the camera dip here. As i give it throttle and yeah, the drone is moving a lot way way faster in that high speed mode. So high speed mode is how you can move around with the drone for sure im going to bring it down and bring it in to us and and well see. If we can do do some orbits and some things with it so and what were going to do is, i think ive got enough battery here were going to go out and try out some of the intelligent flight modes. I did it earlier, but i didnt have a screen recording. So i want you guys to see that so im going to take off, fired up right now and were going to uh were going to head the were going to head right out into the field here and i am going to grab the camera and take it With us and were going to walk this drone out into the field, i dont know whats going on here, boy theyve got some bright lights. Evidently theyre doing some. Some video work all right, so im going to turn the drone around and get it facing down to me. You drop that camera down and okay.

So what were going to do is im trying to hold the gopro and do this at the same time were going to go into those four boxes in the corner: click on orbit flight – and we already had set it to 15 meters and its starting its orbit And its doing just fine – and you know i dont think its 15 meters but thats – how you do an orbit with this drone and it seems to be doing it. Okay, so to stop it, you click on those boxes again and click on orbit flight again, and it stops. So let me uh move the drone back here a little bit and were gon na try uh follow me and this drone does a gps. Follow me lets pick up that camera. Just a tad and uh im gon na go back click on those four boxes again and im. Gon na click on follow me and slide the slider, and it should keep us if not center frame at least follow us, and it is, i dont know hopefully im holding the gopro up kind of behind me. So hopefully youre seeing the drone moving im going to turn around, so i can do it im walking backwards now and you can see the drone as i move it moves so uh, so that works and works fairly. Well. Lets get out here a little ways more and you can see the drone moving forward. So what im going to tell you about gps? Follow me on a drone.

Is that while it works its as you can see, it can be difficult to keep you in center of frame so im going to click on those four boxes again in the top left. Click on follow me and that takes us out of that mode. So weve got another. This thing does have a waypoints on it and i think they call it touch to fly or something like that in their documentation. But im going to click on the one that says points and im going to set up some points around me. Here we got, six of them set up were going to submit and again we have a slider and youll see the drone immediately head for its first waypoint and there it goes we get. We set them pretty tight here and its heading to its second waypoint. Now, what i think is a little bit weird: oh, it kind of stopped there. So, oh now it started up again. It got a little confused for a second that was odd there, its almost to yeah that second one now its going to go to its third one, and you can see. I set these uh pretty close together here, because i wanted you to be able to see it and now its going to go to four and its funny, how itll pause for a second and then and then take off now the la one of the other times. I did it. I saw i couldnt exactly tell where it was gon na point the camera so now its going to its last waypoint, which should be kind of right in front of me here – yeah not very far.

Okay, so were going to go back into video mode im going to turn it around, bring it back down here and uh. I dont know. I wonder if lets get some height, i wonder if itll follow me back, we can try that see if itll follow me back to im, going to go into, follow me mode again and im going to go back to the tripod and it seems to be doing It and were down to about three quarters of a battery here so good deal. I mean the intelligent flight mode seemed to work. Fine, i wonder if i can raise it in height. I can because one of the things i dont want to do here is one of the things that you would have to be aware of. Is that, when the drones in follow me mode like that, you could walk it straight into a tree or a building, or so so youre going to want to be careful, okay, im going to take it out of that mode right now, as we get closer and Spin, it around just a little pick that camera back up, so what im kind of getting used to with the uh with the camera dial is just the opposite of how it works on most drones, you push it to the left, to raise the camera up and To the right to uh push the camera down so im, getting the gopro mounted back on the tripod here and im going to do a little bit of a manual droning, just a reverse in a way lets throw it into a high speed mode here.

Theres high speed mode and then lets uh lets bring it back over the top of us. I just thought of something that its got these bottom facing led lights, that we havent looked at yet so im going to see yeah, i dont know what i did there. I must have done that was probably me inadvertent on the controls. While i was messing with the camera uh, but anyway lets uh lets drop it down here and i want to get the gopro looking up at the drone and im going to turn see. If i can turn on those lights yeah, and did you see the lights come on on the bottom of the drone, so those are the landing lights and one quick push well turn them off. Lets uh lets bring it closer in here. We should be able to do that. Just want you guys to see that. So let me bring it down a little bit closer in pick up the gopro just a little okay, so im going to turn those lights off. Now, theyre off now, theyre on so thats how you thats, how you turn off on and off those bottom landing lights, so uh, okay, im gon na pick that gopro back up and we are gon na reverse the uh pick the camera back up and there i Did it just the opposite, like i said pick, the camera back up on the drone lets, go straight out and up and then were going to do a return to home, and you saw it bounce around there a little bit pay attention to the video on this Thing so uh so im going to hit return to home on the well.

I did it on the controller last time im going to do it on the app this time and yeah. You have to slide return to home and it should rise to its return to home altitude, which i believe it we well. It must not have been far enough away to do that, because its just coming straight back and uh yeah lets drop that camera down and youll be able to see the landing here. You know its pretty close. The gps is pretty close and you see its off to the side this time and its bouncing around just a little bit lets. Well let it shut down on its own. Ah, so there thats how it shuts down okay, im going to try something else here and thats the emergency stop. I just thought of this its probably something that we should try and see how well it works on this drone, so uh, so im gon na go ahead and fire up the motors do a manual takeoff and im gon na back it up just a little bit. So you can see the drone. There were not very high, were not gon na hurt it. If were you know, just a couple feet off the ground and were over the grass so the red button? You see right here, im going to hold that down and it says for the count of three, but i bet itll be faster than that. Well hold it down and well see if itll kill the motors im going to drop the drone down just a little.

No point getting too carried away: okay on the on the count of three one, two, three one, two yeah it was the count of two and uh. As you can see there, it just killed the motors, so uh thats good to know so, if youre, in a situation that that the drone is flying away, lets just say its, you know, flying towards some houses or something like that or trees and and you dont Want to lose it sometimes if youre in some place where it can hit grass like this or something like that, may not hurt the drone thats. The way that you can, you can shut it off if you need to in an emergency situation. Uh. Okay! Let me let me uh, let me get everything shut down and well do our conclusion: hey, okay, the holy stone hs 720e. Now it did okay, we had initially some control issues where i was given a control one direction and it moved another direction which was a little weird. It seemed to settle down the more we flew it. We had one instance there, where we had some rotation there toilet bowling as we call it. That is usually indicative of a compass calibration. I landed it recalibrated it. It seemed to be fine then. But what im going to tell you is the controls on this? Guy are not terribly precise, even at the best of times uh. You know theyre theyre, not super precision, so just keep that in mind, uh and then uh.

You know we took it out in the field range wise. I wouldnt fly this guy more than about uh gosh, 150 meters, or so you know thats about 450 feet, so youre going to want to keep it in relatively close to you. Low speed mode is pretty slow if youre, just starting out definitely start out in low speed mode high speed mode. It moved along pretty good. I didnt see a speedometer on the on the app, so i dont know exactly how fast it went, but it was moving along. Okay, uh return to home seemed to work. Okay, it always landed within. I dont know five or six feet of the landing pad here, which im going to say is good enough. It doesnt say that it has precision lining so thats good enough and often youre going to manually fly it back and land it anyway, but its good to know for emergency situations that it will come home. I had one instance where it got out there and i lost control could not get control back. I walked out into the field got closer to it, never got control back. It finally went into return to home low battery return to home. I kind of had to race it back here and so what i did is i cycled the controller and i got control back well, i guess so. If you lose control, you might try that cycle your controller and see if you get control back its the little tip there uh.

But that was a little disconcerting, because that is not something that you you always. You know you can fly out of range and what you wanted to do is if you fly out of range, you want it to immediately go into return to to home. In this case it didnt it just sat out there and hovered uh okay. So what else can we say about? We tried out the intelligent flight modes, which i was uh pretty happy with uh the we did, the the the orbit and uh i had it set at like 15 meters. It seemed to be a lot tighter than that, but but it did in orbit and it did uh. You know it seemed to do it. Okay, so wherever you have it out, when you put it in that orbit mode, its going to start immediately and its going to do whatever that radius is that you that you uh set it at and then the follow me worked very well. I get a little nervous on some of these drones, putting them in gps. Follow me: ive had them kind of go nuts on me before this guy did just fine. It followed me around now one of the things about gps. Follow me its following the gps on your phone. It doesnt exactly keep you in center of frame the other warning ill give you is that you could in gps or any kind of follow me theres. No obstacle avoidance pay attention to where your drones at, because you could walk it right into a tree or a building, or something like that.

So you need to pay attention there uh, and then we did the the waypoints and i did a very short little waypoint mission and you know what it took it and it flew it just fine. So, if thats, something that you want to do its there and it works on this drone video, so thats, the one of the things were most concerned about and ive seen video from this drone before not not the video that i produced today, but but thats video That other people have taken and im going to tell you that it is. It is not bad, but its not great, and i could tell on the fpv screen that it was jell o free, but you saw even in the low speed modes as we moved pitched the drone around. It pointed the camera, however, the drone pitched. So if youre, okay with that thats fine, it does have electronic image stabilization for the most like. I said it was jello free, so thats important, uh and thats an important thing. So, if youre, okay with that kind of video youd, be okay with this drone pictures wise, those are essentially just screen shots, so you guys can be the judge of that uh. So thats about it. The holy stone, hs 720e, its available on on amazon ill put a link down below for that an affiliate link if you want to purchase one of these drones – and i do want to thank holy stone for sending me the drone that was nice of them – they Sent it to me for review so gosh, i guess thats about it.

This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like this kind of content, please consider subscribing to my channel. Most of all, i really do appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and, of course, well see on the next one.