Now, when you first get it out of the box youre going to notice this beautifully designed carrying case with a smooth surface that keeps everything inside nice clean and dry, its got a very sturdy carrying handle, so you can just pick it up and away. You go lets, get it under the product cam and show you whats inside all right open up with the zippers okay. Here we have right at the top here: weve got our instruction booklet all stored on the inside multiple languages, colored pictures and very detailed instructions. Weve got an extra set of propellers here for when the current ones wear out and theres a screwdriver in here for attaching those propellers, you could also store some extra cables etc in the top compartment nice to have that alright lets get to where the magic is. This is the drone right here fits in the palm of your hand. This will do up to 4k video and high resolution pictures as well. Its got sensors on the bottom. So if you get too close to the ground, it will keep you up off the ground while youre flying now. This will go up to a half a mile in range for video transmission and radio transmission, its got built in return to home function. So it knows where you took off from and then if it loses signal, itll automatically come back to you decreasing any of the chances of you losing the drone, simply open things up, unfolds nice and easy theres, the full size of the drone right.

There comes with two batteries one here and weve got another one right here in the box and thats going to give you up to 46 minutes of flight time. Now we want to be able to charge things up. So, of course, theyve included this nice charger here that will charge both of the batteries at the same time, including your usb cable, to charge things up, and here we have the controller that fits real nice in this palm of your hand, but you can also open It up here with these handles to make it a lot easier to control simple to control, lots of functions all at the fingertips: theres the return to home and, of course, starting and stopping to take your video and your pictures and lots of other function. Here with the track wheels, you can turn your gps on or off and youve got a nice lcd screen here for all the features that youre going to need to keep an eye on heres your antennas and you simply open this up and then slide your phone In there and you connect it with the included cables that come along with it, with the app okay theres, a free app to download that helps you fly and keep track and record all the video in the pictures and, of course, when youre done, you can fold Everything up and put it right back into your carrying case. This is great for ages, 16 plus, if youre gon na do some videography work or take some pictures start a brand new hobby, the hs 720e gps.