So you fully understand the product. Now this drone comes packed full of a lot of features and its actually a lot of fun to fly. This model specifically, is a little more challenging than the other models to fly, so i recommend that you buy this for teenagers or adults only. What i really like about this drone package is: it comes with a lot of accessories. It comes with two batteries. It comes with a carrying case, some of the features that stick out or it shoots. 4K video. It features a return to home feature, which means, if you get it too far away, or it loses signal itll actually come back to you. It also features three intelligent flight modes, one where it follows you another where you can tap to tell it where to go and another one will orbit a point of interest. The drone also features a downloadable mobile application, allowing you to control the drone through the app one thing you definitely should know about this drone. Is it doesnt have a gimbal, so the footage in the sky is not going to be super smooth when youre shooting video. Now, for photo its perfectly fine, but nonetheless this is a really fun drone to fly, whether around the neighborhood on a hike at the beach, its just a lot of fun and my kids love watching it. So if youre looking for a drone thats a step above a toy drone, i would definitely recommend the holy stone.