Stabilization drone, its a foldable drone so were going to do a little bit of an unboxing. Show you a little bit about what you get in here, nice packaging, not that that really matters that much but um polystones always been a really good product. I recommend them recommend them period. So inside the box, you have a nice little case, and this is a really nice case. To be honest, makes it very convenient very easy to carry around its a nice texture to it. Keep your drone safe. So some of the other brands you got ta buy the case and holly stones comes with it. So, in the case, what youre gon na find is some paperwork? Basically, your your manual with all the instructions how to fly and how to operate all the different functions of the drone itself. Pretty self explanatory very well put together easy to read and understand inside you have the drone itself and um first well start with the box of accessories. What youre gon na get inside there is an extra set of propellers and blades a screwdriver to make those changes. Um, a battery theres an additional battery in the drone already as well. So you end up with two batteries: um and a battery charger thats, also able to charge both batteries at the same time, um or consecutively you plug them. Both you can plug them, both in and uh, save yourself some time and itll charge one and then charge the other.

So inside here is the remote control itself. Very nice remote, pretty easy to understand, not confusing um. You got your phone holder there, so you can place your phone, your antennas and then it does have some fold out handles at the bottom here. So its pretty simple to understand and work, you have a couple buttons here: your lock and unlock buttons. Your take off and land button, your return to home button, all the important buttons right here and then the front here you can take still pictures while youre videoing, you can still snap some stills or long press it for video if youre not already videoing this button. Here will turn on and off the landing lights and also adjust the speed of the drone for which mode you want to be flying in, and then you have a toggle for the camera, panned down and up 90 degrees. So go all the way down or all the way up facing forward and then on this side here you have a gps on and off button. So this drone does have an optical flow sensor, so you are able to fly it inside or outside with or without gps. So now, for the drone itself, i will say that it is nicely built. It feels very sturdy, well built its nice and compact. I have an hs700d, which is a non foldable drone, so this is a complete different animal, because you know its a nice convenient case.

You throw it in the truck. Carry it around find some nice footage that you might be able to take some shots at and youre able to get it right out and get to it. But once you unfold, you can see the compact nature of it because its a nice size drone, which gives it stability in flight, its sturdy and well built. I mean you, you can tell the difference between this and some of the other drones in its price range. Um at least i can, as far as the quality you have brushless motors, you have the foldable blades. You have the camera in the front which doesnt have a mechanicalized gimbal, but it does have some dampering so that that does keep it stable in it of itself. And then you have the electronic stabilization, and the images from this in comparison to the others is, is pretty pretty damn good um. You have a spot for your sd card here. You have the optical flow sensor, thats. What i was talking about, which since its since its for the indoor flying and then you have some landing lights, that can be turned on and off and then obviously your your lights for your flight indicator battery goes in the back. This is where i was telling you you do get the second battery therell be a battery in it, and then you also have the battery that comes in the packages ive. Given it a couple rounds, some flights and uh im very impressed with it super stable um.

There is an app that you download to your phone theres all kinds of functions with any of the gps drones. You get the functions of the waypoints or points of interest. You get the follow me mode circle me mode. You get the return to home. If you fly too far out of distance and you lose reception from your controller, it will return to home where it took off last same with the battery. The battery gets low, it returns the home. So essentially the idea is, you can fly it with ease and comfort, knowing that youre not going to lose it, because if you get out of control you get too far you get turned around, you can just simply push a button and it will return or if Your battery dies, itll return.