This quadcopter is amazing, as a drone, so im going to go ahead and show you exactly what you get inside and what to expect when it arrives on your door, so lets go ahead and open this thing up first thing: youre going to notice is an amazing Carrying case inside here a nice protector for your drone, it is a zipper going all the way around and then it also has a nice handle right here on the top. So lets go ahead and open this bad boy up and you can kind of see exactly what you get whenever you open it up: Music and right from the start, youre going to go ahead and see the foam and then take it off. And then here it is your collapsible drone and then youre gon na have your controller over here, and these are here, i believe, are your batteries, so lets go ahead, open those up first, so each battery comes with two batteries. Each battery has 23 minutes of flight time on there and also comes with your chargers. Of course, Music lets open up our first package here, and this is the charger. So this right here has two ports on it, so you can charge both batteries at the same exact time inside that same box, youre gon na go ahead and get four propellers replacement, propellers for it inside here it looks like we have our first Music battery and There is one of the batteries that youre going to be getting just like that open up this little package right here and it comes with a little screwdriver, go ahead and replace your propellers or anything else on your drone and then lets go ahead and open up.

This little teeny, tiny thing – and these are here – are just little screws. Im gon na leave those in there for right now, next thing: im gon na pull out here is the controller itself. You have your antennas and then at the very top here youre going to pull this out, and this is going to be for your phone. It does give you instructions right there, how to actually use that for that too as well, then it has all your buttons on here too, as well onto the controller um, and then it has the screen protector, which youll just take that off before you use it Too and then on the back right here, youre going to go ahead and pull these down. This is what you can go ahead and hold on to to kind of help. You control and guide your way for your drone to kind of move around help you with that hand, control thats nice that all kind of collapses all into one little area, to make it nice and easy to store just right there. On top of everything right in the palm of your hand, so lets go ahead and pull out what weve all been waiting for and thats going to be. The drone itself just like this. The second battery, if youre looking for, is actually already on your drone so that first battery was in that box that we were looking at. So you also want to find all these red tabs here and you want to go ahead and pull all these off for the sensors and then it also has on the sides here of what you want to pull out first.

So it has the first one youre going to go ahead and pull out this way and then youre going to pull out your top one in the front, just like that and youre going to do the same on the other side too, as well, because if you Do it the other way around? This is going to get in the way of the other arm. So then it wont come out. So that is exactly what youre going to be getting kind of give you an idea. What my hand is. This is about the size of my hand, and that is exactly what your drone is going to look like. That is super cool, so the front is going to be your camera. This is going to be on a gimbal. You can kind of see that its going to move around to provide any kind of shakeless video or pictures that youre going to try to take with it really really nice, and this right here has your on off button too, as well at the top. So this is really really nice drone by holy stone. I am pretty amazed with the quality. It has a decent weight to it, um and it is pretty nice and high quality. So i really really like this so far and i cant wait to get outside to start flying this thing here shortly. So this has been the unboxing of the holy stone drone, and hopefully you like this as too as well.