Well today i want to take the holy stone: hs 720e brushes gps drone with eis up now for its test flight. I did an unboxing and overview of this drone just a couple days ago. So you’re going to see everything that comes with the drone and all into the packaging and all that just check out that video, i separated the two videos so now we can just get straight to the flight review that’s. What most you guys are of course, interested in so let’s go i’m gon na grab the controller and we’ll go ahead and fold the drone out here and then we’ll bind it up and everything you do have to do a um, the very first time. You turn this on. You have to do a binding of the controller to the drone, which i already did. You hold the the unlock button in while you power it on the controller first and then you’ll get this little search meters going and then, as soon as you press the power button on the drone it immediately binds. And after that you should be fine. You shouldn’t have to do that again, but if you ever would lose buying for some reason, that’s the procedure, how you go about doing that, so let’s go ahead and unfold the drone first, let me set my controller over to the side and uh. Of course, you just fold out the um let’s see fold out the rear arms.

First, then you can fold the front arms forward. Let’S go ahead, we’ll, take it down and set it on the uh helipad, and then we need to do a compass calibration. Now i wanted to take the drone out to the park and fly somewhere a little bit different to my neighborhood, but it’s just it’s just been so wet that i can’t um, i can’t get out in any grass anymore without getting soaked. So i need to fly here where i got concrete or some place where i can stand where it’s dry, so we’ll just fly it here, thankfully there’s a lot across the street and then a field so i’m, not flying over anybody’s house or property. I can just fly straight out into the field and that’s actually a perfect place to fly so let’s. Take it down here to the helipad let’s go ahead and fire it up. So i set it down it’s a short press to turn it on and long press to turn the drone off so i’m. Just going to do a short press and you’ll hear the i’ll be quiet there. You may hear that that’s, the escs they’re doing their little music on the startup let’s go ahead and just turn on the controller, and now i’ve got a battery meter for both my uh controller and for the drone. So we know it is bound to the drone and then this point we’re just going to go into the app first.

You want to go into the wi fi and then you go into the app. So you just go into the your wi fi networks and your phone, and you want to select the one that says: it’ll come here in a moment, but it says holy stone. Eis, drone press connect, your your. Sometimes your phones are warning there’s, no internet connection, which is doing now just say: that’s, okay and now we’re gon na go into that app, which is the ophelia go app and just press enter device. You may have to accept some things on android to give you access to the uh, storage and stuff on the phone. Just go ahead and exit out of that, and we can see we have a live feed up here now. If i do a gimbal tilt, you can see it tilt here on the screen, recording that i have going here and let’s go ahead and we’ll. Do the compass calibration now it’s, not asking me to do one here. If it does, it will do it here on your controller, it’ll be a little uh symbol, it’ll appear here, and that tells you need to do it, but i did it inside while i go, we don’t want to do a flight with a compass calibration that was Done indoors, those are probably not going to be good offset so to manually. Do that you’re gon na do both sticks down to the right and now it beeps and now we’ve got that flashing symbol so i’m, just gon na set down the controller and we’re just going to turn it here and looking down these lights.

Doing all the green. Alternating, i think means now now we got is also in green. We can go uh straight up with it usually doesn’t matter if it’s facing down or up and once they go green red yeah there we go, we should be good to go and the way that you know that it is uh successful is if that symbol disappears. From the controller screen now i have an sd card in here good to go i’m using a class what’s higher than the class 10 it’s, a sandisk extreme, a 32 gig card that should be perfect for this and we have it set at 4k at 30.. You can also record 1080p at 60. – i really like 60, but for this video, especially since we’re demonstrating the eis and how that works. We’Re going to stick with the 4k that’s going to be look better than 1080p it’ll, just be a bit more herky jerky. When you use yaw and stuff, especially fast, because you know you get half the frames per second of the 1080p okay, so now we have it all calibrated, we can take it up now and fly let’s just see how it looks. I really for what i’ve seen this drone is pretty darn good. It looks a lot like an mjx bugs 12. In fact, it might actually just be made by them it’s a little slightly different look um, my friend donny big drone, flyer 77. He reviewed this right when it first came out and it was excellent and while we’re on that topic, if you know donnie check his channel out but more importantly, say some prayers for the guy he’s dealing with some health problems.

Now again – and i know he’s going to pull through just fine it’s, some blood, clotting and stuff he’s been dealing with for years and just say, say a prayer for donny, because donnie’s just one of the nicest best guys in the hobby – and i just hate to See him down like this, he can’t make any uh youtube videos right now, so let’s see i think, to do it, let’s see if it’ll, if it takes off. If i press the no, so you need to unlock the props that’s, probably going to be down and out or down in let’s, see if i can figure it out here and let’s. Try the unlock button there we go that’s what it is that’s, why i said in the in in the unboxing, but the instruction manual just says: it’s emergency stop! Now let’s go ahead and fry the uh auto take off very nice. Now i didn’t start recording video. Yet i just wanted to make sure that it’s, stable and not toilet bowling or anything let’s go ahead. We’Ll do an auto landing, real, quick and then i’ll start uh recording video. That way, it makes it easier for me to sync up the video so it’s, not a lot of whack that nice all right let’s go ahead. I’Ll, try the uh the video recording here on the controller let’s press that quick and see. Does that let’s see if the long press starts that and that’s making it it’s doing a blinking? And now we have the symbols gun recording, so we should be recording.

We got a timer now so let’s go ahead and do it on unlock the props and go ahead and just do an auto take off again, of course, being a gps drone. This this bird’s got altitude hold. It looks really i mean that’s, really nice very, very stable, let’s, just y’all it around well that’s a slow butter smooth gall. Now we are in the lowest rate, let’s see if we can go up, i imagine that y’all will increase if we increase the rates. Well, that’s, probably doing the leds let’s do a long press. Yeah long press goes and you can see the yaw increase. There’S. Just two rates that’s really slow right there, but if i’m gon na go up to hold that down and go to the the middle rate, that’s to me is a little better. Now the first rate’s gon na be very good for filming that really slow, y’all it’s gon na be very nice, not jumpy, but it’s gon na be really slow, especially when you turn around let’s see what kind of pitch we get here. That’S that’s in the highest rates – that’s, not bad, not sure what it’s doing there let’s go into the settings here. If i can and make sure we don’t have any kind of like beginner modes or some goofy stuff going on here, because it was acting very strange. There let’s go in here, oh and flight can’t be set well i’ll. Tell you what let’s go over let’s just land, it again whoa what the heck is it doing? Okay, guys, you may wonder what the heck just happened there in the video.

Well, as i was flying it in front of my house, and i was telling it the land, the drone just got a mind of its own – took off and crashed into the driveway next door, and i don’t know what happened. I was simply telling the holy stone. Hs 720e to land itself. I know this drone from what i’ve seen other people have had no problems. I don’t know what happened. It could have been some oddball interference, so what i’ve done is this is another day actually about a week later. I wanted to finish up reviewing this drone, give it another shot, take it somewhere else and see if it has any issues, but i didn’t feel comfortable flying it in front of my house. I typically take it over that field, but if it acted up and took off like that again it hit someone’s property house. I think anybody watching my channel would agree. That’D be highly irresponsible of me. I don’t usually like to fly in front of my house, but i do it probably more than i should, but i can take it out over that field. So what i’ve done is i’ve come back to one of my old favorite flying spots near my old home, where i can take it off this field. If it takes off so be it i’m not going to hurt anything. So i want to see, but just some weird fluke, but i didn’t want to leave that video out for you guys, because it would be wrong for me to hide that from you.

I don’t want you to think. Oh, this is a great drone, and now just you know it could be. That was just a fluke, but you need to be mindful that did happen to me. That was my experience so because it did that i’m worried it could do it again. So i don’t want to put an sd card in my drone and then it flies off in those woods and i lose an expensive sandisk, extreme micro sd card. So what i thought i’d do is to finish this. Video up i’ll include the sd card footage a little bit i had here. You guys saw the beginning of the video i’m just going to use a screen recording for this it’ll. Still, let us see how good the image stabilization works. It just won’t be at quite the same quality. This is only going to be in 1080p, but at least that way, if this drone would act up, i don’t have a chance of losing an expensive sd card. I think you guys can all sympathize with that. So we got a screen, recording going let’s, take it up here and just see how it flies and that way i can test to return to home. If i feel comfortable with it, and some of maybe some of the other features so let’s go ahead and press the unlock button, let’s just go ahead and do an auto take off, and this is how it was when i flew it.

The other day it was um, very stable and the eis from what i saw after i took this in works, pretty decent it’s, not as good as a gimbal, but i think we’re going to see more and more of these drones with eis as it becomes a Better technology, more mature technology and less expensive to be included on these drones, you’re going to see that used more and more because it’ll be less expensive than an actual mechanical gimbal. Okay, it looks pretty darn good let’s tilt the the camera down a little bit let’s. Just kind of do a uh, a droney. Well i kind of took off too much height there. We go let’s just park it out there so it’s a little hard to see, but the telemetry data is blended in on the app with that field, and i can’t see the distance i’m sure it’s on the controller yeah we’re out. Well, it says .047. I think that maybe um we’re out more than 47 feet. I think i have it set to imperial. You can see the the eis there now the eis may not be visible in the app preview, because it’s doing it on board, so we’ll have to see it. I may be wrong about that. We may i may be showing you guys just the um preview unstabilized and if that’s the case i apologize. I just don’t want to lose an sd card in this drone. You guys can see that stabilization in the uh.

The original footage from earlier just be mindful that i wasn’t thinking about that. The eis is not done by your phone of course, so you won’t be seeing a stabilized image in this part of the video. I do have an sd card with me again. I just don’t, i hate to lose a good one and i have to go buy another one. You know, i think you guys can sympathize with that it’s tilted up so yeah. The video you’re seeing now is just gon na, be as it comes right off the drone, but there is we’ll have to look and see it’s possible that it could save a stabilized version to my gallery by doubt it. But i will include you know at the beginning of this video. You guys saw the stabilized footage and i don’t think we’re gon na get any stabilization here in this, but it flies pretty nicely i’m having no issues i’m just going to fly it out here. A little ways right now, the wi fi is good just going to park it out here about 440 feet, i’m, just going to do a return to home. So i wanted to see how accurate that is and let’s see. Is it flying back? Yes, my distance is dropping we’re, staying well below there’s a plane flying around here, but i’m only up 100 feet so i’m. Well within my um permitted height and distance i’m, not going out of range of my line of sight – and here is the drone so far.

So good just again be mindful that this preview you’re seeing here a video is probably not stabilized and it will be off the sd card and again, if you skip forward in this video, go back and watch that original minute or two of video before it crashed. You’Ll see the sd card footage. I know it’s not ideal guys, but you need it, but just being 4k, you don’t want a slow memory card. I had plenty cheaper ones. I could throw in it that i wouldn’t care if i lost, but then they’re probably going to drop frames and the video is going to look really bad Music. At least you guys can see the app preview, and you can of course see the image quality. Just you’re not going to see the electronic image stabilized that’s, not bad at all, that’s, really good that’s, almost as good as the drc that i just reviewed in terms of return to home accuracy all right. What i think i’m going to do here is now we’re. Just going to test a couple of smart features before we wrap up this long flight review again, i’m dwelling on the fact that this is not stabilized, which i didn’t think about without the sd card. But again just try to keep that in mind that the stabilization was at the beginning of the video and it does actually work pretty decent compared to almost anything else. Up to you know the only one i could think of better.

We like the parrot bebops and those had really good eis on those even years ago, so let’s go ahead and let’s take it up again. I do a manual take off a little bit faster when you give it full throttle yourself, yeah so far, the drone’s fine. Now i did just do a manual. Excuse me automatic landing, let’s, try that and see if it does anything goofy, because that’s when it flew off and when i told it to land on its own seems fine. I really have a feeling that what we experienced in the first half or really the beginning is going less than half with some sort of a weird wi fi interference in my neighborhood. Something told the drone to do something and overrode the controls and that’s. Why, when i i could not control the drone, i don’t think even if i hit um emergency stop, i don’t know if it would have worked, because it was listening to something else. Something was telling the drone to do something and overriding the controls that i would give it. Okay let’s go ahead and take it up again and let’s see if we can just test out. You know smart features on the strum before we wrap up this video tilt. The camera down a little bit okay over here we’ve got follow me orbit mode and headless mode, so let’s, try follow me now this, unlike the drc, that i just reviewed this one just follows your phone so swipe it let’s see.

If it follows me, this one does not do any kind of active tracking, okay, yeah it’s, doing a pretty good job, it’s, not rocking a whole bunch like some of the lower cost. Drones tend to do yep working, really well it’s, keeping me within the image it started in stopping a bit, but it has to because it can fly faster than i can walk. Okay, let’s go ahead and cancel that. Okay. Now we have a big, noisy truck coming here, so i’m going to fly this over here and we’ll. Wait till that passes because you’re not going to be able to hear me here. He comes there’s, a water sewage plant here and these trucks. You may have seen them. If you watch my channel in the past, they empty the people’s septic tanks and porta potties and stuff, and they take the crap up there and they empty it. Okay, let’s try! One more thing here before we end it let’s turn it around at me: let’s see how it does to do a orbit path. I imagine the settings are probably already inside of the in the gear icon on the you can set like the radius of the orbit, and i already set that earlier to really small. So you guys can see it’s doing a nice little orbit here. Um now you can’t go in there and check that while you’re flying but it’s, i think it’s set to like you know, i don’t know 15 feet or 20.

I mean it looks like bigger than 10, but that’s a nice orbit. So you can just orbit over. You know a point of interest over someone’s roof. If you want to inspect it aim it down and then tell it to go and make a circle of it. Obviously, if i wanted to orbit over me, i’d want to fly it right over. My head then, initiate it and it’ll make me the center of the circle. Let’S go ahead and just press that and that’ll go back in you press it again that cancels it. Okay guys i mean, i think we had a fluke. I mean it just flies. Fine. It isn’t even a slight hint of acting up when i flew this drone last week and that happened. I had an inkling. Something weird was happening because i took it out and even though beginner mode was on, i was less than the beginner mode distance restriction and it did a weird like it hit a geo fence, but it shouldn’t have yet and then i had no yaw control for A moment i didn’t make a big deal out of it, because i was trying to talk, and i wasn’t really sure what was going on. I didn’t want to panic or give an alarm when it could have been something weird like beginners mode and then so when it took off in la and on me, when i was trying to land um. I guess i wouldn’t say it’s completely unexpected because i did that while ago, but i really think it was some strange interference again.

This drone uses 5g wi fi, and a lot of my people have that in their homes on dual band, routers, so there’s more interference in a neighborhood on that 5g band than it used to be even a couple of years ago. All right guys let’s go ahead and do a um let’s see if we can do what the auto landing here, which i did let’s see if it actually works right and doesn’t. Take off on me and here it’s going to come on down. Okay, i mean it. Just flew great now i want to show you guys here before we end the video. I know a lot of people probably won’t stick around to this part of the video, but i did replace all the props on the drone. They were scuffed after they crashed into the concrete, but they were not ruined, but i felt like it would be best to replace them because an out of balance prop which they probably wouldn’t have been. But if they were that can introduce jello into the video, and that would be unfair to the drone because it wouldn’t normally do that. Only things i can see – and it might be visible here – are some cosmetic scuffs on the body where it slid across the concrete. Otherwise everything else is fine. There might be a small scratch in the very top of the lens here but it’s. I think it’s out of the field of view that’s it so the drone.

You know a lot of people complain that this drone has arms they’re, not very durable. This is a pretty good crash and arms are fine. So in my experience the durability was fine. It just i don’t know what caused the drone to do that the other day, but that wraps it up guys. You can see for yourself make your own decision again base your eis off the beginning of the video and not now, when i don’t think it was doing anything if you want this drone and give it a shot. Holy stone does have excellent customer service, as is amazon, so if there would be a problem, there’d be no problem getting this replaced, and on top of it, no one else had these problems. So again, i think it was some fluke interference, all right guys if you’re new to the channel, please do subscribe. Click that bell so you’re notified when i upload new videos be sure to give this video a big thumbs up.